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MOTU MidiMixer 7s
MOTU MidiMixer 7s

Analog Mixer from MOTU

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Thread Mark Of The Unicorn Midi Mixer 7s

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Topic Mark Of The Unicorn Midi Mixer 7s
I have just purchased a used midi mixer 7s. I did not receive the operating manuel for this unit and when I plugged it in with a new Radio Shack 15 volt DC converter it turned it on it was OK. I then plugged from the units 1st channel to my guitar then from the units main output to my amplifier. It works but only fades in and out even though I adjust the units effects controls. I don.t realy understand the intensions or the function of this Mark Of The Unicorn Midi Mixer 7s. Could someone please advise me to what this unit actually is supposed to do, and if you may have a copy of the operating manuel that I may see. Thank You, Herb
Herb, Read your post and looks like you are in the same boat as myself. Not sure if you ever got your hands on a manual for your MOTU 7S midi mixer. Would be good to hear from you Herb.

I have two of these which I purchase through Ebay over the last couple of years to address many leads to mixers during a live gig.
They work great I believe however, only use the CC's to control vol, bass, pan etc by finding out the CC numbers off the web.
It seems I had to live with default channel 1 as I'm yet to find out if the unit excepts Sys Ex or has another way of setting the default midi channel from 1.

The MOTU website, is close to useless when it comes to support for old MOTU gear. I guess their only intrested in supporting new gear and didn't want to clog up their web server with a 10 or so pdf manuals of there old gear. Nothing at all on the web.

If anyone out there does actually have a manual and is willing to scan it to PDF or even better, has already the document in electronic form then I'll be intrested.

A small donation could be parted with if financial incentive is required.

I am wanting to know how to change midi Channels default -1 to ??. And midi impleamenation chart.

There is a program button on the front panel which seems to do nothing. Any ideas. PM me if you feel willing.

Cheers Rob

If if ain't got a MIDI in socket its a door stopper.




The 7s is programmed for another MIDI channel by holding down the PROGRAM button beneath the main LED - when a channel message is sent the 7s stores the channel of that message and uses that channel as the one it responds to from then on,until the PROGRAM button is pressed again.

Possibly this will need to be done when using more than one 7s.

There seems to be some confusion over the function of the 7s - it is completely under MIDI control - and though the trim pots will alter the volume - it is intended that all functions be carried out via the MIDI signal.

MOTU list the controllers : https://www.motu.com/techsupport/technotes/document.1999-08-24.9781634877/view

They also indicate that the documentation has the controllers printed incorrectly,  (the above webpage is correct) and 4 needs to be added to get the correct controller number.

I have the user manual etc - and can supply copies [templarser@yahoo.co.uk]


I am hoping to pick up a 2nd unit and CHAIN them,and then I imagine they'd need disimilar midi channels otherwise both would be controlled by the same controllers which defeats the object of having separate audio mix channels.


Hope that helps,LEE.




I know this post is old however, though by chance I'd check out if there was a manual available and you have answered my question.

Thanks for the information regarding the MOTU 7S. I have successfully changed the midi channel from your instructions below. begone Channel 1! I'll drop you a email regarding a copy of the instruction manual for the 7s if that's OK.

I have two MOTU 7S and if you are after another, I have one available for a small fee. I only require the one for the moments as most of the newer gear such as Volume and Pan assignments can be adjusted via small SySex messages via a 'control surface' so the levels can be controlled off stage at FOH if drums and bass are needing touching during a performance.

Thanks againicon_lol.gif


If if ain't got a MIDI in socket its a door stopper.


I am still in the market for another 7s - two offers I've had have fell thru - and they seem to be scarce on ebay! Of course being in the UK - they have to be 220~240v ones.


Documentation is now online at:




Other synths dox are at:




but if ever the site is failing I have a swathe of the PDF dox if anyone needs them.