Ampeg BSE-115
Ampeg BSE-115

BSE-115, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the BSE series.

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jackololo 04/19/2006

Ampeg BSE-115 : jackololo's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
Mine is a BSE-115 T (with tweeter). I bought this cabinet by necessarily having big bass to complete my head config x10 4. I opt for the SWR at first, but for reasons of indisponibilit was Ampeg, and I do not regret this chance!
It is connected to a head Harkte HA 3500 with a cabinet Hartke VX 410 (soon a 410 XL in the same brand instead of the VX). No effects, just the bass (an Ibanez SR 400 with kit EMG).
What I find most obvious in comparison with other brands, it's the finish! A thick carpet and strong, and grips retractable transport, although a rigid grid, and true metal corners. And it's light and not very large, and it is on wheels dismantle! My VX 410 could not bear comparison! But the price is not the same ...


The sound is typical round, Ampeg, what! This does not mean that the slap is quite dynamic. I use it now without the accompanying 4x10, and p.. even when it sounds! Conceding that this cabinet 200w (which implies the pair preferably with another speaker), but it's true 200 watts, despite its sensitivity to 95dB! If the baffle cashed 400w, I would keep this config! Dynamic enough to slap the medium and well rounded, ca bodyguard for the game to the finger, and a little gloss for mediator. Comprehensive enough to the 15 ', right?


I have this cabinet for a year and a half, and I intend to keep it! What I like is the feeling of serious production, sound, and super convenient size. I had not tried many front baffle to acquire the craft, but has heard of other products of the same genre, I remain convinced he made a good choice!
The report price is very good quality. It's expensive because Ampeg, but it's worth its price. And it's the entry level Ampeg, so it remains content at the price ... But already it sounds, for an entry-level!
I would do without this choice hesiter.Tres good product!