Ashdown Classic All Valve
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  • Ashdown Little Bastard

    Ashdown Little Bastard - " Great sound!"


    Power amp lamp (30W) UTILIZATION The use is very simple: 3 buttons to adjust the frequencies (bass, treble, medium) and a volume plus boost each frequency. Personally, I think it is a good sound quickly when the settings are limited as is the cas…

  • Ashdown CL-414H

    Ashdown CL-414H - " Power and weight"


    Use to go with a head amp Gallien Krueger GT700RB II. The variety of its offered this head is provided by the good cabinet. Consisting of 4 x 10 "plus a Horn (Tweeter) SOUNDS Nothing to say for bass that are great. A wide variety of sounds i…

  • Ashdown Little Bastard

    Ashdown Little Bastard - " Small but powerful!"


    This is an amp all-tube 30 Watts power that delivers all-in-fact for competitive transistor 100 Watts. Proof is that even in concert (small rooms) I never pushes the volume beyond half! It has 2 input jacks (active / passive), an effects loop in ja…