Soundcraft M12

M12, Analog Mixer from Soundcraft belonging to the M model.

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All user reviews for the Soundcraft M12

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 15 reviews )
 9 reviews60 %
 6 reviews40 %
Value For Money:Excellent

Archy1's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent stuff"

Soundcraft M12
Rackable course, ideal space for 16 tracks (12 mono, 4 stereo) ... I wanted to direct outputs, I served, we may need subgroups but for the price, you have to choose.
10mm faders, they lack a bit of resistance, but the race offers good accuracy.


Setup could not be more clear, very classic


I'm no expert but to me, not really coloring rather slight warming.
The preamps are very quiet and if you choose to saturate, the sound is singing, musical ...


I've had two weeks and I want to remix my old songs, or new :)
Some will want a digital audio interface instead of spdif or subgroups but in my opinion this table does little but very beautiful way then test it if you have the opportunity

siyon's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" qualitée made in soundcraft"

Soundcraft M12
Factsheet available all over the net !!!!


Clearly French manual, setting up a normal table nothing special


transparent sound quality, well-made equalizer no particular breath.


very very good value price qualitée occasion I do it again this choice without hesitation, the sound is clear, no distortion, lack of adjustment can be a full band cut because you can adjust the mid / hight cut and on single track console if anything to say very good mixer, I used for my techno liveset, it serves dispatched me to the different part of my remixes and live very well, it prevents me from having too big natural compression there in the digital, I have used it as dispatch console for the big sound nothing to say the sound compared to macki in the same range that remains transparent colors a can sound (after macki the color in the right direction "heat").

djaubenas's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" A bomb quality!"

Soundcraft M12
yes it is rackable with optional corner braces (45 euros). I personally have built a dedicated flybridge with 2 Pioneer CDJ turntables with 2 shelves and who stand up for the PC.
insert effects impeccable auxiliary, I use a Lexicon mx 200 DJ and karaoke evenings. 4-way stereo + 4 mono channels, 4 auxiliaries, the equa para 4 mic inputs on the 4-way stereo bass / treble.
It exists since 2002 and is approaching the end of life, take advantage of price based ... right now!


Easy for anyone with some knowledge. Manual in the language of Shakespeare ... So British ... I love! 3 types of sockets 220 V which are supplied with English!


Pure console, its transparent. Effective equalizer, I remain, however, and I stuck linear output a DBX 160 XL + 1 DBX 231 S Equa ... Sound wawe CD, MP3 to 320k for pc!
Zero breath and it grows!


Since February 2014 I use. I hesitated with the avai Yamaha cx 124 mg (309 euros new, secondhand 180-200 euros), no regrets! Yam is excellent but fewer opportunities and smaller.
Quality prices! The M4 was still worth 550 euros in it a few months ago ... 259 euros bought new beginning in February 2014 at Thomann B Stock (demo table but in new condition and 3 years warranty!) To date is 288 euros ... Unbeatable!
This week I get into the 42 to buy a second ... 220 euros a few months and still under warranty ... A studio of voice track and prod, another rule M4 evening!
As you love it does not count!
Super quality, functions, class look and pro ... it is impressed on ... As some of my competitors have told me ... you do not work with a DJ table ... !
Yes, but long race knobs ... outstanding (RCF Art 715 MKII behind) ... It changes a Behringer DX 2000 some ... Laugh!

Gj_jo's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" good value for money table"

Soundcraft M12
Rack table with a digital output, convenient for users of multi-
no internal effect and no compressor damage

for the rest it very convenient, easy to use for me to use in a home studio


which failed at times, the book is a fair bit especially for a self-taught me


not bad for the price, little breath


I have to part with for 350 € frankly at this price it's a bargain,

Rivageaudio's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good mix consolle"

Soundcraft M12
xlr jack
no bus, 4 aux (2 pre and 2 post)
no effect integrated
consolle analog


g had no manual and no need to have
usual functions simple and accessible


very good sound
pre amps excellent, no breath


I use it for 10 years and no problems with it is fly

PlakDeGoudron's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" well"

Soundcraft M12
nothing more simple, super effective home studio setup fairly limited anyway, but for that price it is very good


easy to use


when you push it above 0dB induces a little breath but nothing nasty.


I had three years in a home studio in this price range is really good. The've sold to go to the Midas, but if I had to take a second table in this price range I would do this choice

VvSurLeRiddim's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)"Battery that I needed"

Soundcraft M12
- Is the rack?
Yes, and without additional accessories: you must remove the "cheeks" on the sides and bottom, which reveals a strip on each side part of the aluminum chassis and drilled 4 holes for the screws on each side of the rack .
Note that it is hair cell (to the nearest cm) on top of my flightcase / rack "Thon L-Rack 4U 45" provided only to only 3 screws on each side, and leave 1cm space at the top so that it can still tilt / fold and move your fingers to the chopper.

- What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)?
On every mono: XLR mic input, line input TRS (= symmetric), direct output out TRS (= balanced), 1 Jack insert send and return 3 points in the same connector connection (= asymmetric) classic small mixers.
On each slice Stereo: starting with TRS, line inputs in 2xJack TRS inputs 2xRCA
For the rest:
Main output 2xXLR
TRS monitor output 2xJack
Mono Sum Output TRS 1xJack
SPDIF output (main mix)
Playback 2xRCA entry
2x inserts on the main mix in 3 points Jack (send and return asymmetrical in the same connector as the inserts slices)
Stereo Headphone Jack

- What is the accuracy of the sampling (bits / kHz)?
44.1 KHz to the SPDIF output.

- How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ...)?
12 slices with mono XLR mic inputs and preamp, 4 stereo channels with TRS line inputs 2xJack without preamp, 4 aux buses (2 pre and 2 post), 4 mono aux send, returns to making input the 4 stereo channels, attention: group no.

- The equalizer is it parametric?
For single slices: 3 band EQ with semi-parametric MID, like the vast majority of such Mixers, classic anything.
For stereo channels: 2-band EQ, nonparametric.

- The effects section is it integrated?
No, that's good, I think.

Note that on every single one also has a low cut at 100Hz and a selection switch PRE / POST for direct output OUT.

Construction of all solid air. the frame of the console is entirely metallic. Faders on a long run and are very fluid. By the different knobs are against plastic, it has the air of a solid acceptable remains to be seen whether they will over time.


- The general configuration is it simple?
Yes, it is a small mixer, anyone who has a few basics to find it quickly.

- The usual functions are they easily accessible?
No problem.

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
It is comprehensive, relevant technical data are present.


- The console is transparent?
I think, yes.

- Introduced she breath?
No, no worries on this side here.

- The equalizer is effective? ...
He does his job, nothing transcendent either, but that's okay.

In general, it is clean, nothing to say.
The preamps do not blow, it does not particularly lack of gain (never had a problem), they are not particularly colorful, but not great either: for the live largely enough. For the (home course) studio, they may be a bit dull, depending on your requirements.

EQs are good, no more.

The set is quite honorable, not sound sick (for the price, do not dream!) But not its not rotten, which is not bad.


Personally, one of the main reasons for my choice is the number of slices (12) and the direct out. Indeed, as I have a sound card 12IN/12Outs without preamp, the two complement each other perfectly:
- I live manages its front and back and normally I send 12 tracks (or less if I did not need all but up to 12 tracks) from Direct outs to the inputs of the sound card. And in case of computer problems, the concert is not affected.
- At home (home studio) as my sound card to direct monitoring, I connect my various devices and instruments to inputs of my soundcard, and 12 outputs of the sound card to the line inputs on the 12 console. That way I can save time on the computer (or not), and I want to send in the console, manage returns mixes for the musicians I record etc ... see - why not - totally in analog mix up to 12 tracks recorded digitally on the computer. And all this without having to hack the connections permanently.
In short, this is very flexible, very practical and complementary, that is happiness!

- How long have you been using?
2 years

- Did you try many other models before buying it?
I had owned a Behringer mixer low end and I could not see painting (which is why I bought the Soundcraft). Here we are well above level quality, I am very happy, I do not need any more and I think if it is well shot, I would keep the long view for very long.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
The -: only 2 buses AUX PRE is a little short for musicians manage returns with two more, it would have been the top. This is the only thing I blame him, but I knew that by purchasing it.
Pros: reliable, easy to use, good sound, and especially well suited to my needs.

- How would you rate quality / price ratio?
Very good quality for a small mixer, very affordable price ratio = Q / P excellent.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

tweak's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Soundcraft M12
8 mono
4 stro
4 to dpart
line inputs and microphone on each slice
pr listen, mute and peak increments
100Hz low cut filter on mono channels
inserts, direct outs on each slice
High and low EQ on channels Stros and high mid (semi param) low on mono channels
No effects intgrs, not automation.

10/10 because it is well supplied and that's what I DCID face its competitors but I know that dsormais for the same price as older, you can have a better sound.


The configuration is simple but I do not use all
The console is compact and suddenly the knobs are really close. It suits me but it's hot when even time for equalizer.
I have not opened the manual. If I opened the 2 or 3 depending on which I do not use my serve but can be of any calf I'll replace it so I invest any neuron in the reflexion and I just used this console for what it is good and basic. And suits me very well as a.
This does not serve me is the S / PDIF, the phantom power, mic inputs and the SIG LED. Ie 10% of the console.

practical and well thought but the knobs too tight (space saving but losing usability) so 9 / 10


For me and my taste is transparent.
Many will say that Soundcraft is color ... personally if the M8 is the Mackie Onyx color, transparent rputes should be surgical because this Soundcraft has no color noise. If you pull on Pramper is not pretty, made of shit and breath. So I not shoot and I will draw on those of a Soundcraft 200B series shortly on the other hand.
The Qualo is effective but not my musical taste. We can do what you want and can be reached but I think we lost a bit of caractristiques Sound Input and cons we win in part by aggressiveness.
Globally and roughly if you pull too much on the Qualo: what comes is what comes out but the console does nothing in terms of sound.
So 9 / 10 for those who research it. I'm looking generates a supplement for me so in my case it would be 7 / 10 but I have particular tastes.


1 and 1 / 2 of use.
The +:
-The characteristics for the price
Cluck it convenient and affordable
Knob no-no spitting
-Routing is nice
There 4 to
Long-running faders
She is beautiful and lightweight

the -:
Pfl DGRAD it points out and is completely calibrbr />-the knobs too tight
-L 'not musical EQ
It adds nothing to her but I did not have that reloqute when I purchase so I take the next console with a sound that suits me well because I dsormais know what I want.

Overall I would say it is so versatile it can be an asset standard but in my case I will now seek a more specifiers my needs.

Rego's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Soundcraft M12






Very good console, soundcraft sound is there, in the absence of groups does not bother me but it is personal, direct-out handy. I do a good job with this console.

dole73's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Soundcraft M12
- Rackable
- 4 votes mono and 4 stereo voices. TO 4 on each slice.
- Connectors XLR, Jack and RCA.
- The equalizer is set to single slices.
- No effects section.
- Ability to be released in digital (SPDIF output on the back)


- The general configuration is simple.
- The functions are easily accessible.
- However, and that's why I put in 10, the manual is in English (while for the EPM, which is less expensive, the box provides you a guide in French). on the other hand, soundcraft book with a nice little guide, certainly in English, on mixing with the Spirit range.


- The console is clear and transparent.
- There is no breath, it's great.
- The equalizer is very effective, good quality, like mic preamps, which are also of excellent quality.


- I use it for a week.
- The characteristic I like most? Well there are several: it is transparent, good quality, complete, finishes are also good quality and very beautiful! The faders are nice to handle.
- I have tried a few other models from Soundcraft (I am a blind faith in Soundcraft) including EPM and Spirit E (more precisely a Spirit ES with 10 stereo inputs, but which is unfortunately no longer manufactured).
- The value for money is good. I bought it at Thoman to 398 euros.
- Yes I do it again this choice.