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Alesis MicroVerb user reviews

  • Alesis MicroVerb

    Alesis MicroVerb - "good but no longer need it"


    The Alesis Micro Verb is a compact digital reverb unit, it is not rack able. It has 1/4 inch inputs and outputs in the back as well as a 1/4 inch output in the front of it for a foot switch. UTILIZATION The configuration of the Micro Verb is pre…

  • Alesis MicroVerb 4

    Alesis MicroVerb 4 - "strong unit that you need in your rack"


    The Alessis Microverb 4 is a digital reverb unit in the form of a rackable piece of outboard gear. It will take up two rack spaces and I believe it has both 1/4 inch and XLR connections, but I'm not 100% sure - I use this in a studio where the Microv…

  • Alesis MicroVerb

    Alesis MicroVerb - moosers's review


    The Alesis MicroVerb is a compact reverberation box that can be used in the studio or on the stage. I've only used this little reverb box in the recording studio for getting some quick verb, but it's certainly suitable for any sort of use. There ar…

  • Alesis MicroVerb 4

    Alesis MicroVerb 4 - songboy's review


    Obviously this is primarily a reverb rack unit, you do get some other effects to color things up. There is Delay, chorus, pitch mod, flange, leslie simulation (ok, nothing really nails the real sound except the real thing) and some special effects a…

  • Alesis MicroVerb

    Alesis MicroVerb - " some interest"


    digital reverb, the first access to fans in 1986, practical format 1/3 rack; 5 small, 7 wide, delusional and a reverse mode and 2 single gates. no editing, 4 knobs on the front panel manually Japanese 12-bit quality Only the jack true …

  • Alesis MicroVerb

    Alesis MicroVerb - toche13's review


    several types of reverb sound available with a simple button to turn UTILIZATION ery configuration is simple SOUND QUALITY personally, t, I always found the effects quite a bit contrived and motens OVERALL OPINION I use it for 20 years, b…

  • Alesis MicroVerb

    Alesis MicroVerb - " Sympathetic"


    It y 'a whole range of effects available (the wheel rotates 360 degrees, however, do not turn to change the current setting of set ... it induces a snap if it is done in the counterclockwise direction of wise) it has no editor but it's really PC fo…

  • Alesis MicroVerb 4

    Alesis MicroVerb 4 - Eric6767's review


    What are the effects or types of effects available? a hundred - What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ... Digital - Are they edited? Via an editor Mac / PC? yes but I am born ever published - What is the connection? (Audio / MID…

  • Alesis MicroVerb 4

    Alesis MicroVerb 4 - cotto's review


    Connection jack 6.35 100 preset programs and 100 user MIDI OUT / THRU LCD display UTILIZATION Simple Config Easy edition (100 user programs) using the edit buttons A and B (speed, depth, time, feedback time and fall depending on the effec…

  • Alesis MicroVerb 3

    Alesis MicroVerb 3 - bassroom's review


    Alesis MicroVerb 3 What are the effects or types of effects available? Reverb Delay 16 effects in total, selected by a potentiometer notched 16 modulation effects (depth or tps response) potentiometer also an acute adjustable, adjustment s…