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LSR305, Active Monitor from JBL in the 3 series.

3 user reviews
Public price: $199 VAT
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JBL LSR305 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: JBL
  • Model: LSR305
  • Series: 3
  • Category: Active Monitors
  • Added in our database on: 09/23/2013
Powered Yes
Power Configuration Bi-amped
LF Driver Size 5"
HF Driver Size 1"
HF Driver Type Soft dome tweeter
LF Driver Power Amp 41W
HF Driver Power Amp 41W
Total Power 82W
Frequency Range 43Hz-24kHz
Crossover Frequency 1725Hz
Maximum Peak SPL 108dB SPL C-Weighted
Enclosure Type Ported
Input Types 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS
Height 11.75"
Width 7.28"
Depth 9.88"
Weight 10.12 lbs

JBL LSR305 user reviews

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 1 user review33 %

azraik's review"Small, but Mighty"

At a Glance

With the massive expansion of home studios in the past decade, there has also come a massive expansion of products for home studios. One essential ingredient to a delicious home studio soup is a good set of studio quality monitors. Why? Is there something wrong with the headphones I'm using? Probably not. Will my recording mix sound bad if I don't use monitors? Not necessarily. Can a good set of studio monitors improve my overall mixing experience, thus improving my mix? Absolutely.

Ask any seasoned home studio or professional engineer about the importance of a good set of monitors, and you'll likely hear a lecture about the importance of monitor selection, room placement, acoustic treatment, and a handful of other complex tips and tricks. There is a plethora of brands and models to consider for your set up, and you may find it worthwhile to consider a reliable name such as JBL. The same JBL that has a history of producing some of the world's greatest audio solutions and loudspeakers has joined the market for home studio set ups by releasing the JBL LSR305 (5") and LSR308 (8") studio monitors. For the sake of this review I will specifically cover the LSR305's, which may be smaller, but pack just as much of a punch in the studio.

Small, but Mighty

On the spectrum of entry level studio monitors, the JBL LSR305's fall on the smaller side, weighing in at just 10 lbs per speaker. They feature a small, but formidable 5" woofer, and standard 1" tweeter, combined for a total of 82 watts of power. They are active and include a separate power cord for each unit, and there are inputs for both XLR and balanced TRS connections. Additionally, they each feature a 2dB boost and/or -2dB cut for the low and high frequencies--helping to tailor the sound to different environments. The build materials are not necessarily top notch for the price, but their innovative design is what makes up for the lesser build quality. Price-wise they will cost $150 each, or $300 for the pair, if purchased brand new. They are certainly not the cheapest set of monitors, but are not nearly as expensive as other "high-end" options.

For the price, build quality, and sound accuracy, the LSR305's are definitely a beginner to intermediate choice for any home studio set-up, and practically speaking they are designed for smaller studio environments given their size and power.

In the Studio

As with all of my home studio equipment, I research as much as possible before I commit to buying new equipment (because, quite frankly, I cannot afford to buy new gear most of the time). I knew that my small budget would be somewhere between $200-300, but I wanted to invest in some speakers that would last a while. I looked into popular names like M-Audio, Yamaha, Alesis, PreSonus, and several other brands. I eventually discovered the JBL LSR305's, and looked more seriously at them for a few reasons:

1) They are compact, but have more than enough power for my small studio.
2) They are equipped with and adapted version of JBL's legendary 'waveguide' technology (I'll explain this in a minute).
3) JBL is a reliable name with years of excellent product experience.
4) I found a pair that fit my budget.

Once I finally settled on trying the LSR305's, I bought them and set them up in my studio as soon as I could, and the results were nothing short of impressive (especially because I had only ever mixed with headphones in past). They are not overly bass heavy, the highs and mids come through loud and clear, and they have plenty of juice if I choose to listen at higher volumes.

According to JBL, this excellent listening experience is largely in part because of the 'waveguide' technology that is incorporated into the speakers. The waveguide design, which can be seen surrounding the high frequency tweeter, helps to improve the overall experience by broadening the perceived frequency range of the projected sound. This design also makes the frequency projection more consistent as you position yourself throughout your studio. You can literally stand up and walk around your studio room and the perceived sound coming from the speakers will only vary slightly. With most monitors it is ideal to create an equilateral triangle between the two monitors and yourself, and stay in that position (as demonstrated by the image below).

Image provided by Avid, via www.homestudiodawg.com

With waveguide technology, you can break the rules--at least a little. You have the freedom to move around and still have a similar listening experience from different positions throughout the room. Of course, it is still ideal to default to the equilateral triangle position, which is where I have personally heard the best results, but the flexibility to move during long mixing sessions is an extra 'perk' of using the LSR305's.

Note: Every studio space is different, and the specific design of these speakers will not make up entirely for a poor set up or lack of proper acoustic treatment. Do your research, take the time to position the monitors properly, and they will perform very well for you.

I have also experimented with the 2dB boost and cut settings during the course of using these monitors, and there is a noticeable difference among each combination of settings. This added feature has been very helpful in tailoring my monitors to my home studio space (which is less than ideal, since I'm currently stuck in the corner of my room).


For an affordable pair of studio monitors, the JBL LSR305's make a great addition to any home studio set up. Make no mistake, these are not high-end speakers that will last for decades to come. But if you're on budget, these monitors are a good choice for overall design and sound quality in your growing home studio.

matmate's review"Very good!!!"

I ordered them based on the reviews and, especially, the brand's reputation, but also due to their small price!

I use them as classic monitors with a small hercules sub that I will change shortly.


They are surprising due to their clarity, and they go pretty low despite having a 5-incher only.
Their dynamic response has made me rediscover some of my old CDs!


I just got them, but I love them already!
I have a pair of home-made monitors, which are rather good, but they are far behind the JBL.

I like EVERYTHING about them!!
The only thing I don''t like is the price of the sub that goes with them.

Unbeatable value for money, they are a real pleasure to listen to!!!

ahriman06's review"Very good!"

I was looking for small monitor speakers that were faithful enough and a good value for money. Pretty standard features:
2-way (5" + 1") near-field active speakers
Power: 41W + 41W
Class D amplifiers
Max. SPL: 108 dB (C-weighted)
Frequency response: 43 Hz - 24 kHz
Thomann volume control
EQ: LF (+2 dB / -2 dB), HF (+2 dB / -2 dB)
Input: XLR and 1/4" jack
Magnetically shielded
Auto-bypass function
Dimensions: 11.7" x 7.3" x 9.9". (298 x 185 x 251 mm)
Weight: 10.1 lbs. (4.6 kg)


I didn't test anything in particular, I only followed the reviews and read about them on the net.
However, from a more subjective point of view, I have the right sound I need for mixing. The lows are reproduced well enough, despite the woofers being only 5" big, and the dynamics are well preserved.


I don't have enough experience with them yet, but they asked to write a review and here it is!
I also have the HS50M, but it makes no sense to compare them, the JBL blow them away!! Much more transparent and you can tell they are better quality.
I also have the ADAM A5 + SUB7, and I think the quality of the LSR305 is pretty close to the A5, without SUB. Will I push the boundaries so far as to find something better than the ADAM? Or something equivalent (to avoid making any enemies around here :)

A small detail: There's some latency when you turn them on, they need some time to be really on, but it's not that annoying. It allows you to turn other gear on without any crackling if you forgot to do it before powering the speakers.

JBL LSR305 news

New JBL Pro LSR 3 Series

New JBL Pro LSR 3 Series

Published on 09/23/13
JBL Pro launches this month two new LSR 3 two-way powered monitoring speakers with affordable price point, the LSR305 and LSR308.

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