Roland GR-55S
Roland GR-55S

GR-55S, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

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All user reviews for the Roland GR-55S

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 2 reviews29 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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marcanger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" can do everything but ...."

Roland GR-55S
Note 8
can do everything synth pad
replace an electric guitar with a dobro or acoustic hop switching patches
SoRIE stereo
output without its direct effect or synth
gk sensor input
midi in out


Note 7

but good to sy look and take your time


Note 7

all is well when the philosophy of device is freelancing


the big advantage that is that we synths modeling guitar amp modeling multi-effect and all this under one pedalboard

can be lack of Possibiltés routing the output to see the vg 99 was sharper the above
lack a normal guitar input (there were about 99 vg) but a good chtite welding in the box and it adds so no problem in case AC can be used,

I said not good that it's the best but for all the possibilities of his bah it's worth
for Baluchard it makes the case you need to go fast in a directory without changing instrument c coolest synth ca relieves the keyboard makes the octopus of both these synths, hop it passes an acoustic guitar intro and voice we finished with a gibsonnien her to play acdc just after sound strat to play a dire strait and if the bassist crowd finger can do it too

short top

note of all 9

ProtossOP's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To avoid absolutely"

Roland GR-55S
Pedal supposed to convert your synth bass and without latency .. unfortunately this is not true and the low latency is presents and makes the pedal unusable for any type of srieux game.

In addition, the more you will make more low notes latency will be.

To hide this mix Roland sounds by incorporating the raw sound of your bass .. (to believe that there is no latency correctly) so the idiots will say that there is not a car when you have no ear and that we play on Sunday after noon password ..

The Representative Mr Mulot sells the machine without latency .. it's just a scam. A friend is in discussion with the central European sales director Roland Anthony Reig it ..
(Mr Reig having affirmed that Roland had never sold the machine as having no latency, that only Mr Mulot had done and that his remarks were his responsibility Entire)

In short, you're a rich galore and you want to run the Chinese economy? this product is for you!

For the rest I would say:
- Sounds of another era, horrible my ears, the low cost climax
- Roland design: pedal correct although it feels that there is nothing the inside; horrible plastic microphones. (If you like with good microphones EMG bartolini or you will make the head when you'll hear the microphone you want to do you ask)

conclusion shameful.


The only clear thing is that we want your money.


Installation difficult as well ask for the microphone you should use the screws .. which will leave your bass indlbiles marks a time you want to sell it ..


He will test for almost 2 months that we did not understand why there was the latency (since we had a minimum for Credit for Mr Mulot at that time)
Then we touch Mr Reig for confirmation.

tobias47's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GR-55S


yes, quite simple. But as always vau better read the instructions for accuracy. virtually no latency or not at all.


the manual is relatively clear, varied configuration, indeed infinite.


excellent value for money, I love the sounds of acoustic guitar, its the GR 300. you're a fan of the Pat Metheny ... go for it.

Stevemmanuel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pleasantly surprised"

Roland GR-55S
The format is very small. Be careful not to have bits of shoe too wide. Easily transportable, it does not take much space.
In terms of connectivity it's pretty simple, manufacturing looks very solid.
the volume pedal is a bit small. I regret that no more than three notes by banks. Can be assigned to the key CTL just what you want and it's convenient. It is the same for the volume pedal.


The general configuration is very simple. the manual is a bit light but well-digging in the menus can be found pretty much what you want.
The usual functions are very accessible.


The installation of the GK3 me some problems. I wanted to install it on my American Start 1991, but the microphone of the GK3 is too thick. I would have had to cut the picguard I get high, and even a little cash. so I mounted my PRS somewhat against American heart. Did not want to break my table in my PRS, I used the double face that has not held over three days, I had to put some super glue and so far it fits well. The curvature of the micro is not identical to the curvature of the handle so I paid the 1 mm on the strings and re ground.
The start was made very quickly, setting the microphone is simple. I tested this all sounds on offer. The manual was clear on these points


This is the first time I buy a guitar synth. I wanted the sounds of Pat Metheny and here I am fulfilled. I spent quite some time to find them. Then I set a lot of different sounds because I play in a group of jazz-rock fusion.
The models are incredible if you take the time to address the sensitivities of strings and many parameters present. Some sounds just hang but I managed anyway playing on the sensibilities that they are stable. the game on the sounds of saxophones, trumpets and organ must be very precise. a hitch and we get a parasite. The piano sounds are great but we also need to tamper with the settings if it's a little anything. not hesitate to operate or dispose of PCM1 and the Chromatics PCM2.
The modeling of microphones and amplifiers are quite compelling and contrary to a user, I put my Vox ToneLab because I find everything I want with the GR55. In general, I was not satisfied with the change of Speakers compared to original and found that the positioning of microphones is a little gadget useless. may be I'm not good enough to see the difference.
I created my own sounds easy but beware the order of PCM1 and PCM2. If you see it pick up, reverse and it will be much better.
At the level of difficulty, I have not figured out how to operate the PCM1 and PCM2 simultaneously if the preset is not provided with two example. I am therefore forced to select another preset that contains the two if not the backup, it does not take into account the two.
The volume pedal is badly étalonnée.pour volumes to the effects on a piece of Jeff Beck, it's difficult.
The sound throughout is excellent.
Finally, I was really pleasantly surprised. It's been barely a month that I have and have fun like crazy. I still spend the hours and hours on it before you see results. I recommend it to everyone because at it's top value for money.
thank you for reading.

Saturafon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" MIDDLE"

Roland GR-55S
Guitar synthesizer software as covered by the program to download on the net if not taken to head his own patches


I've tried again and a few patches there is one thing that I've been able to verify the tracking of 55 grams and more stable with a guitar with the GK3 I've plugged into my godin LGXT noon the sounds on the bass strings decroche often when you put on 3cordes bass guitar sound cfm low finger style bass ca decroche often cons if you put a bass sound to model that works well


The internal sounds are good no more I have a branch on a 33 gr roland sonic cell for the sounds are not beautiful picture c is for tracking can feel no difference with the 55 gr guitar sounds modeled it works very well the guitars sound good also the electric but I find the sound of something unnatural saturation say the sound is a bit flat I have a VOX ToneLab ca nothing to do


AC ED 25 years longer than I play the guitar synthesizer J had all the guitar synthesizers gr 55 marks for the price is a good investment for some time that we pass over the instruction manual is not bad but some functions are not well explained

jeofroi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Average"

Roland GR-55S
tracking and bending to the internal sounds better than gr 20 internal sounds are playable but not great sound reproduction also ca decroche not hurt if we control module external connector out midi in audio output no audio inputs limited connectivity


config and editing very simple no need for manual AC Roland knows how the intuitive


that the st a matter of taste, my opinion is that sound effects and c is not as terrible habit of filters roland c is the cheap this depends on individual needs! one who wants to make the experimental AC can make her happy with the internal sounds and effects! one who wants to sound pretty traditional stringed violins ect winds or even good techno with big sound requires an expander the side vg99 I personally am not a fan, so I can hardly be objective rather short looper


AC is one month that I I just used to control an expander in the end! j had a prior c GR20 is substantially similar in response time tracking of the multi-effects plug-ins such c is very cold AC remains roland J have a Line 6 pedalboard photo I still have not used and its al looper regarding the c modelings amp is like line6 is straightforwardly best to have some fun at home rated the compact toolbox while c is a good scene for the game should just use s as a unit of S with MIDI control and multi-effects and more expander it is quickly serious limitations with this kind of material c is evolutionary not upset at many machines that surprises us every day we get tired quickly the price for the side toolbox c is reasonable but overall it just to tinker garnd didn't change anything I wanted my set to try any kind compact pedal all in one but c is not possible personellemnt J made a useless investment GR20 was my very well the case

Jyz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a small step for man one giant leap for the guitarist"

Roland GR-55S
full effect of the top modeling c is where you can vary the depth of the box .... the sound effects are synths + + compared to 20 grams or 30 that I got them


unreadable manual and complicated but fairly intuitive use the menu on returning ds (edit) everything can be set without having tray + 12!


I play with a nylon godin acs I 've nothing to f. .. txt and the other dance, but Mark Knopfler strato available with nylon, that is very


a bit expensive but necessary because I must have ds sounds of banjo Organ Guitar saturated etc. ds my group, so playable on stage, the only criticism is that the loop is too short (20s) so I put my acoustic output boss loop pedal and it rolls