Ashdown Little Bastard
Ashdown Little Bastard

Little Bastard, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ashdown in the Classic All Valve series.

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pascaph 04/15/2014

Ashdown Little Bastard : pascaph's user review

«  Great sound! »

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Power amp lamp (30W)


The use is very simple: 3 buttons to adjust the frequencies (bass, treble, medium) and a volume plus boost each frequency. Personally, I think it is a good sound quickly when the settings are limited as is the case on this amp. This amp is only 30W but these are 30W lamp and therefore nothing to do with a transistor amp. I did some rehearsals with me and I could hear perfectly. I did two concerts pub, and same thing, no problem of volume.


I played this amp with 4 different bass (Musicman Stingray, Ibanez SR Premium, Warwick Corvette $ $, Fender Jazz Bass U.S.). It fully complies with the instrument, which is very pleasant. And heat lamps is well.
This amp does not have a fan, which for me is a huge advantage when playing at low volume at home because on most amps, you hear the fan over his bass when playing at low volume.


I had a lot of amp (Mark bass, Gallien Krueger, Crate, ...).
I have a weakness for Gallien Kruger (MB series) but Ashdown is super convenient because very light for a tube amp and power is well.
Used this amp is not very expensive, so it is a good deal