Korg Monotron Delay
Korg Monotron Delay

Monotron Delay, Analog Synth from Korg in the Monotron series.

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All user reviews for the Korg Monotron Delay

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
 1 user review20 %
 4 reviews80 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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mrjason's review"tons of fun!!"

Korg Monotron Delay
The Korg Monotron DELAY is a lightweight synth that has a speaker built into it. It has an analog filter and amazing delay capabilities. With the price of it being so cheap, it is a must try. The interface of the Monotron will glow in the dark making it very cool to have around. It is great for live use or in a studio. The functions of it are amazing; you can use some of the classic filters and delays to get some really epic sounds. I mainly use it for transition sounds or for my build ups in trance.


One of the functions that I use a lot is I use the aux input, I route in other sounds from other gear and use these effects on them so I am not limited at all to what it can do. I use this in unison with my SP-404 and I can do some unheard of stuff with those two pieces of gear.


The Monotron DELAY is very light and portable. You can take it anywhere with you and as I stated it has a glow in the dark interface making it easy to see in a completely dark room or under a black light it is just so cool and fun to work with.


The Space delay is by far the best part about it, you can get some analog echo sounds that will shock you. The built in speaker is decent, but it is not that good. It will work for just messing around though. Though it only has 1 true effect (space delay) you can manipulate that effect many different ways to do some really cool stuff with it. It also has an audio output that you can use to route it out to other gear or into your DAW. It has no expansion capabilities but with it being so cheap you will just use it for one thing and one thing only!

SPKL's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very cool"

Korg Monotron Delay
Synth pocket; tape acts keyboard.
The pitch is modulated by an adjustable speed of LFO, there is a filter and an analog delay.


The interface is very intuitive, just tweak a moment to get something good.


The sound of the Monotron Delay is that of an analog synth, possibly with much delay. You can not play too much like a real instrument, because of the tape, but what is the sound effects, it's perfect.
This is half a gadget, but for that price it's worth it.

I use it as a Mermaid Dub, it is well to add some sounds in a small electronic chip in the samplant Monotron or playing live.


I use it for a few months, it really has a particular sound and it's very good to have on hand.
Only flaws, it is quite fragile, and jack output produces a small breath. Apparently the problem is repairable breath for a small DIY breath mainly from mini amp that contains the Monotron.
But at this price point, it passes.

Pictocube's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" tron tron ​​tron"

Korg Monotron Delay
Keyboard ribbon
VCO, filter & delay

Well, it's mini, a little cheap, but the sound is there, big and bold.

Must love the next toy to love this stuff, in my case I'm a fan, big sound, simple, accessible, fun but with analog interface.


Easier it would be hard.

The manual is not really important except for the knob of the ribbon behind the camera.


The sound is good, deep bass, treble heartbreaking.

After yes, there is breath but hey we still talking of an analog delay in a small box, no wonder! And it may have a certain charm, in my case it does not bother me.


I've had a year, I use very often, with his classmates Monotron Duo and Monotron, but sometimes also in the Microkorg or Monotribe.

I make small loops that I live up in my DAW, or I'm having fun, live it's pretty cool to make a sound like that from the hard, risky but also ...

I'll buy two. The value for money is good but certainly not great either because of the size of the beast. However, the life of those around 45 € is largely better than other products.

djama's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" big sound and hack cosmic"

Korg Monotron Delay
a box analog sound super basic, but with cosmic delay!


It is not completely clear: this is great!
An irresistible invitation to hack!
if we could easily plug in a keyboard, it would be the top, but should not abuse. And the mini keyboard ribbon, it's part of the charm.


great sound, it is true that against it spits and blows a little ...
But the delay is hell! and the opportunity to enter a source is, for me, the main interest of the beast.
We can make any nimporte source thanks to dingo completely analog delay diabolistique!
I connect my phone and I get great sounds interesting! tripe and I, and after ben jsuis happy.


At this price it is impossible to miss.
For me the best of the 3 monotron.
Good, to love and grind should not expect too much precision for sure. But are many psychopaths out super melodies. And it is an instrument of the moment. With his breath, it can be sucks to register. Finally, I do, I do not mind (but not super jsuis demanding quality and clean sound in general ...)
unknown record01/26/2012

unknown record's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" impress"

Korg Monotron Delay
mini synth with built-in delay


Very intuitive, the manual is useless


Its more than adequate, huge bass are possible when connected speaker
The filters are very effective and very interesting delay.


The value for money is exceptional I expected it was not for less than € 40, korg strikes again with a big blow to monotron, which is simply hallucinate!