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Thread Guide me to choose

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1 Guide me to choose
Hi,sorry if I post this in a wrong section.
I'm new to this forum and also in music recording,I'm gonna upgrade my PC but don't know what i've suggested by some people will be fine for me or not.I searched but couldn't find my answers.
I want to know if this Daw works fine with nuendo 3 or 4 NEK or cubase 5 (i've not tried them but wanna choose one of them,maybe u tell me which one?)

Mainboard: ASUS P5kpl SE
CPU: Core 2 dou e8400
Ram: 2gig of ddr2
H.D.D: 2x250gig sata2 7200rpm
Fan: I don't need a quiet daw so do i need any spec fan?already have a cheap one 300w.
Graphic Card: One of the cheapest dual screen card,any suggestion?

My audio interface is ESI esp1010,working on XP 32-bit.

I wanna rec 1or 2 tracks while playing back both midi and audio tracks(at least 8 tracks)with some effect plugins and many vsts such as nexus,hypersonic,Atmosphere,stylus,superior drummer & etc simultaneously with very low latency and resolution 24bit- 96kHz.

Help me please

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It seems like you've assembled a decent enough set up to do some basic audio and MIDI recording on.  I'd recommend starting off with Cubase, as it has a lot of features in itself and don't think spending the extra money on Nuendo would be worth it for you if you're only going to be doing basic work.  I'm not familiar with the interface you mentioned, but if you want to run at 24 bit, 96 kHz, make sure your interface can handle it as well as your software.  Hope this helps a bit...
-  Mike
Thank you moosers ,yes my audio interface supports the resolution.
But i've searched through many sites and forums and now i'm thinking of picking one of these CPUs: Q9400 or i5 750.
is there anyone who could tell me if there is a big difference between them in real action?assume both of them with nice matched mainboard,ram,hdd & etc.

Thank you in advance.