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  • Allen & Heath Xone:92

    Allen & Heath Xone:92 - "Xone 92 was the best in this range"


    The Allen & Heath Xone : 92 is a DJ mixer that cost almost 1500 USD but it is worth every single dollar. I knew from previous Allen & Heath units that this was going to be a great buy. After I purchased it (in 2008) I was very happy with my money tha…

  • Allen & Heath Xone:S2

    Allen & Heath Xone:S2 - "Compressor/Limiter is great"


    The Allen & Heath Xone: S2 is a DJ mixer that can be racked. It has 2 mono mic inputs and 4 stereo dual input channels. There are a total of 5 outputs on this mixer. The audio signals that will come out of this unit are very clean. I have used it in …

  • Allen & Heath ZED-436

    Allen & Heath ZED-436 - "Very easy to work with during a live show."


    The ZED 436 is a great mixer to use for a live show or event. There are 32 channels and it can connect to a computer via USB connections quickly and easily. The design of this mixer is one of the best ones that I have ever seen. It is big, but it is …

  • Allen & Heath ZED-10

    Allen & Heath ZED-10 - "Not bad for a smaller set up"


    The Allen & Heath ZED 10 is an affordable smaller mixer that is very portable. It cannot be racked and it has 10 channels with 4 mic inputs. There are 3 stereo channels and t connects to a computer via USB connection for Mac or PC computers. Setting …

  • Allen & Heath ZED-12FX

    Allen & Heath ZED-12FX - "A pretty standard mixer for this range"


    The ZED 12 FX is very affordable, it has 12 channels and 6 microphone or line in channels with 3 stereo channels. There are 16 effects built into it, it also comes with Sonar LE for software integration via USB connection with a PC or even a MAC. I …

  • Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX

    Allen & Heath WZ3 16:2 DX - "Amazing for under a grand?"


    The WZ3 16:2 DX is made by Allen & Heath. It has 4 band EQ’s and features a dual mixing mode. There are some effects built into it as well. There are a total of 32 effects on this mixer which was a huge surprise to me when I had the chance to mix wit…

  • Allen & Heath GL2400-24

    Allen & Heath GL2400-24 - "Great preamps"


    The GL2400-24 mixing console has 24 channels all in an amazing design on a beautifully constructed mixer. I have done a lot of work with this mixer for a live show and stage performances. It is very easy to work with in a dimly lit room (control room…

  • Allen & Heath ZED-R16

    Allen & Heath ZED-R16 - "Worth the high price"


    The Allen & Heath ZED-R16 has 16 mic preamps and 16 channels. There are 4 band EQ’s and even MIDI controls. There is phantom power on each channel which I found to be a huge help making each individual channel usable for use, and there is even the fu…

  • Allen & Heath XD2-53

    Allen & Heath XD2-53 - "Well made"


    The XD2-53 are a pair of closed back headphones that have 2.1 drivers. The earpieces can rotate for single ear monitoring and they can fold up. The XD2-53 are made by Allen and Heath, I have used a lot of products (mainly mixers and processors) made …

  • Allen & Heath ZED-22FX

    Allen & Heath ZED-22FX - "22 channels "


    The Zed 22 FX is a 22 channel mixer that has 16 mic inputs/channels, and 3 stereo channels. It comes loaded with 16 awesome and high quality on board effects. In case you need a DAW, it comes with Sonar LE software for you to do all of your work in i…