Samson Technologies Resolv 80a

Samson Technologies Resolv 80a

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Resolv 80a, Active Monitor from Samson Technologies in the Resolv series.

5 user reviews
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Samson Technologies Resolv 80a tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Samson Technologies
  • Model: Resolv 80a
  • Series: Resolv
  • Category: Active Monitors
  • Added in our database on: 05/05/2005

We have no technical specifications for this product
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Samson Technologies Resolv 80a user reviews

Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 1 user review20 %
 2 reviews40 %
 2 reviews40 %
Value For Money :

Tralala4's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Samson Technologies Resolv 80a
- What technical specifications have motivated your choice?
The nice blurb manufacturer ...
- For what purpose?
Ben ... to "the listening studio" it seems! (This is what is marked on the manufacturer plug)!


- Is frquence curve sufficiently neutral?
Not at all! There are entires beaches disappear! I snatched the hair when recording. So the differences listening is not acceptable. These speakers are not reliable! What you hear is not what you save!
- The picture is it stro good?
Provided panner like crazy. This is a very rough picture.
- The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?
The sound is rough and voil NOT on the spectrum.
- Is the dynamic respect ...?
Then the not really. This is the "boom boom" feast of fun: "If you want the dynamic, you push the knob"


- How long have you use it?
Two years (too many). I actually ceased to use them in the studio and they are just good amplify my tl.
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
What I love most: the price (the only point that I put)
What I like least: THESE ARE NOT THE MONITORS !!! Just the sound of small speakers. They look like the monitors, they have color monitors but ....
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
- How do you report qualitprix?
Value for money but MONITORS ARE NOT! They have the name! Warning, you may have srieuse surprises if you trust these monitors for mixing a project! I will miss you a lot of things. For the fans!
- With the exprience, you do again this choice ...?
ICING ON THE CAKE: In case of failure, the rparation as the monitor is expensive!
Flee these inexpensive stews

Rocknweb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Samson Technologies Resolv 80a
Dual power amp (75 watts low and 25 watts high)
Four-position midrange contour control
8 "copolymer butyl surround woofer
1 "ferro-fluid filled titanium tweeter
Active crossover
XLR, 1 / 4 "and RCA inputs
Ported, tuned cabinet
Sold in stereo peers


Amateur musician first and foremost I play the guitar Scheer, electric, synth and the piano.
As many of you, my office awash with 2 amps guitars, effects pedals, the minichane the synth, and the computer (not you worry no piano ...) my 6 guitars ...
What he complains you tell me?!

I have more room, my amp is too powerful for the house and my shit is a matter minichane pregnant. Then comes the common thinking of the moment, why not expand my bazaar with simple amplified speaker ...

Although, as dmange everyone ...
APRS a quick look at Audiofanzine I rush to my dealer and I try prfr between noon and two Yamaha MSP5, Berhinger B2030A, Samson RESOLV65 50A and 80A, KRK and ... Fostex no shit ... Too bad, for an ordinary mp3, 2 or 3 guitars and synth.

Although the cost of some MP3:
The KRK: beautiful (prsence, Dfine spectrum well, dynamic, stro superb image)
The Yamaha MSP5: beautiful compltement HIFI (prsence, Dfine spectrum well, superb image Stereo).
The Samson R50A, R65A (lack of safe, medium less than other Defines these speakers are so terribly lacking what little aggressive life! Stereo image unrewarding)
The R80A like Samson, but the power and serious this time you are waiting, lack of clarity for other frquences)
Behringer B2030A's spotless (Stereo grandiose image, low acute and live only mediums were down a small plastic cot requires some corrections, potato and dynamic close KRK)

Ovation is a branch (relatively neutral, a collector 2003), a Takamine and a Start with a pod:

Bang and the small speakers and Yamaha 50A does not rsiste larger map frquences the woofer and tweeter wants out excitedly shouted piti!

Only two escaped with honors. Guess what?
Samson's grave with his impeccable R80A, Diameter requires large woofer and ...
and yes, even the Behringer are doing both see the three fingers in the nose provided by equalizer to remove the cot of nasal mdiums typical small Marshall ASR50 for those who know.

less problem going all the speakers slightly prs well, our R80A and prancing B2030A always at the top of the ranking for the same reasons.


All I want dabord prciser that all these speakers are quality of their distortion is trs matris. And the prowess of the new matrial utiliss for speaker nadgal dcoute the pleasure of all these speakers, each with their own characters.

At least dun miracle I do not see how I could rsister time of Berhinger Lattre, dun dcoute quality perspective, both low and high rgime we surprise performance from the small size of this enclosure. Little too flattering to be a mix studio pro, but frankly for use amateur, I think the B2030A B2031A or are idalie.
Behringer manufacturing quality issue is the only not guarantee these speakers more than a year that speaks volumes about its reliability. Whereas it is necessary cest of disposable medium term, the speakers matched couple leave if ppin must know.

For the serious magnitude in the R80A are superb, it lacks a little life down rgime, they need to grow. Their size is not ngligeable by far the largest of the SERIES, it is not empty stick them everywhere, as the speakers are paired with Behringer, but the warranty is 3 years!

The R50A and 65A in their low DPIT agressivit that I RPET is a quality to the mix since trs neutral dire rgime low life and clarity in the mids , moreover they do not support DTRE shoots by the user of high and low frequencies hardware, but provides with hardware line output.

The Yamaha MSP5 are quality speakers for HIFI complment Dordine EST nickel but too colorful for some applications like the mix my humble opinion, but heavy trs small it is guaranteed 2 years.

My love all of you music lovers!

benjikimix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Samson Technologies Resolv 80a
The two monitors are quite impressive. Trs not high, but deep. The woofer is quite large (15 cm). They have a tweeter, a good majority of studio monitors ... We can get in on XLR, jack 6.35, or RCA, your choice, or all three at the same time (I dj essay !)... Derrire, there's a volume button, pinking halfway, and a knob 4-positions, which adds or enlve of mdiums to simulate the behavior of a hi-fi speaker. Active speaker, and thus provided with its transformer, and all a. There's just a small branch cable between it and the plug. They are blinds (one feels when one is ..), so their prsence ct a notch too disturbing image, and the other way, no altration the noise from a field collection outdoor magntique ...
There's a system that he AutoShutdown of whether there is no sound for 10 minutes. This is useful because it is a amliorer the life of components, but it's annoying to have to throw a potato watts to revive the sauce. You should also know if the sound is low trs, there's nothing for him, so after 10 minutes, he cuts.


Ben I tried to get a curve with my microphone rponse StudioProjects. C'tait not linear trs everything but the microphone does not linear rpond either, so I can not say anything. A priori, the sound is in the box relatively strait dynamics that the manufacturer gives the entire spectrum. I am satisfied with TRS, these little beasts sound. I found lots of errors in caches my old songs, I was doing with my encaintes hi-fi ... Stereo image is nickel. It is enough guidance, so if we start well each monitor in the direction of the ear corresponding rendering is perfect. has not drool on the grave, and above all, there's no need to mount 183dB to hear all the subtleties of a song. These speakers tell the same story that 30 people a half. It's the same, but weaker ...


Ben I bought the two satellite subwoofer with beginners in the year (January). What I like most is that the best speakers I have ever possdes. The subwoofer is downright indispensable. In addition to that time he not work ...! What I dplait most is to be obliged to send a major blow in its speakers out for watch ... It dervrait have a button front for what the man has rveiller it. I cost a few other models before buying, and that the report qualitprix me most agreed (purchase a particular pair of 400 + subwoofer by Audiofanzine).
I would do this choice, although I am not able sr back on such an occasion ...

ouabi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Samson Technologies Resolv 80a
Then lay the foundation for this opinion:
I own these speakers for about two months.
I did not listen to comparative shop, I would have aimbr /> make comparative listening at home.
-This is my first enclosure monitoring.
-I am an amateur.
-Listening Systems Reference:
Celestion Ditton66
Then, a monitoring system shabby (car speakers at Auchan)

- What technical specifications motivated your choice?

The boomer-8 ".
-The event forward.
-The possibility of Mid control.
-The automatic standby.
-The price (400 per pair + shipping ups in Deejayladen ( )

- For what purpose?
For listening and creation in cubase, but not necessarily high volume.

- What amp / What configuration? ...
Directly related to my sound card (Terratec Phase 28).

-Volume settings and mediums, as well as on / off the back are situs,
which is not very convenient.
, The volume is only a crimp at mid-volume, two additional notches,
a 1 / 4 and 3 / 4 t would be welcome.
The sleep-is quite enigmatic, it is not known if it works, because
the speaker still hot after 2 hours of "no's" and the LEDs are lighting up.
A grid-to protect the woofer reassure me vis a vis our cats, but
ca might be detrimental to the sound.

-Events in the front, they are in a corner, and I do not have a surplus of bass.
-LED that lights if the speakers are turned on, casually, it is convenient.
-In jack or XLR or another, I do not know what it is.
-Mid control (-3dB, 0dB, +3 dB, +6 dB).
Boomer-8 ".

So I put 8 because the history of the notches do not mind, I leave a half-volume
decrease the volume and mix with the sound card, a note that mid-volume is
already very powerful, I did not push harder.
It's more SETTINGS situs the back is simply not practical, I
places them precisely enough, and am forced to move to put out.
The Auto Sleep would have been more because I would not have them back
to turn them off.


- The curve frequency drives is it neutral enough?
- The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?
- The dynamic is it respect? ...
Actually, I do not know, so I will say anything rather than say anything.
read below my personal impressions.
Note that for the moment, I concentrate on listening, just to identify them,
how they speak, I opened my cubase project, my first impression t:
lalalala roooh is soup, must redo everything.

- Stereo image is good?
Yes, as long as you place the speakers, turning a blind eye, one can
spatially listen to music, it's not right or left, it is also
near or far, in the center, in short, it suits me perfectly that the cot.

So my impressions a bit ple-mle, I'll add as and when:

There is a cot, not warm, cold, it feels like a block of marble
which gives a precise, each sound has its place, as held in a vice, the different
sounds do not drool on each other.

-When you push the volume, Well ... is impressive, nothing more, nothing
least, we have the same sounds but four times stronger, period.

-A low volume / all modern appear, it is also precise that high volume.
Prior to my pregnant Auchan, it was necessary to push the volume to resort
low, but ca dsequilibrait all, it drooled, well it feels good to be able
listen at moderate volume and have all the sounds.
Basically, when you put hard, we realize that not only serves to
hard to hear.
We can also talk about prsence, a low volume, these speakers are Submitted,
this is not the only soup that develop.
We really music Submitted, as a whole, but not as strong.

-For voice (while listening to rap, mainly Akhenaten):
The "s", "z" and other not whistle and spend enjoyable, but it lacks
may be lgrement shine, that said, this may be why
Listening is not tiring.

-The listening is not tiring, sometimes it is slightly, I listen erik
Truffaz it, and sometimes it bothers me a little treble / midrange,
bizare but it is not really tired, instead of agressivit,
because once the song Pass the ear is not hs, finally we can continue
comfortable listening.

To compare, say, with my pregnant auchan, I had to stop the sound
for 1 hour and go for a walk outside, because I could hear nothing,
I was in a kind of auditory fog, once his stroke I breathed.

With resolv, once I pass the song for a new attack,
so it's not fatigue, maybe I should just go

-For the cost of jazz:
I have this problem of gnral aggressivit on brass
mainly. The rest is good, the bass and drums do not merge, they
are distinct, we hear every sound, there is no drool over other sounds, which
is REALLY good.

-For listening to rap:
ben see above for vocals on the beat, it's very clean in gnral
Basically, even too clean, so it's going very well, but it may be missing
dynamic, percussive, I do not know how to call it.

Them are just low, but may be too detailed.

Here, I put 8 for the accuracy, ease of cost, Stereo image is prcis,
ca not drool, I do not play more because ditton66 really in another court,
but this is not the same thing either, but I listened to music for a
fifteen years on Ditton, so it's a bit marfrence.

Edit 2008 -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------------------------
I see downward After a few years of use and COST
diffrent of references.

These speakers are nice for the price, but there are even large default.
In Manir gnrale, a veil, a lack of brightness, lack of precision.
-The bass is good but the ... I feel that a lack of precision in
bas-mdiums/basses is rather vague, something is missing for this impression
of precision.
The mediums-a little too forward, but just enough that I think all the same.
While some sounds a little below spend more or less the hatch.
trs prcis -haut-mdiums/aigus not either. Trs galre on charley and cymbals.
And lack of prsence the cost. For these i, I mix with headphones, headphones not incredible
HD205, but much more accurate in these frequencies.
It lacks brightness, prsence I do not know, the famous sailing, whatever. And stuff
that pass the door.

Stereo for image, I think a fairly accurate, there is little the same thing prs
the headphone is much less prcis, normal, all fawn, placement
prcis will always be with a headphone.


- How long have you use it?
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
- How do you report qualitprix?
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

-2 Months about
No, I only have two references, and the speakers auchan ditton66, say
resolv that are far more than the cot Ditton auchan
The quality-price ratio trs good, by the sound, the technical aspects.
No-ide, I would not force the same budget, the same needs,
I would try out the fostex pm1 really.

Edit 2008 -------------------------------- ---------------- -----------------------------

-3 Years ago
-I have forgotten the sound of Auchan, I was able to test Genelec, the NS10, and others.
The quality-price ratio qd even not bad for the price remains honorable. Above that there must have used that are well worth it.
I think not.

I read the opinion of Tralala, good, must also Modre.
We are in the € 350/400 pair. And for that price, I find them honorable.
That's all from the same monitors.
Compartment of the Hi-Fi, it's over a lot of things I could cost a few
Systmes good Hi-Fi, these are far more prcises Resolv. But they have their default.
From a viewpoint neutrality and precision, has nothing to see. It is to be prvu
prcis neutral, even if not fully russi.
The Hi-Fi is designed to be enjoyable.
Even when we have something that will not do wonders, but can work
little prs correctly for a good price.

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