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  • Yamaha MG166CX

    Yamaha MG166CX - "16 channels and great EQ"


    This 16 channel analog mixer has been around for a while now, you can use it as a analog mixer or connect it to your computer via USB cable. One thing to keep in mind is that there are two versions of this mixer. There is a USB model and one that doe…

  • Yamaha MG206C

    Yamaha MG206C - "Great EQ"


    The MG206C is a 20 channel mixer that is great for live use, it will give you an amazing amount of control over your live session. This mixer looks big but when you get your hands on it, it is not that big at all and most of all it is really light. Y…

  • Yamaha MG102C

    Yamaha MG102C - "Affordable solution for analog systems"


    The Yamaha MG102c is one of the most affordable analog mixers that you can get today. It has a 3 band EQ on channels 1-2 and a 2 band EQ on channels 7, 9 and 9/10. There is one auxiliary send but it has no busses. This mixer is small and compact, it …

  • Yamaha MG82CX

    Yamaha MG82CX - "well made"


    If you are in search of an affordable mixer then the Yamaha MG82cx will suit you fine. It has 8 channels all in stereo and phantom powered mic inputs for your condensers. With built in SPX effects and the channels also have built in compression and E…

  • Yamaha MG10/2

    Yamaha MG10/2 - "great"


    The Yamaha MG series 10/ 2 is a very affordable analog mixer that can be used for a bunch of different scenarios. One of the great things about this 10 channel mixer is that it has phantom power for all of your mics that need phantom power . It has i…

  • Yamaha FM804

    Yamaha FM804 - "Vintage mixer"


    The Yamaha FM08 is a great mixer with many extra features that are not on competing mixers costing twice the price. The quality is good, not quite as good as an Allen and Heath, but it costs a lot less. I it is very easy to use and has very good effe…

  • Yamaha MG82CX

    Yamaha MG82CX - "Great mixer for all"


    The Yamaha MG82cx is a powerful mixer. It has 16 effects that are clear and very crisp. I have got no hum or buzz with this mixer at all. If you are creating music at home this will go perfect in your computer set up! UTILIZATION The size and wei…

  • Yamaha MG166CX

    Yamaha MG166CX - moosers's review


    The Yamaha MG166CX is a 16 channel analog mixer that's compatible with your DAW via a USB connection. In fact, it comes with Cubase AI4 software if you don't already have your own. However, I've really only used the MG166CX as an analog mixer outsi…

  • Yamaha EM200

    Yamaha EM200 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha EM200 is an eight channel analog mixer suitable for use in the studio or for live sound purposes. I've only used this for recording a few times at a practice space for a band I was working with. They had it on hand for their sound and we…

  • Yamaha MG124CX

    Yamaha MG124CX - "Yamaha MG124cx"


    I bought this latest model Yamaha mixer for mixing a folk club and small gigs at the local pub. I am a musician who has branched out into promoting and sound production. Bought new in Australia for $400 from Soundcorp. <a href="http://soundcorp.com…