Yamaha MSP5
Yamaha MSP5

MSP5, Active Monitor from Yamaha in the MSP series.

Celophane 02/26/2003

Yamaha MSP5 : Celophane's user review


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Yeah, have 'em, I just buy. Because bass issue, they are "almost" as well as their competing two times more expensive, but because they do not tire, which is not evident in a cellar full tiles. (By the way, Arnos, if the media t'arrachent ears, that you mixes too hard). At the midrange and treble, I have not (yet) noticed that they were inaccurate. Perhaps the drop of a quarter to 2K db? In any case, they are not enough, we must listen to one another (I kept my config to compare hi-fi).
I use them (reasons) for the demo mix of songs or more, as well as for film music (mostly corporate) and for work in radio.
Finally, config issue, I leave the Mac in a m-audio Quattro and an old table Roland M-240 (non-equalized fairly transparent). I have more than enough with half the volume.
Another advantage of their compactness, I can connect my Mac laptop and take them on holiday. Reason will do the rest :-)


I was amazed by the neutrality of the frequency curve, especially in places with poor soundproofing and acoustics very bad (my stud-stud-studjo). It lacks a lot of detail in the bass, what I should be compensated by a headphone (no monitor an acceptable size in my cellar can make these details, from what I heard). The stereo image is amazing, especially since I have very ill-disposed, helping to lack of space. This is not the absolute top, but enough for most uses. I found the sound spectrum clear midrange and treble, a little less detail in the bass, but there are some mediums that are a bit between two speakers. I do not think we can expect better in two ways ... When the dynamics, it seems very accurate. Above all, they combine a nice neutrality to a real listening pleasure. At that price, it's worth 10.


I just buy them, but I have mixed it a night. I like the absence of fatigue, I am astounded by the quality-price ratio and I find them very cute. The settings are convenient and accessible. I'll see later in the experiment, but in comparison to other products (Behringer, Event, ...), it's very good.

I do not like the side plastoche certain frequencies, especially in the medium, but that does not interfere with the balance of frequencies. I also regret the lack of detail in the bass, but I have other means to make them talk (headset, listening to the other house, car ...).

Finally, I admire the limited power (40 watts + 27): they did not try to beat the competition by mounting the power to make "big". It's a product that looks to me very well integrated and engineering and where necessary compromises were made with great intelligence. Belgium 8 points. One less for the low, one less for the sound of some plastoche medium.