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All user reviews for the Tascam M-30

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cem3360's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" A bomb"

Tascam M-30
No rack, parametric equalization.
8 inputs each with 3 mic input levels. Ideal for instruments guitar piano Rhodes type electric or bass. RCA Line Inputs. Direct outputs sub master monitor ... Short a bomb.
The sound is clean the precise equalization.
M surprised this console and I use it mainly for m my Rhodes my bass my guitar.
At no time effects nor integrated automation.
If you find one, check the condition for example when I bought mine there were a lot of failures above.
Benign course but ... have disassembled for repair, I do not recommend the purchase by mail because it is fragile and heavy.
Only problem, no gain on line inputs.
I give it 10/10.


Manual concrete is c tascam.
General config hyperactive simple. Ease of use.


Équalo I repeat breath of happiness .. Almost inaudible, transparency? I m crazy sound that comes out is super efficient.


J have his cousin M216 nothing to do.
Lack gain on line inputs, damage. But still, the sound is that much better with my tl audio 5051 v2 which I am separating from elsewhere to this acquisition.
J seeks another to have two.
10/10 I tell you ..

lerouxdnl's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reference in its category"

Tascam M-30
No rack, Cinch & Jack


Ergonomics reference


The M30 is definitely a must in the format: short and full 8 channel actually usable and functional control surface aerated nothing to say on the side ergonomics.
The sound is pure vintage amps used (the TL071) sound good and are consistent with the performance of the day: very good resistance to distortion, a noise a bit now, and an overall score pretty good.
The RIAA preamp 33/45t are simply beautiful (on SL 1200 Mk2 + Ortofon is a treat), ideal for digitizing old vinyl records.
For the rest, no need to make a DJ mixing desk, it is simply inappropriate. Similarly, a musician to use remains difficult, although still little perseverance paid by the richness of the final sound.
Finally, parametric corrections are real achievements, both in use in the result.

Transparency: definitely not, that is its true personality!

In short, a must in its way, far beyond other concurrent, but to be accorded to "estet" vintage. Acquired


3 years, re-purchase a second time for further installation.
Q / P: Excellent