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Adamson user reviews

  • Adamson SX18

    Adamson SX18 - " Of pro gear!"


    I own a pair. Used tri amplification with xti6000 crown for bass and TSA4-700 for acute Thomann medium. The processor is a DriveRack PA. All for economic reasons. I love the transparency of its very good performance, power to weight ratio space. T…

  • Adamson T-21 Sub

    Adamson T-21 Sub - " T21: excellent!"


    T21: This sub does not compete, he buried the SB218 .. I do not mean the max SPL, certainly much higher, but especially the quality of the grave it generates. Severe deep, ultra clean and powerful at once, everything you could want the best. A wh…

  • Adamson SX sub

    Adamson SX sub - " box very aesthetic and beautiful bass"


    I bought 2 ksub early September and I had the opportunity to use the NEXO LS500 for many years and the Special features that I like is the roundness of its precision and low noise it is mounted on casters and for transportation is the easier it is ea…

  • Adamson LX10

    Adamson LX10 - rc45's review


    last few days and I used a NEXO PS10 and LS500 with its processor for 11 years with great satisfaction the celestion speakers maki pr151 Matterhorn vega and many other brands I think the LX10 home adamson is very balanced in terms of sound, it is v…

  • Adamson LX10

    Adamson LX10 - jobo's review


    - How long have you use it? Day - What is so special that you like most and least? The sound quality, the rendering of the voice in the medium is exceptional, no aggression even at high volume, very well defined. This low despite the small size…

  • Adamson Spektrix

    Adamson Spektrix - Kaikouz's review


    Use: 2 years I think its simple and fast, it is light enough (28.15kg) and few easily installed without third party. But beware: With time a "game" appears at the corners. What transforms the pleasure in disaster. Indeed, the simulation gives us Ys…

  • Adamson T-21 Sub

    Adamson T-21 Sub - Kaik's review


    In fact, this sub is totally innovative. It is powerful trs. Vritable is a happiness to find a box that covers effectively all the low end! He knows how to get the seat of SB218 Heil home but also strikes a more than worthy of the famous DVSub, every…

  • Adamson T-21 Sub

    Adamson T-21 Sub - Lebreuk's review


    Installed on Muse and Depeche Mode in Arras, 9 + 4 per side in the center This sub is a total massacre, there are 2 HP 21 "Kevlar, it is an amp with SUB (Lab fp6400), developers announced a T21 = 3 * SB218 * Honestly if you have the opportunity t…

  • Adamson Spektrix

    Adamson Spektrix - silvana's review


    This is a vritablement trs good product. However, care must be taken at 2 and 4 kHz, which can be a little aggrssif. if the color of Systm is the one I prfre compared to other system line source of small size. Systm I use this for a little over a yea…