Korg MS-20 Mini
Korg MS-20 Mini

MS-20 Mini, Analog Synth from Korg in the MS series.

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All user reviews for the Korg MS-20 Mini

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 7 reviews )
 2 reviews29 %
 4 reviews57 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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mrjason's review"Get the mini!"

Korg MS-20 Mini
The Mini (MS-20) has 37 keys and is an analog synth that comes with a smaller patch bay system on it. IT does support MIDI and USB connections. If you have ever used an original synth or the original ms 20 you will know how much fun they are to work with and they actually have helped me understand sound creation better than what working with a VST did.


Working with the MS-20 is not easy by any means and it will take some general knowledge of working with analog synths and patching sounds but it is much rewarding once you figure it out. The Mini is very small and portable as well. It does not take up much room on my desk and it is built very well. I have just received my MS-20 Mini and I love everything about it. There is also an external signal processor that can work with my other instrumentals that I want to use it with.


The ms-20 Mini is very similar to the original MS-20, I think it is exactly the same from what I remember of the original this one this just a lot smaller. I am able to plug my other gear directly into this ms-20 Midi and start tweaking the sound. That is one feature that really made me want to purchase this synth from the start. You can even add a full sized keyboard 88 keys, if you need them or want to perform with it and have the full range of sound.


The MS-20 Mini fits perfectly into my home studio and I am very happy I purchased it. The price was not that bad at all either considering what it cost to purchase some analog synths these days. With no presets, no memory and no sequencing I can see why some would not want to bother with a synth like this. But it is well worth it, and it is very rewarding building your own sounds!

petitsynthe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The first retro-synth!"

Korg MS-20 Mini
As the mini MS-20 mini-keys, if you want to play furious solos, it will be difficult ... if not, connect an external MIDI keyboard or buy the kit version (twice as expensive when same)!

As for manufacturing, it seems very correct for the price.


I do not advise as first or only synth due to both the lack of memory, limited MIDI (but compared to the original, that's a lot!) And semi-modular side not so obvious at first !
Besides that, it will always add an effect behind ...

All this explains why in my opinion the most resales synth secondhand because it had a "buzz" his enormous output and some are surely precipitated without thinking!

As patching is not easy, I recommend these tutorials (in English but it is visual):

(for use without the module part).

(for the module part).

on the other hand, it is a perfect synth for those who like to experiment ... I must say that with such a look, it will be douterai!


I love the grain!

I said that I had the original there almost 20 years (it was already hyper vintage at the time!).

In any case, when I refer to my recollection, it sounds like the original ms-20, the difference may be the stability of oscilloscope that here "driftent" not (but that is surely due to the age of the machine).

About the famous controversy on the breath, all I can say is that mine virtually no breath (or maybe I got lucky ... or I become deaf with the age!).

It sounds much more vintage than other recent analog or I tried:
for example the recent Moog have a much bigger sound with thicker oscilloscope but ultimately sound less "live" too straight.

Note that I am not saying that these Moog does not sound good - indeed they are perfect to complete - I'm just saying they lack that little something mind of the mini-MS20 and most vintage synths!

Note that you can still grow the sound by adjusting
the HP filter around 9am and resonance to 15h, it is as if a sub is rajoutai).

This synth excels in special effects and sounds a bit "dirty" we must say that the original has been widely used in the beginning of the new-wave (experimental / cold wave trend) but more recently, in the late 90 by electro artists (the best known are Air, Mr oiso or Portishead).


It seems to me that this is the first reissue of a vintage analog synth (at least on a large scale), it is either a particular stage in the history of synths!

Given its success, Korg expected to repeat another classic: Arp Odyssey ... when will reissue polyphonic such as the Prophet 5 or Jupiter 8?

The mini-MS20 is perfectly complementary to other synth alone because it is a little too distinctive, but it sounds so much more "vintage" (or some idea that one has the vintage sound) than the other competitors out in recent years!

It is certainly not very practical in the context of creating a song (no memory, limited to MIDI notes, time to patch) but this sound so delicious grain, it is just an excuse!

Eddyemma's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Breath? Not so sure ..."

Korg MS-20 Mini
Revival of 1978 MS20 ...

Smaller, lighter ...

The configuration is similar in all respects to the original model, but SMD and minijacks, progress requires ...

MIDI and ... USB!


The manual is a reprint of the 1978, nice to set the mood.

Very simple edition, which complicates a bit if "semi modular" dimension of beast is approached.


The sound is very close to the original MS20, I have too. That's right, it Drifte less, but it is a real success!

HOWEVER: some models are affected by the interest generated by the blast stage VAC / VCA envelope.

This is a serious problem and it is far from trivial given the number of people who complain ...

To realize this, you can see a small test that I posted here:


So 10/10 if you come across a model that is not affected, if ... Thumbs down!


Soon bought, soon returned to its owner, not without having tried twice to have it repaired under warranty:

In-SOVEMAM (Official sav KORG, sic! ...)
KORG-In / ALGAM in Nantes ...

Two failures, and I did not get to exchange, so I've returned to regret the Afien who had sold me ... A guy's cool that I welcome the passage :-) Hello Willy !

What a pity! One could hope for a third of the price of vintage MS20, have almost the same sound with an easy to carry and reliable for many years machine is missed!

Korg hope that we would not try it out with their revival of the ODYSSEY! Unsuspecting friends!

Kaiser-Sose's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Delirious!"

Korg MS-20 Mini
This is a small 3 octave keyboard with mini keys.
Other reviews describe the possibilities and are more comprehensive than me.
I emphasize that this is a MONO synth!


This is could not be more straightforward on the side knobs, but once you pass the patches, it takes a little more experience. I recommend the use of colored cables to better see the routing of sound.
The manual is ample and patch are examples of practices early.


I play earlier planing and quiet music, and the addition of its sounds really helps.
Bass response, nice and slamming compared to a moog. Leads are clean.
There are currently no aftertouch or velocity.


I use it for 3 months now and I'm glad a downside, however, the choice of jack 3.5 that are not very strong ...
The value for money is pretty good.
With no doubt, for the same price I would resume the MS20. The charm of analog and low price make it the perfect synth for my style.
Laurent Schaëffer 1811/05/2013

Laurent Schaëffer 18's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I do not have it immediately believed ..."

Korg MS-20 Mini
Known for 35 years ... A MIDI and USB port (for the pitch and nothing more) were added ...


The general configuration is it simple?

Yes for someone warned. As for me, I'm learning slowly but it is a great pleasure.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ..

Yes French.The examples and patches are nice to learn.

Editing sounds and effects is it easy?

Well ... This is the knob and patch ...


The sounds they suit your style of music?

All fait.J 'love this craziness it can bring to a component.

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

Everything depends on who actually plays.

The expression is good? (Reaction velocity, aftertouch)?

Or velocity or aftertouch ...


How long have you use it?

For 1 ½ months.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?


We find the personality of his older ... I driver with a Doepfer Dark Energy.Je triturated I patch and it makes me go in sacred madness! However, I have very little experience, but we quickly feel at ease and quickly ended up finding a good idea, even though I always leave a little in the dark.


Made in China ... I would have paid 50 or 100 € more for a Japanese stamp ...

How would you rate the quality / price?

Bon.Quelques small details like faux finishes nuts taken mini jack but nothing serious.

With experience, you do again this choice? ..

Given the current opportunity for Vintage model fan that I am over 20 years would never have thought in a jour.cette a reissue was therefore a boon for moi.La question does not even arise!

Aarkeen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Congratulations and thank you to Korg!"

Korg MS-20 Mini
This is the clone of the original MS-20. We love it or hate it ... I love it!
Hardcore Mono, 100% analog (no bullshit) and editable in front, he adds in MIDI and USB. They are rudimentary (see implementation - MIDI Chart - short at the end of the manual), so the use of CV is preferred, it is still the top compared to the original. Now, so much the better if it has no memory or polyphony because frankly, it's the spirit of the beast. Connect to a Doepfer DE is pure bliss. The integrator Mini is a real plus as there despite the simplicity of the circuitry (saturate! Saturate! There will always be something ...).
Physical side, the button on the modulator frequency appears slightly then rub the baby is just out of the box, without affecting the voltage (fortunately). In fact, the knob buttons are "cheap" but do not dream ... Go Moog if you want chrome and shiny body. With the MS-20 mini, it's Made in China mid-range and it is not too bad scholarship side. The body, in fact, is strong. It is closer to the Hummer as the SLK.


It could not be clearer although novices may be put off by the "active block" (from the number of keyboards and guitar in 1978 on the MS-20) ie Hell patch "Emmental" located right. However, it is very educational and much more accessible than the matrix "naval battle" a VCS3/AKS or modular syndrome (spaghetti exploded that hides all buttons - hence the usefulness Cable color as the VST Arturia!).
It's very nice from Korg have reprinted the original manual and not providing a common CD-ROM or worse a reference to a PDF file online. Right out of the box, the synth can be explored by Michelin map in hand that do little or no (even I am given when I had a MS-20 for years there knows .. . many years). I also would strongly advise reading some paragraphs Verpeaux, "Technique full synthesizers", 2 volumes, which are based on manipulations of the MS-20 to perfect.


I love the sounds because they can be saturated, distorted, filters (HPF resonant!) Are hell despite the eternal loss of power due to the thrust of the resonance (when in an MS-20 with LPF Steiner-Parker Minibrute??). However, acknowledge that the quality of the waveform delivered by the two VCO are far away, but then very far from the crystalline nature of ARP 2600/Odyssey or roundness of a Moog (with bonus for old though I love my RME - off topic). However, this is not a problem since the MS-20 is, in my opinion, more relevant to the "dirty" kind leads Daft Punk first time, sound effects and bass electro unlikely that threaten your speakers ( your EQ)! filters, I repeat, are daunting. The LFO is his job although it is not switchable in additional audio source (or rather high-frequency modulator) and envelopes are honest, fast and exotic (DAR / ADSHR) spillable by patch. The breath is paradoxically reassuring because it was already present on the original. We now know how to eat the noise and no sound, try to find an EHX noiselessly like! And yet, what's ... In contrast, the "hum" is still present after the passage of the "peak" of the attack (test with VCO / noise to zero and the LPF open). Last negative point: no PWM (this is known, but hey, it's the machine). Last positive: the connectivity and keyboard, even mini is still something other than MS-20i or CS-01 of my ten years, right?


I bought it yesterday and I just spent the night over (sorry honey!). However, I thought I had done all around the MS-20 between 1993 and 1998, bought in 1000 and sold in 2000 FF (déjà. ..). Owners of the original can console themselves saying he had what a Corvette 70s compared to today. It is pointless to compare them because they are so close by the charming sound and features. The mini has the necessary alterations for all musicos home-studio owners (USB MIDI) uncompromisingly against the assumed willingness to repeat a very popular synth. Honestly, I would not have bought a MS-20 1500 euros for what it is, but there is not the same. Korg has managed the difficult year of the remake of the original. Hopefully if there is more at home and / or in others, it has the same quality. KORG BRAVO! THANK YOU!

djama's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" yay!"

Korg MS-20 Mini
Technical doc is easy to find.
I have not been MS20 so I do not know if it is completely faithful to the original. The tests say yes, then ...


The manual is not bad I think useful. The commands available on the front, a button / function is great, but when we returned in the modular part, better know what you are doing. As this is not my case, I'm glad to have a manual with examples of patches and explanations on the functioning of the beast!
otherwise, the keyboard is completely playable. I guess it depends on the style of play, but it really is not bad. After it's true that I do not have big fingers ...


He yells angrily!
Esp the part is great. And the addition of midi / usb is a gain invaluable when making sounds on his computer with apps and other machines!
Coupled with a delay, it's magic!
I was so happy in receiving I made a video:

Well, it's quick, I fly the machine, but it always sounds more to get an idea.


I had a MS 10 is fifteen years but it was not for me and since I was drooling over. But it was too expensive. Korg thank you for this re-release! It is a machine that made me really want, and I'm not disappointed! Especially at this price!
He must spend some time on it to tame (something I have not had time to do yet), but it feels great potential.
I already have a VA (the Korg R3), a super bass station and evolver: the complete ms 20 good stuff, it is very different from these machines, of course r3 but also two other analog monos.
I had the opportunity to buy a cheap Polysix long ago, hearing the grain of the old cuckoo, I regret not having done so, they could discuss both.
I read a lot of reviews on the breath, I admit that it does not bother me at all, I have not even gaffe, but I'm not a stickler for clean sounds ...