Arturia MiniBrute
Arturia MiniBrute

MiniBrute, Analog Synth from Arturia in the MiniBrute series.

public price: $549 VAT
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Arturia MiniBrute

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 20 reviews )
 12 reviews60 %
 5 reviews25 %
 1 user review5 %
 1 user review5 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

lcarre10's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An excellent first analog synth"

Arturia MiniBrute
Only two octave keyboard synth touch, very flexible.
Connectors on the rear panel comprehensive USB for MIDI, midi in and out, switch to select to play with the keyboard or via the hold maintain or via audio, 1 audio input, 1 output mono, 1 headphone, 2 CV 4 CV and gate out in gate.
The utility can be downloaded via the site ARTURIA free and easily and it is relatively basic: choose the midi channel input and output, 3 type of response to the keyboard, the game mode ...
As for controllers on the front panel, I leave it to you to read their descriptions via prior reviews and testing synthwalker.
The MiniBrute a small monophonic analog without memory effect, but with a strong personality ...


The general configuration of MiniBrute is the highlight of small analog ARTURIA home. The pitches are very well thought out:
Far left top: the pitch bend wheel and the modulation and below the octave selectors. Then follow the VCO section, the VCF and VCA. All right, 3 knob, the dreaded brutalizer, the knob for the headphone volume and the overall volume. Below you have a knob for the tune. It is recommended to heat the MiniBrute few moments then adjust the tuning as our good old guitars ...
Below this first table, adjusting the modulation wheel, vibrato and aftertouch. Then a LFO part and a basic arpeggiator but can already have fun.
In short ergonomics is the highlight of the MiniBrute. Button = a function and everything is logical. Editing sounds is therefore very fast.
The manual, I have not opened yet ... it said.
The MiniBrute is also sold with sheets to record their favorite sounds but I think once mastered, everything is done in 30 seconds by my watch ...


Sounds are obviously not realistic and the result of your imagination. The MiniBrute is great for FX, leads, evolving rhythmic patterns. I would say the bass is not as punchy as a moog.
It may be more than one type MS20 synth but again, the punch is not closer.
But beware, I do not go down the MiniBrute which has excellent sound with a very wide range of sounds from his silky tones to more undue via brutalizer or Metalizer. Both knobs are a great addition I find sibilance beautiful is obtained. The Ultrasaw is also beautiful.
honors also to comprehensive LFO that syncs to the arpeggiator. One begins to play the new Klaus Schulze ....


It's been two days since I possess. I wanted to add more color to my analog kronos.
The MiniBrute puzzled me a lot of time with his two octaves. And here I must say that it is always a downer for me. 3 would have been a minimum. Not easy to test riffs of my favorite songs on this keyboard without using more or less skillfully octave transpose buttons.
As against the MiniBrute opens the way to all the trials and there can applaud with both hands. This is a synth designed for this, we do not waste time with any menus, the result is obtained immediately. Sounds really stand out and have a real life side.
I just spent my afternoon to pass its signal to the internal effects of Kronos, and there is the big delusion.
I am very happy with this purchase. The MiniBrute is in my opinion a first entry into the world of analog with real personality, ease of use evident that allows all possible experiments. It is finally open to the outside synth: steering noon opening to digital or the modular world. The choice is in your court. Congratulations ARTURIA.

KromeMusic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I can not do without"

Arturia MiniBrute
The Minibrute is a monophonic analog synthesizer.
Lightweight keyboard with aftertouch 2 octaves. Even if it seems weak it is rather comfortable.
Steiner Parker, the VCO block and boosted the gross factor filter gives a unique sound to the beast.
2 envelope generators and 2 LFOs.
A pitch bend and modulation wheel can control the filter, LFO Amount or vibrato.
The rear panel is well supplied: An Input and Audio Output, MIDI IN and OUT entries and CV / Gate and USB outputs. An app is downloadable on the site arturia
No memory but there are records to note the location of the knobs / faders


The use of synth is very simple ideal for learning analog synthesis.
You get used to quickly


Grain Minibrute makes him a unique synthesizer. The sounds can be aggressive and sweet, warm, round and colorful. It has its own personality and even a soul. The possibilities are varied sounds. There is nothing better than to add some effects to highlight.
The aftertouch is not really useful to me.
It is comfortable for leads and bass through the sub-oscillator and the gross factor


I use it for more than 3 months and I am delighted. I tried the ms 20 mini but I preferred the Minibrute. Easier to use and I fell in love with modifiers signals and the gross factor.
The value for money is excellent is one of the biggest benefits of Arturia products.
"With experience, you do again this choice?"
How could I remake this choice as I do not separate: D
Finally, I would say that this synth is a bomb that perfectly complements my little home studio as my first analog

skwyz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Analog Swiss Army knife!"

Arturia MiniBrute
For characteristics that are already mentioned in the news, tests and other notices.


The general configuration is very clear, logical, a function button (♥), the faders for the oscillator and the envelopes are very nice (you can move more easily in a hand with a fairly precise control).

The manual is useless if you have ever had to do in analog synthesizers, otherwise it seems to me clear for beginners.


This is where opinions differ, I find it very comfortable for the special effects, "blips" acute and deep, the lead (soft or aggressive), but I find the bass almost ineffective despite sub oscillator.
The oscillator saturates quickly (about a third of the race faders).

Used for basseline live, the lead played on other analog (one to two octaves above) covers the lot, so they need a lot of EQ to play it off the mix.

The filter is very special (we like it or not should be tested) but anyway congratulations to the team that Arturia has not chosen yet another copy of moog!

Envelopes respond perfectly to the rhythm.

Overall, I think it lacks a bit of "sound character" it to a grain too "smooth" for my taste.


Used extensively for 6 months, I sold it (hard as it clings to its simplicity) for his lack of personality did not like.

Like other synthesizers, I test, SH101, TB303, x0xb0x, SEM patch panel, CS30, MS10, microcontroller II, VA and I do not cite.

Pros:-Its ergonomics, being quickly find the sounds you in the head.
-The quality / good price.
-The minimum space

The -: fast-Saturation oscillators
-Lack of depth in the bass (I'm not saying it can not do!) Face VST he draws handily but face old analos forget the bass ...
-The tiny keyboard.

I would not do it just because NIOHC low, because for me, a synthesizer must be effective over the entire bandwidth.
Otherwise congratulations to Arturia for having laid the MiniBrute, hoping they do not stop in so good way!

nr444's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Arturia MiniBrute"

Arturia MiniBrute
Type 2 octave keyboard synth. Log out or twelve o'clock and resume spoils, audio in.
Pc Mac utility to control midi channels and settings ...
Powerful monophonic, for lead and bass and weird sounds from elsewhere ....


Clear and effective manual as we get going quickly ..... editions patches not tracked, cartons on the main console .... MiniBrute effective as time .....


A killer .... I'll take a second for the other hand .....


Excellent value for money ...... and what its ouch .....

marsupio37's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A small synth big sound!"

Arturia MiniBrute
On the characteristics of Minibrute, I'll let you look on the website or simply Artutia obsverver the front .. everything is over!
In its price range, I find very complete Minibrute. The only gripe I have with him and there is only one knob to adjust the LFO of the pulse width (PWM) and metalizer ... so if you would like to LFO for PWM square, it also acts on the Metalizer the waveform Triangle damage, but otherwise great!

The Minibrute has no memory, so no opportunity to store your sounds.
The two-octave keyboard is correct, three would have been appreciated, and aftertouch for vibrato (LFO with three waveforms) or opening of the filter is in my opinion a bit too sensitive.


The use is very simple as access to all the features of the bike are at your fingertips and all these are clearly indicated on the front.
For a regular, time to grip the Minibrute is about 1 to 2 hours, and for a novice in synthesis, in view of the very explicit instructions a few days is sufficient.


Ha! the most interesting!
I was very surprised when for the first time I listened Minibrute ... he trunk the guy! It sounds very well combined with the VCO via a mixer and each waveform has a setting modifying.
In addition, the sub oscillator is a definite plus as it offers two waveforms (sine and square) and lets you choose from one octave or two octaves ..
On the filter, it is a multimode filter 12dB/octave Steiner Parker, so nothing to do with a Moog or HE filter. It has its own character and when you push the resonance from the three quarters of the way the sound is a cradouillé hair ... and that's good!

Other features Minibrute very nice, it is the arpeggiator and LFO sections. They are very comprehensive and offer many possibilities: 6 waveforms for the LFO with many destinations and the choice of whether to synchronize with the clock of the arpeggiator.


I have the Minibrute for three days and I was very pleasantly surprised. The sound that comes out of this machine is excellent, the choices made by its designers make a synth apart and having its own character. The embedded architecture in the VCO section and multimode filter provides the user with a wide and varied range of sounds.

Big strong point that I did not specify the connection! The Minibrute has CV inputs (filter, pitch, gain and gate) and a CV Gate Out which makes semi-modular ... and that's cool!

The proposed price (about 485 €) is a very good value for money and it would be wrong to deprive ... So choice again without hesitation!

I hope qu'Arturia the same concept, offer one day a Maxi-Minibrute three octaves (or four) with a second VCO with the possibility to synchronize the first, a ring modulator, and a few more frills ...