M-Audio BX8
M-Audio BX8

BX8, Active Monitor from M-Audio in the BX series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 10 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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ericthegreat's review"big sounding monitors"

M-Audio BX8
The Adam M audio Studiophile Bx8’s are a set of professional studio monitors. They are near field monitors, which make them great for mixing. They have a crisp sound quality while still maintaining a full sound all across the frequency spectrum. They are powered monitors, which means you don't need an external amplifier to use them. These are a great set of monitors for the advanced home or professional studio.


The projected from these monitors are full and rich, and won't color your sound. This means they portray a neutral sound that doesn't favor any frequency range. This is what makes them so great for mixing, as the mixes I get on these monitors usually will transfer to other speakers quite well. For a rather small set of monitors, these deliver a huge sound that covers the full range of frequencies. The dynamics are accurate and it is great to know that I am getting a full, accurate sound while I am mixing these.


I've been using the Bx8’s studio monitors for about a year and they have become one of my favorite pairs of studio monitors for not only mixing, but for general listening and tracking as well. I find that I get a true sound from these monitors, without any coloration. This makes me happy when I mix because I know that when I play the mix over my iPod headphones or in my car, that it will sound good there too, which is huge when it comes to studio and mixing monitors. The price isn't aimed for the budget home studio owner, but if you are serious are building a professional studio or an advanced home studio, these are a great candidate for your studio. Compared to some monitors these are a fair price, but still not viable for most home studio owners. All in all, I would recommend these to those interested in high quality studio monitors.

moosers's review

M-Audio BX8
The M-Audio Studiophile BX8s are large studio monitors with a big sound and small price. I have used them mostly to mix on and since they are pretty big, they project a pretty full overall sound. They are self powered monitors which is nice because it required no external power source.


The have found that the BX8s are quite full sounding and cover a lot of low end and is full throughout the entire frequency spectrum. The stereo image is beyond satisfactory and these won't color your sound too much, meaning they project an accurate portrayal of what you playing through them. This is essential in a set of monitors so that it sound good on all speakers and not just your monitors. The overall sound is full and clean ranging across the spectrum but although I do like the sound of the monitors, the aren't the best or most accurate monitors I have ever heard, but they do sound good and is aimed at the home studio owner, rather than the working professional.


I first used these monitors about four years ago and I immediately like the response these give off. They are large, but are easy to move around and give off a full and crisp signal. Since it won't color your sound, these are good for mixing for those looking for a good deal on studio monitors as they are dirt cheap for monitors that sound this full. Comparing to the step down for these, the M-Audio BX5s, these will only cost a little bit more but will project a much wider frequency range response. This being said I would recommend spending the extra money and get these if you are trying to decide between these and the BX5s. In this case the sound quality difference and overall fullness of these monitors is worth the price difference over the BX5s. Overall these are a great set of monitors ideal for the home studio.
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

M-Audio BX8
These are my 1st set of monitors, but they have Accustic space control and a great low end range. You really have a uncolored, clear and percies representation of what you will here on another system.

Price paid: $299 USD


Great I don't have any complants. Matter of fact they are so loud and clear i can't even use them to their full potential since I live in an Apartment.


So far so good, no problems yet I have them for about 6months and use them on a 4-6 hr daily bases.

I love my monitors, and for the price you can't get a better set.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: J2thaP ( 7-, 2005)

onelittlejog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio BX8
I do not return it


I listened to a lot of speakers before making my choice on BX 8 (step I urge future aquèreurs because the results are really very different from one brand to another).
I appreciated the definition of different frequencies and the good performance of basses.On can do without a subwoofer.
They are powerful enough with its 65-watt bass and treble.
They seem fairly neutral and does not stain the mix ... good job.


I use them for 4 years, and I think they do a good job.
I regret their lack of reliability .... and yes a speaker to cram for no reason, just the transformer primary.
Spare parts from skin M_AUDIO ball.
I am fortunate to have a bass player whose job is electronics, which is responsible for me to replace the transformer with a similar share these properties.
I regret this choice for the lack of serious M_AUDIO.
if I have to reinvest, I would choose an amplifier and passive speakers in the future.

Melodica's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio BX8
Monitors local, active, 2 voice (for the rest of the spec see below).
XRL grafted or TRS (Jack), lots of filters (with their 8 inch it down to 37 Hz! Not need sub).
I am not 10 because the event is at the back, we can not "stick" to the walls (it's low berk otherwise) but for that price ...


To make it short, I just set up a home studio for a friend (synths, guitars, vocals) with a search for the best quality / price on all items.
Motu 828mkII interface (occaz. is expected to buy a good mic preamp, those of the MOTU missing a can of punch), micro AKG C414, Shure SM57 (guitar and vocals "rock") ... etc. and therefore a pair of BX8 (OCCAZ € 270). Finesse, stereo space, dynamic ... that happiness!


Voilou for my babbling. It's good stuff, no problem (since 5 months), which allows a very good job (always in relation to its price).
I do it again this choice with his eyes closed (or I will take KRK Exposé, 8 inches, but also to € 4000 per pair, you know ..?)

Alinéa-sync's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio BX8
The surprise of the spectrum rglage "frquence cut" fit for almost any config!
A descent is 37 Hz, is to do with the box. I have to try it! The mdium and acute relement clean and relaxing sounds from the aport MSP5 which ignores all the same trs reliable but of hand size for a silent dsquilibr overall cost!
The BX8 have made a pro and know sduire trs ...
I used to rglage end of a relatively small volume for more reliability and as always, to live in PA,
NO SURPRISES all here!
For crude mix that sounds like the rev box, do you buy instead of the sound: for although it is said to be trs powerful, there is no point them baves!


Their curve is almost perfect and that's the reason for that matter, that this rglage trs prcit without retouching and final image is stro trs space since it but it can perfectly shuffled dpendre the proximity of walls and about the trs good adaptation of the problem!
The sound is clear and even in the low prcis is awesome!


I the boards for almost 2 years.
I really like the design, fiabilitleurs rglage despite the fact that for monitoring speakers, are made at the rear.
I've heard of other models but which are rendered bx8 still always starts across the road from the biggest brands!
When the report I have not heard qualitprix mieu hsitation I would do without this choice!

nef''s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio BX8
See plushaut ....


Not much to complain about, if it may be that they seem a bit small but really, in the mediums flattering low compared to graves.la dynamic is to go, but far from aggressive or tiring for ears.


I proficient with for 6 months and frankly, I think that, they are compared qualitprix imbattables.j 'had listened to the yamaha mackie hr626 MSP5 and, with the same budget, I would do the same choice because I think Yamaha are made to a multichannel least a sub.mais shoulders if I had a large budget + I think I made my way to the mackie that sound a little brighter

groovyscaler's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio BX8
Configuring home studio, trs attractive price. Linked table Mackie VLZ-Pro 12.


Curve and the image is perfect, and the mids and treble are trs Fidler, as they are at low shattering.


I would do this choice! What I like most is the rglages for frquences depending on the pice is formidable. A little about the Accessibility assistive BMOL volumes situs derrire the speakers, but it is true qu'esthtiquemement is better! But less convenient than faade ... The quality-price ratio is unbeatable.

Emeraldbird1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio BX8
After months of hesitation, I bought the BX8. We know the qualities of the component M-AUDIO and serious manufacturer. on the other hand, they are not very known in the art that is the nearfield. I still tried the coup after listening a few hours in the store. The characteristics are described in the previous opinion.

I would add the presence of switches that allow you to adjust a lot of settings: among other speakers to adapt depending on the location (against the wall, on foot or in a corner), correct the acute, apply filters for low (37, 47, 80Hz).
Leger bp ergonomics, switches, potentiometer and are at the back, but hey ..

Carefully designed.
130W (65W 65 W)


It's just great! The sound is clear and accurate in all frequency ranges. The highs are a little aggressive which tends to thin (a bit) sound (bump to 8-9kHz). The switches reduce offset this effect, but malheureusment, they act to the 2-4kHz. Personally, it does not bother me.

The stereo image is perfect for my taste and the dynamics is observed. I use a Mackie 1604VLZ is pure and I like HER!


I've had 3 months and I am quite happy. For the price (approx 617Eur), do not hesitate considering the quality that emerges. I know the truth B2031 (not bad ...), the Genelec 1030A (705Eur) and BM6A (the top in my ears but not in the same budget ...) for having listened to many times in the studio, but the BX8 have nothing to envy them. The sound is both clear, precise, albeit slightly flattering in acute but remains neutral on the rest of the spectrum.

I do it again this election if it again, this is my last word!

d2o's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio BX8
M-Audio speakers are controversial trs, trs n'tant not yet known and M-Audio "beginners" in this area. So I wanted to form my own opinion by going cost the BX-8.
The use I make is total, ie the components to the final mix, as well as listening to music or watch a DVD. This silent important for me to have speakers with a sound "coutable" a little but not too flattering, not to distort the mix. (And not too Chres ... :-)
My config: PC, soundcard Aardvark Direct Pro Q10. (More dtails in my profile)

These are bi-amplified speakers, an amp per channel.
Power: 65 W
Boomer 8 ", 1" tweeter
Rponse: 37 Hz - 20 kHz
Frquence of sparation woofer / tweeter: 1.8 kHz
S / N ratio:> 100 dB over BP
Switches to qualisation
Input Connectors: XLR or jack of your choice, or not symtrique


Lgrement boost curve in the lower, although subtle and prcises. Just know and take into account the mix. The rest of the bandwidth remains flat. The switches are used to adjust the rear, according to the gots, rponse curve, allowing a more varied speakers.
Stereo image excellent for the price ...
Finally, a good depth of sound, nuances transmitted accurately.


Ending for one month of use, and I never get tired.
They have a lot of potential, which I think will ensure their success.
Cot design, the finish is impeccable. They seem trs robust priori (I have not tried to bring down ...)
These speakers have nothing to envy or Event Berhinger. Of Genelec I say no ... but it hurts to portefeille!
Only small BMOL: not found many places o costs.
In short, an excellent qualitprix, which does not dcevra.