Pmc Twotwo.6
Pmc Twotwo.6

Twotwo.6, Active Monitor from Pmc in the TwoTwo series.

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steppers 06/22/2014

Pmc Twotwo.6 : steppers's user review

«  Very good speakers »

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I wanted to buy good monitor speakers as part of a home studio. it is therefore the first purchase. I read in several forums, they fallaient start with good speakers before buying any hardware. And indeed, I think this is one of the first investment to make because it changes the life and music. I do a lot of electronic music and dub.


I wanted to have speakers that really define the lower spectrum. My original choice was oriented focal SM9 as they go down to 30 hz. I went to listen to focal and it is true that speakers were really excellent, it feels like sound system with just two speakers. By size against a dessuite cooled me because it did not fit into the space that was dedicated to them. I tried to blow the Quested S8R and two two 6, the Quested were also really interesting but I thought they were a bit too imprecise in the lower spectrum. The first word that occurred to me at the store with twotwo 6 is the word definition.

After receiving the speakers, it took a few days break before discovering the accuracy of these loudspeakers. They Quà down 40 hz. I am trained bass player and I think they are really accurate in the lower spectrum. Mid (41 Hz) out wonderfully, by against the D (35 Hz) is heard but it lacks a little something, so for amateurs 5 strings mix should be completed headphone. on the other hand when I listen to the works of dub, at any time, I lack there, and instead I find good qualibrées and the definition is remarkable.

For stereo I think she transcribes well, on the other hand I have little comparative examples. For dynamic, I discovered the subtleties of shade on batteries kick in the album bad michael jackson, when I listen to this album for over 20 years. Since I have these speakers, I spend more time listening to music than to make, it is a real pleasure. I listened to songs that I made with my old speakers (yamaha hs5) and I realized how my mixes were bad, the highs were shrill, the bass was too strong ...


I have a little over 15 days and I do not regret, I use lynx converters and Mogami cables and this is another musical life begins. I will complete this review in a few weeks. In all cases, it is a real pleasure and I doubt it stops.