Tannoy Reveal Active
Tannoy Reveal Active

Reveal Active, Active Monitor from Tannoy in the Reveal series.

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All user reviews for the Tannoy Reveal Active

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severinsteel's review"Excellent monitors!"

Tannoy Reveal Active
Woofer, tweeter. balanced XLR input, power input, on/ off switch. Nothing special really, but just exactly what you need. The cabinet is extremely sturdy; very very well made. The speaker elements are mounted with high quality allen screws. From what I understand, Tannoy only makes monitors so that was a big factor in my decision making process. The front of the monitor is painted a really cool dark green and the power indicator LED is a cool blue! I use this setup with my Apogee ensemble interface; it's a killer rig! No amp needed of course since these are powered monitors.


The sounds are great! Very true to the source, or at least not too hyped in any particular way. For super accurate mixing, a sub might be beneficial, but not necessary. You don't want monitors to sound too good actually, because they won't help you achieve your goal of making your mixes sound good on any system. That's why Yamaha NS10's are so popular in studios. The though process is, if you can make your mixes sound good on NS10's, then they will sound good on anything. But yeah, great dynamics, clear sounds, just very well represented.


I love these monitors! They sound killer, they are extremely reliable, and I got them for half price since they were being discontinued. If you can find these used for a good deal, snatch them up! Prior to purchasing these, I had used some very expensive Dynaudios and Yamaha NS10's. It really doesn't matter what monitors you get as long as they are as flat as possible and you can get used to them. You need something to help you make accurate decisions regarding how your music will translate to other systems. I would definitely buy more of these if I could. Just a great set of monitors!

theaudioandvideoguy's review"boom!"

Tannoy Reveal Active
Tannoy Reveal Active’s really made my music louder if you know what I mean. Normally I mix with the volume way down but it was hard with a pair of these. I wanted to mix with them blasting just because for some reason when playing the music loud with these it sounds much better than my other monitors. I will say im not a fan of the blue ish tent they have. Plus I don’t think they even have any other colors that they have come out with. Most of my studio stuff are all the same color and these just stuck out like a sore thumb if you catch my drift.


But if you are into sound, especially a big loud sound these will do the trick for you. You will have no problem turning these up to the max without it getting to bad sounding or blowing them. One thing to be aware of don’t have them too close to your monitor/ screen. The magnets in the Tannoy Reveal Actives can actually mess up your screen even if your screen is an LCD or not. It will make some discolouration over time and really damage your screen. You should have these up off of something anyways. Like some sort of a acoustic pad under them and keep them away from your monitor to achieve the best sound you can get. Also make sure you have them at eye or ear level for better mixing.


Overall, the quality of sound is great. But the price was a little to high for me to really want to keep them. The price of just one of these can get you a set of decent ones from a different brand. Not that the price is really that high but it was enough for me to return them. I would have not regretted my decision if the price was a little less.
Dj Jo08/23/2005

Dj Jo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tannoy Reveal Active
I was first take these monitors ... I have apreciated ... and voila!
I am amazed by the playful mind if! a sense that's great!

! NOTICE! : Not molest me by mail ensenglantés! That's my opinion, as in the choice of speakers is like the color of the walls where you live ... everyone's taste!

You should also know that my work has shifted from component to total prod ... must start no ?

In the meantime I have been trying fostex in my home studio ... the difference is absolutely no ambiguity! the same home studio is accurate and I finally get out my mixes. The resumption of mixes done on the tannoy reveal to them when all their faults once fostex a substitute!

Since I do not know everything and I am not a "raw sound" again, this opinion is objective only in relation to my feelings.

My pretty little Tonnoy are for me TODAY "Today a small disappointment, but how can you go wrong? Know your pregnant, how to place it, know how it accommodates the best in the volume or she works, choose angle. felt for a while .. cause it to be your best friend ... it takes time! A pregnant when tested "three months" ??!!!!!!


The sound image very nice as this monitor gives you is a friend of the musician, but the worst enemy of your mix.
If you want to work on electronic music with good big bass ... Reveal forget! Always "imagine" what is happening below 300Hz, the bass are not defined enough (yes it's a little pregnant anyway!) So that the super balanced mix often go out too stuffed with big bass heavy drooling and rotting the entire report, to ask if it has good export! Too small Tanoy playful! It gives way to set the gain and digging in the mediums ... fatally energy must go somewhere ... but it is not clear or finish!


If you intend your work in the direction of production "studio" then in my opinion, in this price range rather see the side home fostex or alesis.

For a musician who wants to work sequences so it's a select interesting because the sound is always clean and it is difficult to saturate the Reveal his big dynamic parrait infinite!

Pending Reveal is a robust enclosure, technically sound, a beautiful finish and it has never refused to fontion yet it has been used in more than 24 times in a row!

_benfox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tannoy Reveal Active
I was lucky enough to get me used these speakers for 400 euros and I am satisfied with their performance trs!
I use to master my work in music or noise lctoacoustique and have the advantage of being trs prcise despite BTIS I've read about them.
Nevertheless I find that the boom is too retait the outside of the enclosure which is dangerous and the risk of Habima if it happens that something the abyss ...


I have nothing to say about the sound of these speakers in terms of dynamic stereo image or curved frequency drives!
This model does not care and you can not mix a prcis (especially in medium and it often hurts the bottom!)
The only IK is the little breath I have, but are what may be due to the fact that I have had occasion to auyssi and made me to be particularly sensitive to buzz because you have to do on Pancher HP to realize it.


I use this model for 6 months without problem.
The advantage and the clarity and dfinision across the spectrum that allows miux the finest!
I tried other models before the one and I'm sure it's the only quality RAPORT took the market that do not take for an idiot!
Ngatifs aspects are:
weight (but hey when possible!)
their design '(personally I do not like)
the little buzz that I can be but it is due to the fact that I bought used

Grandnico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tannoy Reveal Active
The Tannoy is excellent. I'm surprised to see such low scores for this pair of passive Reveal monitoring.Les have a very good sound, while the amplifier used is not intended for these speakers. Reveal the active amplifier features a specially designed poue them. Obviously this is not a Mackie (HR 824 or HR 624). The Tannoy have a good sound, make good bass. They are not pale in front of the most famous. If you have a small studio, and you do not have the money for buying Mackie (HR 824 = € 2,000). The Tannoy may surprise you.


For the frequency curve, just look at the diagram on the back of the speakers. It is very flat. Slight bump to the bottom of the spectrum, small but if you do not push the volume.Pour terms of the spectrum, since you are not 192 KHz, it will be very well spent. For those who are 192 KHz, changed the speaker pair, you're already too fussy.


Since my purchase (ie two years), I've been in several studios and opinions were always agree (might be because "they all work on electronic music and the Tannoy not budge) . I chose this pair after talking to several people. If I had the choice again, I would take a more expensive pair! but I is not money and for my use, the Tannoy are perfect. I mix of acoustic (guitar, violin, pan-cons and all the fuss) and electronics. In terms of price / quality ratio, you'll find better elsewhere but you do not tighten disappointed. Tannoy monitor speakers makes for a long time and they do it well.
Dj sixto03/22/2004

Dj sixto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tannoy Reveal Active
Good power for the monitoring of proximity: 50 * 50 w!


It sounds good, but I just do not know if it is to have fun by listening to the mix so it sounds Strange to good! DCON no, they can be extremely neutral but not what the speaker can be fully prtendre?


I had to be cheap and I've tested the cot mackie 624 (a trick of style) bin enjoyable they sound better now! (As said before j c is not an advantage but ...)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tannoy Reveal Active
I shut my choice dgot fix a small promo interesting Yes but now more krk v4! Small budjet (600 max) I did not oblige the possibility to buy at full price so it is left for a growth of costs.
I had the speakers for small medium size saw the config of my "home studio" and not powerful forcment trs (neighbors will apprcieront ;-) ) preferences active, it so much easier.
and the slogan LINEAR! (DSOL for lovers of Genelec)
What's more if rpter give information by Tannoy:
114dB max spl
THD <0.8%
2 * 50W amplifier double recovery 3000Hz


Homognes despite fairly sharp treble less than its sister my taste, the largest size V4 in the rponse suffers the serious NCESS a sub is less experience (fortunately considering the price of krk subs) even if the precision is not the same.
Finally a warm sound that allows for hours of fatigue-free mix, a DEFINITIONS prcise and neutral (the graph shows a lump under 100Hz lgre another 800 and a hungry but frankly 6000 the cost ...)


I bought yesterday but I'm in love dj for the price Do not hesitate one second (~ 600) they are monitoring speakers nothing more but also nothing less, c ' is the model that my ears have prfr I trust them.
Other speakers compare: Yamaha MSP SERIES, M-Audio (which I strongly deprecated), Fostex, Behringer the truth (is out there), Genelec (book of many styles prcis fond of big bass : hip hop & Co. DSOL but for me it is not monitoring)
NB: my final grade is based on the ratio quality price

Maddonuts's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tannoy Reveal Active
So it is not so because
and a tannoy in the ingnieurs have designed this house with the Reveal CHARACTERISTICS non active
thereby Reveal active with amplification are Intgr it takes up space so the calculations are truncated inner surface


The Reveals are still very much


But I preferred to buy Reveal not active