Korg 770
Korg 770

770, Analog Synth from Korg.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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Audience: Beginners
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Jx3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg 770
2 VCO which one is master, not 64-2 is large, the other is adjustable with a kind of toothed wheel not for it, with a refining tuning. For waveforms and all that refer to information on the Web.
2 LFO, ADSR unusual but very interesting, it comes out from the norm, that you do not have the 4 ADSR settings but switches which can have a short sustain or mid or long; same for the attack .. by a slider option.
What is very interesting is the interaction in the infinite manipulation, anything is possible, but it is not classical. Once it's got it's foot.

Old school, no memories, no MIDI, no blah blah. Pure analog families.

Then a note about it?? joke: 10/10, for what it's done it's great. Very educational, and it grows in the research.

It is very well made, easy for beginners, and as soon as it is complex hollow head. Perfect


Use ...
It is as I said very simple, and extremely full when the fine points its nose
This is not a groovebox just an instrument.
Its boundaries are yours. Point



It is capable of superb sounds of flutes spacial (with a tad of reverb and delay, or any treatment have good taste ...).

Special effects, sounds infinitely scalable and modular (thank you Hold function), the LFO modulations that go in all directions, portamento.

2nd LFO, delay function of the part LFO tremolo effect foisons, many modulations, extreme qualities of multimode filter and oscillators, super mouth

Want more? It is just (at least the one I had), very stable, ultra-musical. experimental sounds to Floyd, very low dark that take guts.

The heavy


Undoubtedly one of the best I've had analos hands.
A comparison with the others, I can say that it is close to the CS15 sounds flutes, Polivoks crossed for sounds (HOLD function which makes me think Formanta), overall quality of CSOs that reminds me of the SH1.
The filter is self oscillating but it is not a parameter that disturbs me more than that on a synth ... I think the self oscillation is a little something that is becoming pervasive.
This is my business ...
Otherwise, I think it is a beautiful INSTRUMENT. I weigh my words

I did not keep for several reasons:

- I do not want to have cold sweats on the maintenance of old analos (although the overall quality of that it makes you forget all that stews are today, even in the neo analogue)

- I really need memory. I need to serve me in this time of analog synth in a live setting, while playing the guitar. I can not set sounds on the fly unfortunately.

- I took the dominion of SED in MFB ... Memories, great sound, excellent machinery

The KORG 770 is irreplaceable in its field .. already sold and regretted it. But we must make choices, I do not make music for a showroom. Unfortunately

10/10 on the line

pyexperience's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg 770
32-key keyboard
hp & lp filter similar to 700 800dv ...
ring modulator, 2 VCO, LFO, portamento, bend & vibrato.
Priority monophonic note the more acute
audio in & out, trigger, remote, there is the pedal for controlling FK1
possibility of adding the kit Kenton CV / gate / filter


There is no simpler, all parameters are under the eyes.


I tend to continually change the settings, you can do a lot of things without touching the keyboard, I keep finding new sound or how to use it and sometimes I use the simplest way is is just a turn it on.
The emulators do not know how to present, the brutality, the dynamics and small detail of imperfection not to mention the accessibility settings.
And the fact that there is no memory requires a better understanding of the synthesis
and allows for good discovery.

There's the 2nd position of ring modulator that is really interesting
The setting of the second VCO can be hard, I sometimes take a tuner to fix it.



This is my first analog synth, I had a keyboard norlead then I immediately sold.

I made some pictures of the inside where you can see the build quality of the time (1976)