Allen & Heath Xone:4D
Allen & Heath Xone:4D

Xone:4D, 4+ Channel Mixer from Allen & Heath in the Xone series.


Allen & Heath Xone:4D : Anonymous 's user review


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Analog mixer 4-way, 3-way teams of phono XLR outputs.
3-band EQs full cut.
FX 2 in / out assignable.
USB 2.0 Sound Card 20-channel (8 + 2in / 2out 8 + @ 44.1kHz-96kHz)
227 contrles MIDI.
2 VCA filters A & H assignable.
Between XLR
Headphone out in 3.5 and 6.35

No equalizer on the master nor the booth or headphones. So prvoir one or more paramtriques / graphics.


The beast is very team, so complex, especially at management level sound card in-out / analog in-out, but the manual is comprehensive and very clear. (I do not know if it is available in franais).
The layout of the buttons is Idale. The quality faders and knobs is the best. It is possible to change the crossfader by P & G. The assignment of the cross for each channel is via a small switch 3 positions (X / O / Y) not practical at all, especially in the pnombre.
The MIDI contrles as the knobs / faders mixer operation are both firm and flexible, quality of so.
The meters are very accurate and a good size.


The audio quality is top. No buzz, hum, blast. The sound card 24B / 96Khz is crystalline. The analogue inputs ditto.
Just a little jitter filters A & H without input and very high volume headphone / master. (A table is made out of her ... but must find a default)
The EQs are of very good quality, and cut the infinite.


After 5 months of testing, I'm very happy, and saw the look of my friends over, even proud;)
It must be said that in addition to being a very good table, it's a beautiful table (bright black light).

The lack of EQ output is harmful if the sound does not possde EQ, but it's an ultra pro table, so the rack of effects and EQs must be Introduced as it should .dropoff window It also lacks a little EQ on the headphone output. I finally there's also the solutions.

Concerning the use, I Traktorise with, and I am persuaded that 4D is the best tool for a.
After you mapp all dsires functions, workflow is impeccable.
Considering the price / robustness / functionalities, I do not believe in me Sparer sitt.