Yamaha MX12/4
Yamaha MX12/4

MX12/4, Analog Mixer from Yamaha.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha MX12/4

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 11 reviews )
 5 reviews45 %
 4 reviews36 %
 1 user review9 %
 1 user review9 %
Target:BeginnersValue For Money:Excellent

Jerome92's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good console"

Yamaha MX12/4
Ell is rackable


The manual is complete in pdf


Yes a little breath


I have used it for two conferences (90 and 250p) and it has functioned well

blink_44's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well"

Yamaha MX12/4
See previous opinions.


* The general configuration is it simple?
Nothing simpler. Plug & Play.


* The console is transparent?
To my taste perfectly. (Unless you actually take advantage of the gain ...)
* Introduced she breath?
No (unless, again, we overdo the gain)
* The equalizer is effective? ...
Yes. The EQ-General is also appreciated. (Seems there is a hole in the medium, very little feeling in my opinion.)


* How long have you use it?
1 year.
* What is so special that you like most and least?
Table in his clear, easy to use, strong and high quality. Ideal for small concerts / sound / rehearsals ... I recommend it.
* How would you rate the quality / price?
Excellent! No more than 200 € OCCAZ.
* With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes. Definitely.

diffy's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MX12/4
Purchased OCCAZ fly in about 1 year ago, it would still not that bad road.

OK she did not envy the real live tables, but it made me even when some services, including Lorqui I have enough on the main road.

Lequalizeur, do not abuse it is not worth anything gand, one often makes things worse
The effect, reverb like the road but with caution as
Routing, four sub-groups is rather nice, for against the auxiliaries are not top, and finally their use is not instantaneous.
Pots, they are good, no cracks, nothing quite nice.

what it lacks: inserts on all channels, c forcment not useful all the time but it can be pnible to have inserts on the first 4 tracks.
what he manque2: a PFL, in fact the possibility is not a way of prcouter, ca c boring. We can fake using an auxiliary, c but not clean.

background music for a concert, it can make very bns of services for small groups wishing to play in a bar or a folk singer, but hey There's only 8XLR

disassemble the c super boring There's at least 50 screws you take the time


Personally I had purchased a shuffled routes magnto multitrack, she served for bars in the complment 16pistes, or simply rpart a signal between two sound systems but I never slip, it is modest, but Fidler

Use: gigs, it will make you good services.


A little out of breath when you push the pramplis but not excessive for a small amateur concert.


Nice for beginners

seba's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MX12/4
Features: see previous opinions


Not very practical, it is mandatory to go through a bus to get out of his on the general;
The routing of the integrated reverb is not clear ...
Really weird!


No breath, but the preamps and eq's very limit!


I used it a dozen times to sound to a group
I had two MX12 / 4 next to one another, and they did not have the same characteristics in terms of routing ...
Bad quality

fluctus's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MX12/4
8-channel mic / line + 2 stereo + back end and i / o Magneto
inserts on the first 4-way
To 2 (1 pre 1 post, assignable to the internal effects or external effects) + 4 + groups with direct mono output (control room ...)
EQ 3-band fixed by + 7 bands on the master
internal effect


Console easy to use, robust and functional. Good features / price.


The sound is not rewarding. The preamps are suffering from a "veil" light slightly stuffy mediums (hotspot!). The equalizer of General does not compensate for this defect. Not too bad in Caf'Conc 'or video, but more sensitive in recording. The difference with a Mackie (warmer and more transparent) or a Soundcraft folio (cleaner sound) "jumps to the ears." Ditto for the blast, not fatal, but slightly more pronounced.


I used it from 2002 to 2004, and since I switched to Mackie. This console was an excellent deal at the time of its release: it offered new features in this price: less than 500E could have a strong console and serious for the little sound, suitable for recording and video . Its big advantage is its rock-solid, which made its success in the rental companies. Also significant: the multi-effects and EQ on the general, who can afford to do without external processors on demanding little of the benefits (conférences. ..).
Yamaha seems to have improved on the next series preamps (MG 12 / 4 FX), while lowering prices.
Compare with: Phonic (worst) Behringer (better sound, but less robust due to the external power supply), or small consoles that sound a little better: Alesis, Soundcraft Spirit, Mackie 1402 or 1642, or Allen and Heath Wizard if your budget allows ...

jmabate's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MX12/4
between XLR (1-8),
between Jack (1-8, 9-12 L / R)
insert (1-4),
3-band EQ
AUX SEND (1-2)
group 1-2 and / or 3-4 and the fader.

An effect (vocal reverb and room all)
send L-Mono / R,
return L-Mono / R,
TAPE IN / OUT RCA + volume
7-band EQ on the ST bus,
headphone jack,
ST out (XLR)
Group 1,2,3 and 4 out (jack).


Easy for the sound of a group (taken together or live), thanks the 8 mic inputs (XLR, phantom power supply possible) and efficient use for the multi track thanks to the group 1-2 and 3-4 to enable recording and MUCH simultaneously without resonance.


Trs clean, pramplis are of good quality and EQ too.
a trend can be dull, but compensates with mids and EQ 7-band.


The MX12 / 4 is no longer disponnible (except OCCAZ)
I find her little sister technically superior the MG12 / 4 (except prampli that I could do the testing)

possess if using home studio in DTD with sound card (eg, type M-Audio Delta 44.66 etc.).

3SSonorisation&Anim's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MX12/4
I will not restate the same information as said earlier ...

I just want to clarify that:
the inserts are only available on the first 4 channels and phantom power supply that was not assigned by.

12 tracks including 2 stéréeo but ... RESULTS: 8-channel microphone specifically (in mono XLR / Jack) and 2 stereo (Jack)


In use, the main functions are easy to use ...
Unfortunately, this console, relatively intuitive and complete has not been designed to work at 100% capacity.

In use, the output (T) is given the mix of groups 1 to 4 is the mix of channels assigned in groups 3 and 4.
Concretely, it was not possible to do a different mix of groups 1, 2, 3, 4, ST. There is, in use as four groups, or two groups and one master.

The effects section is very convenient though somewhat restrictive setting ... parameters are fixed! :-(

The aux sends are relatively intuitive, it is best to do a little hand before using.

I already had the opportunity to use the phantom power supply, nothing to say ...

Anyway, this console is very well stocked with potential despite its price!


Considering the price of the console, it is difficult to ask for more as settings. The corrections are effective, the console does not blow.

The only problem is the echo chamber introduces a slight buzz ... particular case or feature of the series ... I do not know (other users seem not to suffer).
Note that this buzz is back very quickly in the signal.

Anyway, I must admit that this section that the effect was troubleshooting ... and for troubleshooting ... it is still effective!

I remain very satisfied with his settings.


I use this console for a year soon ... no changes, no aging ... It must be said she has always traveled in flight ...

I had the opportunity recently to compare it to a Mackie 1604 VLZ ... the sound difference necessarily benefit the Mackie ... c on. But the Yamaha definitely wins the battle in terms of access to functionality.

After a year Aveve MX 12 / 4, I ordered a MG 32/14fx rpouve which although I was generally very happy with the console, its construction and its reliability.

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MX12/4
This console features 12 inputs, 8 XLR mono and 2 inputs in Stereo jack.
The key point is that it has four subgroups, which is rare for tables of this price range. It was t the reason for my purchase.
The outputs of the sub groups are jack, the output XLR gnrale is, there is also an RCA output with volume potentiomtre indpendant.
Also available: 6.35 headphone output jack (with volume), the insert is on each track jack, between RCA device as CD or another.


Gnrale configuration is simple, the manual is clear (and in French) and is available in PDF on the Yamaha website (for purchases used).

One small snag using the solo or mute function (on each track) are missing ...


The sound is good, the console is transparent is operating without a breath.
When recording, I attack the 4 inputs of my catre 66 thanks to its delta 4 subgroups and everything is niquel.


J'utlise this table since January 2000 and I had no worries.
Trs good value quality price.

logan's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MX12/4
This is a table with 12 entries Stros 2, 4 outputs (4 buses)

Each input can connect XLR or 6.35mm jack
Each entry qualisation a 3-band effective enough
Each entry can bnficier of reverb intgrbr /> There are three reverbs diffrent: Small Hall, Big Hall and voice (small room, gde room, voice)
There is a 7-band output qualiseur fixed (can not choose on which the frquence acts (for all tracks so). Trs useful and functional trs clear up a sound, gain depth or to bring out a rhythm box, for example
Effects loop
Can be connected at the same time a return which the volume RULES (cr out), headphones, an analog to distribute and one to save.
It is possible to record consquent a concert is going o the voices and the guitars kick in the table and sounds on CD, or k7 sampler at the same time passing through the table! !


The table is simple to use despite its overall ability tense
The manual is not as against average and not long trs trs explicit
The only real challenge is to identify the well Systm 4 outputs (bus) for beginners: For example, you can save a dmo through the table and connecting an MD or deck k7
But also if you save a multi-k7 4 outputs so you'll have 4-way bills diffrent
a voice output with external compressor and reverb of the table
Output 2 guitar
Output 3 battery with external compressor 2 and the table rverb
4 output bass with external compressor


The console is trs trs good performance for live sound, good for home studio
No breath
The reverb is for the same thing, impeccable live it is a little possibility to limit the home studio, but the 3 RGBS proposed are not problem


The MX12 / 4 ets the mixer used in most rental stores hardware for three simple reasons:

1 / Soliditbr /> 2 / Versatility
3 / Price

I have used for thirty concerts but also for many dmo: The prampli is of good quality even if just for a little home studio is professional.
The big advantage of the console:

1 / 4 bus (output shares) diffrent, ideal for home studio)
2 / reverb intgre correct (ideal for live, a little less for the home studio)

In short it is the comfort for groups small budget for that price no one console as versatile and reliable (behringer, phonic, mackie)

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha MX12/4
Overall I agree with the opinions two previous ones. I have 4 years and nothing was wrong above, c stuff really reliable.


No problem, use it at a table like any other, for against the manual sucks.


The 7-band eq is really helpful for me and good quality


I have 4 years and frankly I have no regrets. Nothing to do with a Behringer .... there is no better quality level price.
You can go there with eyes closed