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gnadna 01/19/2014

Pmc TB2S-AII : gnadna's user review

«  Very upscale! Magnificent »

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- Report and finesse size / power / severe
The opportunity allows us to reach these high end speakers and live a great experience.

- Listen music cloud XLR output converter
I do not mix but I was looking for a neutral audiophile quality listening in a format compatible with a small piece


- Fine but can be a little more heat compared to other brands
- Rather broad sweet spot and beautiful image
- Yes clarity is required
- Beautiful dynamic


- 1 week
- Other alternatives:
* Neumann KH120 => impressive in size and more serious than some much larger speakers. beautiful definition. listening less veiled that CMS
* Solo6: Medium fine and a lot of info in the treble. Lack of safe though.
* Adam A8X: Severe acute explosive and high-pitched but a hollow in the medium
* Adam A7x more balanced than A8X even if the bass is less powerful
* CMS 50 & 65: listening a bit bland for my taste and lack of safe. Overvalued?
* Neumann KH310: very good on the whole spectrum. may lack a little luster. expensive.

- PMC very homogeneous and fine workmanship. Price making unpopular despite exceptional qualities. little distributed in France despite a huge success elsewhere and numerous awards

- The price fell below 3k. 2.3k to some sellers in the value for money is very interesting.

if you want a captivating speaker to listen while retaining qualities specific to monitoring neutrality. this is an excellent choice.