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Ampeg BSE user reviews

  • Ampeg BSE-410H

    Ampeg BSE-410H - "Ampeg BSE410H + BSE410T"


    I had a budget of $3000 for a bass stack. Along with an Ampeg SVP-PRO preamp, a QSC RMX1450 to back the cabs, samson airline wireless, behringer virtualizer, and a couple other odds n' ends it left me with a grand to get 2 cabs. Ampeg made the best s…

  • Ampeg BSE-115T

    Ampeg BSE-115T - jackololo's review


    I use this speaker for 2 years now, alone or coupled with a Hartke 410XL home. This cabinet is great for its price (500 in Germany), really! It is light, portable on wheels, and very well finished. Dynamics is not very sharp, but the Ampeg and a 15…

  • Ampeg BSE-115

    Ampeg BSE-115 - jackololo's review


    Mine is a BSE-115 T (with tweeter). I bought this cabinet by necessarily having big bass to complete my head config x10 4. I opt for the SWR at first, but for reasons of indisponibilit was Ampeg, and I do not regret this chance! It is connected to …

  • Ampeg BSE-410H

    Ampeg BSE-410H - tree rider's review


    I use this cabinet with the head of the same brand, for a B2R its most homogne possible. I play Musicman Sub 5 string and I play a little bit of everything, funk, rock, mtal, punk ... It dlivre 200 Watts RMS into 8 ohms and the sound is clean, the …