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Thread how to set an audio interface as a sound card?

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Topic how to set an audio interface as a sound card?
Firstly I've got to say that the reason I've opened this topic is that I could not find an answer to my question anywhere.
So.. I pluged in my MOTU interface to my PC via USB and I've been recording stuff on Ableton 7 Live. Now the Ableton has his own preferences where if you're usung an interface to record a guitar or a vocal, you will have to switch your Audio Device from your PC's soundcard onto the interface you use. When doing that automatically you cannot play anything from the PC, like mp3 files or even youtube stuff.
How do I set my interface as the main soundcard so I can use it on Ableton as well as to listen stuff from the PC without any monitor speaker, but just using the PC speakers converted into a standad jack for phones in the interface?
Many thanks!

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