Behringer Eurorack MX802A
Behringer Eurorack MX802A

Eurorack MX802A, Analog Mixer from Behringer in the Eurorack series.

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All user reviews for the Behringer Eurorack MX802A

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 9 reviews )
 2 reviews22 %
 6 reviews67 %
 1 user review11 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Kevin Alan Mattson10/13/2003

MGR/Kevin Alan Mattson's review"Behringer EuroRack MX 802A"

Behringer Eurorack MX802A
Mars Music (Out of Business) $79 currently running approx $75 on Ebay.

This is one of Behringer's well-known ultra-compact mixing consoles. These tiny tools are ideal for small-scale, small-budget recording projects. And the stereo 802A would also do as a super-portable mixer for a 2-3 piece live act. I also take mine in my briefcase and use it with a battery powered portable PA box for quick in-and-out gigs.

The MX 802A has six basic input channels including four mono XLR/LINE (i.e., HiZ/LoZ) inputs and two stereo line-level inputs. Each channel has its own three bands of EQ, Aux send and return, stereo pan, and level contols. The first four channels also have a low-frequency cut switch and (critically handy) an input gain control. The unit also has the phantom power necessary for my condensor mics.

I use the 802A mixer for making home-brewed demos with a PC-based digital recording setup. Behringer has been accused of "borrowing" designs, especially from Mackie products. I can't verify the charge, but I can verify that they do sound remarkably close in quality to products several times the price.

The mixer is fairly simple to operate, but like other Behringer products I've used, their manuals are written for a more experienced user than their prices are likely to attract.

For the money you simply can't complain. The very hefty seperate power supply isn't the most elegant thing. But it's probaby necessary to keep the noise down in the unit itself.

After a year of regular use it has performed flawlessly. The pots are all quiet and smooth. It also seems to resist hum, though I've got it sitting on top of another rack unit that has a built in power supply.

Though I've heard Behringer service is not great, and I doubt the MX 802A would survive heavy road use. But heck, for the money, you could think of Behringer's mixers as disposable Mackies. Their sound is very good and the compact design is simply the handiest for home studios.

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funkygroovyrhodes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A basic works"

Behringer Eurorack MX802A
We are on the mixer base ie for a price around 100 euros, you have a robust tool that always works. Of course we should not expect that the quality is professional.
I plug in all sorts of things above: MP3, keyboards, BAR, computer ... and in all cases it is doing either cables or adjust the volume.
The gain knobs work well.


Configuration very simple. All hands on and role of each button / knob is explained directly in front.


No distortion or noise weird. It was not the sound of the sound engineer of Jamiroquai, eh!


A reliable product that resists time and did the job for amateurs.

CROPUS's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Eurorack MX802A
Small mixer normally rack, 225 mm wide, but a rack measuring 480 mm, adding a small angle of publicly sold in EVERY business, and this one is a handyman can, it is very easy to Racker in my opinion.

8 input channels, 4 mono jack and XLR, 2 stereos in .2aux hand out jack. 2 fx out, 4 to retourn fx .2 out for monitoring, 1 headphone out .equaliseur 3-band non paramétrique.Pas integrated fx.


Tes simple general configuration.
Functions, while bin in front of you!
Manuel clear though for small push buttons, try!


Transparency point of view, I do not have the absolut oreil, but it seems a good linéaritée.
Personally? I have a hum that apparently comes from master.les mic preamps tend to blow towards the maximum gain.Mais with a micro high-output gain that should be improved.
Equalizer, I would say effective.


I use since 2001.
What I like the most is the phantom power on micro voice.

What I like least is the phantom power
on micro total 4 votes, not by voice, you
requires disconnecting microphones as dynamic
which is not using phantom power.
A true individual monitoring unless they use a
sends fx near-fader.
I used the temp, a boss, a studio Fostex,
I do not own any more,
I would say it has a good quality / price ratio, bought € 120

I remake that choice, but with linear potentiometers release when-meme!

Jeldora's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Eurorack MX802A
Features listed here repeatedly.


General configuration simple or very simple, except for routing a bit more complex. This table is a summary of common basic functions, plus the management of aux returns.


As said just above: Condensed usual basic functions ... Basic words and says its a fair bit, even if it stays clean. The Mid control is very annoying, but otherwise it works. Note the presence of a small button "Lo Cut", which cuts the very low frequencies in order to protect the downstream equipment. Useful if you lend your table at Uncle Roger's birthday tata Nadine, but in small home studio is completely useless.


I use it for almost 5 years, coupled with an Alesis RA150 amp and a pair of Monitor One (Alesis as well). As I also said for the speakers, this table is for fans of low budget and / or fans (which is my case) who want a minimum of gear for cheap. And there, frankly, it was worth the money: the value for money is simply excellent, which is also a constant in Behringer, except for some well-known products to be banned.

A (big) downside, however: no "real" faders, pots that ... So, yes, the compactness is a major advantage of this table, but any time we would like tickle fader pots rather than the bland gray and ...

That said, apart from this detail, I do it again this choice if my eyes closed was the same budget.

Bitozar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Eurorack MX802A
Ts nice little table with:
- 4 XLR inputs (phantom power supply) or jack
- Stereo 2 tracks
- 2 Stereo effects loop
- Input and output to a device for recording
- 3-Band EQ per channel
- Prampli microphone for each channel
- Possibility to route the tracks to the master or the control room. Very practical to play back such
Honntement for the price, it's pretty amazing!


Premire is my table and I had trouble when even include all possible routings. Sometimes I kind of CRER Feedback infinite because I did not know the possibility of such a table. The doc says it all more or less but he had to bone up on srieusement Schematic electric table to properly understand.

When you never touch a table, a t would be nice to have a manual that explains all this in detail. With the exprience that I now no longer has a problem and I think I can adapt any table. But beginners will Drout and will not use the possibility of such a table.

Apart from these routings, the rest is intuitive trs. (Not needed the table :-) )


The console is transparent? No, mtal gray ...
The sound, I have not seen a lot of color but I REALLY do not use this table to mix ... It helps me connect all my devices (PC, guitars, multi-effects ...) without having to unplug everything every time. However, sometimes I shuffled the PC sounds and scratches.

If you push a little gain, it is clear that gnre breath. Honntement But, if he is between a signal strong enough, no need to push the gain, so no breath. For my part, I have never encountered this problem. But as I said, I do not use the card to mix so I did not get to REALLY evaluate this breath.

For cons, I t heavily by the effects loop. Originally, I wanted to connect my guitar multi-effects above and assign them to diffrent tracks, see the same set SERIES (yes! It's possible!). Well it's not terrible ... It happens when you put the reverb, delay, chorus, etc ... ds, but we want to distortion (voluntary of course), has become rotten and frankly noise. I do not know if you can normally do with a mixer but in any case, on the one no way! Well, it's no big deal I found another solution (I do not multi-effects in the loops) but if a had t possible, I would end up with a table for assigning n 'parallle matter what effect or a sound in between SERIES!! Well, c'tait a beautiful ... rve So I used just as ... a mixer! And has, it plays its role perfectly.


It's been a year now I have and I am Fully satisfied. As I said above, she is never unplug my instruments. I just need to activate the tracks for a walk, all as directed or in the hi-fi or headphones or in the guitar amp.

For the few true mix that I do is impeccable, especially when you see the price. To drive the point home, I would say that I rcupr gratos ...

Setting aside the fact that it's pretty hard to beginners to be in the routing to the outputs diffrent, trs I find easy to use and it was I was looking for.

It is clear that if I had the choice again (paying ...), I do it again. on the other hand, if j'tais looking for something more substantial to mix, I went to more of a table and I look at (j'couterai ...) plus the quality of effects loop.

But the price I do not get any better o Note gloable.

narnodel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Eurorack MX802A
Table trs compact, very practical for small home studios (admit it, do you really need 24 tracks for guitar and three microphones?)
4 channels XLR mic / line jack with 48V phantom power
2-track Stereo line inputs with Jack
2 dparts / return loops for Stros effects (never utiliss, but it has to have people who use it ...)
2 RCA inputs for CD player, cassette, keyboard ... with the possibility not to send to the exit but just to the headset (or "control room"), sound practice if you want to check if a tape is to take hold without anyone
3-band graphic equalizer


Very easy job, shame about the volumes rglent with buttons, t have a so much better with real faders (in fact I now believe that the news fader).
The LEDs for the control of the output volume is not very practical, but hey, it's so much an economic view of nitre-needle ...


Overall the sound is trs correct. Personally I find that when the rule is "breath" is really not a problem.
In contrast, qualiseur is really a gadget. Unusable for music, even when it can be used as troubleshooting.
The micro pramplis are correct. Nothing exceptional. It gives no warmth to the sound, but they do their job. True prampli highly recommended.


I use it for three years just prs. She provides good service. I tried a few before MODELS (boss bx-60, an old tascam ...) to the same price and frankly it by far the best.
The report qualitprix is ​​excellent, its equivalent (it no longer exists Behringer) sells for 120 euros little prs.
I do it again this choice, as I have no more than 4 mics ...

arieti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Eurorack MX802A
(4) XLR inputs for recording sufficient room with phantom power for microphones br /> consenseur.

Electric power transfomer current 110v 18v which should influence on the TRS bit of breath.

Trs compact and solid.


Trs trs simple and accessible to use for recording.


The most important section.

APRS Previous valuations have read the tests I made in connection with the breath and the capacity of the table to push the sound.

Certainly not to be too Exceeds the level 0 volume level inputs also like the master. In my knowledge of recording I've never had to do EXAGRES fawn. In my studio with good Earphone, I closed the computer pushed the volume of my microphone input to the 2 / 3 and blowing silent hardly noticeable. Attention of other factors can cause noise: bad cabling, the quality of the microphone and noise environment are amplified by the microphone are barely noticeable and the ear. My records do not contain background noise if not low noise surrounding.

We should not unnecessarily push his volume of the receiver must also do its job. The sound can become aggressive and gnrer parasites when loud sounds sharp and intense.


For four years I use this little device with caution.

Pros: It is compact, robust and trs little breath if we respect its capacity. The pramps restitus good sound but can be capt some strong vulnrable impdance.

Cons: The volume indicator is not quite the master prcis and must work in the zero-and sound between when even with a proper power in the Receivers since I am obliged lower the gain of my register. The sound is mtallique and can gnrer parasites.

tronic54's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Eurorack MX802A
This is not a table rack, very compact 22 x 25 cm. 4 mono inputs and 2 STREO
All these entries possde qualiser a 3-band, one volume and two buttons rglages for the PRE / POST (boucje effect).

The 4 inputs are XLR and Jack and a prampli possdent all adjustable.

There have no effect Intgr.

The 2 inputs are made by Stereo 2 mono jacks.

+48 V phantom power supply

Note, in addition to everything there is a line between (o'on nothing rule), useful for a platinum cd ...


Trs easy to use

Manual clearly


A lightweight breath is noticeable when one headphone costs at the final mix.

This is Noit breath a little in the mass when you put an amp later, but still a bit noticeable high volume.


It's been almost a year since I have and I do not complain. I bought about 150.

The only default is that this table is the breath. It is handy I use it every day or I plug my guitar, my multi-effects, my box and my PC ryhtme to cost my mp3. Is more than your exact correct especially for the price!

I reffer this choice, very good quality / price

zjulos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Eurorack MX802A
Table not rackable, 8 channels (4 mono, 2 Stereo), 2 auxiliary 4 XLRs input, the rest in jacks; equalizeur medieum severe acute non paramtrique; no internal effect


Very simple
very accessible
quite clear


Quite correct in general, I did not find what produces too much breath


3 months of use, it works very well, the price (about 600frc new)
say anything, it's an excellent quality price