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  • Pmc Twotwo.6

    Pmc Twotwo.6 - " Very good speakers"


    I wanted to buy good monitor speakers as part of a home studio. it is therefore the first purchase. I read in several forums, they fallaient start with good speakers before buying any hardware. And indeed, I think this is one of the first investment …

  • Pmc TB2S-AII

    Pmc TB2S-AII - " very very good"


    Studio use. SOUNDS Exellent, I confirm the opinion of hail.deckard. The sweet spot is much larger effect on Dynaudio BM6A I used also infra that really well, much more "deep" stereo. I do not think we need a sub. OVERALL OPINION Well, I g…

  • Pmc TB2S-AII

    Pmc TB2S-AII - " Very upscale! Magnificent"


    - Report and finesse size / power / severe The opportunity allows us to reach these high end speakers and live a great experience. - Listen music cloud XLR output converter I do not mix but I was looking for a neutral audiophile quality listen…

  • Pmc DB1S-AII

    Pmc DB1S-AII - Mousin's review


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? All their characteristics have motivated my choice: sound, build quality and reliability of the brand (made in England 5 years manufacturer warranty), bandwidth given their size, etc ... only the pr…

  • Pmc TB2S-AII

    Pmc TB2S-AII - " What Else?"


    I needed to go upmarket for my main pair of plays, the Dynaudio BM6A, I dragged in a bunch of years! In addition to my little Focal CMS40. I work mainly in TV / Cinema, in order to have a power gain and definition in the low / medium to avoid any sur…

  • Pmc TB2S-A

    Pmc TB2S-A - mhch's review


    I chose these speakers from Focal Solo6b buy! I brought a CD jazz piano and bass, and bass seemed surprised "Tiny" and lousy on these Focal compared to other high-end speakers (K & H 300, the PMC). Spatialization was just as good with the PMC as Foca…

  • Pmc AML1

    Pmc AML1 - youkounkoun's review


    I do not personally hold (unfortunately) but I had the opportunity to listen with a friend who has them in his studio. To use voice recordings, piano, composition and keyboards / midi. I also watched "Animusic" through ALM1 PMC. Their sound is ju…

  • Pmc TB2S-A

    Pmc TB2S-A - Anonyme's review


    . SOUNDS I just buy them, the TB2SA. I work for 15 years as a technician in a Socit broadcasting and I had the opportunity to work with all kinds of walls, but for the price and size ... it's huge! The dynamics spacialisation finesse ... What a…