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Adamson Spektrix
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Kaikouz 03/16/2008

Adamson Spektrix : Kaikouz's user review


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Use: 2 years
I think its simple and fast, it is light enough (28.15kg) and few easily installed without third party. But beware: With time a "game" appears at the corners. What transforms the pleasure in disaster. Indeed, the simulation gives us Yshooter angles he is no longer possible to have. The solution is to strap on the back of the boxes to correct them, but get there in the dark ... in short a huge waste of time, and some irritation earlier in the day ...

Otherwise I think the angle of 120deg horizontal and very valuable and can make beautiful scene. I think its good frequency response, and malleable. The dish is easy to make, give a color "artistic" as well. It very well the cash side "crazy" that may have some sound engineer. Its sound pressure is sufficient.

The coupling with SB218 subs or DVsubs deserves attention at the start (especially with the DvSub). But when well worked with Adamson, it runs rather well. The presets today (on XTA) are very specific.

I conclude by noting that this system works very well, it is convenient (when new), it sounds properly, it is malleable, it is small even if there are smaller these days (a small remnant still! ) and Adamson (Didier Dal Fitto) is present and open to any help. Thereupon nothing to say they also love their job, it do not just sell.