Alesis MicroVerb 4
Alesis MicroVerb 4

MicroVerb 4, Reverb from Alesis in the MicroVerb series.

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Nigel 09/16/2004

Alesis MicroVerb 4 : Nigel's user review


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Good CHARACTERISTICS issue we are dealing with a rack simple but the minimum required to plug in good condition: Input / Output Stereo, MIDI and footswitch. No ACCS to the fuse or level inpdence adjustable ... but for the price you can not have it all.

2 paramtres adjustable, a mix effect and a level of input / output for faade with a small notch to locate the patch and 2-band charts to see if heels.


The use is a MODEL of simplicity there is a bank facility with a lot of references INTERESTED patch from which one can easily find a good setup. The possibility of shipping are also against quite simple. It can affect two factors each time but not always the ones you want: o)

He has difinitif the default of one of his great qualities: simplicity.


The noise level is low trs regardless of the chosen effect. The dynamics are good and above all it shows a certain neutrality is that it does not signal dnature departure.

I Usage requirements for voice recording to a table but also occasionally in effects loop on a Marshall head for cumulative effect with pedals for about the results trsrussi .

Dj I used with my Cyber ​​Twin, but also with less rsultat INTERESTED. This amp is a marvel of ct it is true ... It is therefore impractical to have a good effects loop for many Exploitatie the thing.

The rverbs are really good but can not reproduce chos bands, the time limit trs and chorus are flexible enough to even spend prcis the drive.


The ratio quality price is really INTERESTED seen the quality sound and ease of handling. I do so much more is because in the meantime I have invested in other stuff but it's a companion terrain on which to rely.

Especially for vocals and other instruments also so versatile trs, even when there is no place in the home studio on scne is clear.