Focusrite Audio Plug-ins user reviews

  • Focusrite  D3

    Focusrite D3 - "Great Compressor Plug-In"


    I recently bought this compressor plugin as part of a bundle from Focusrite. This is a solid compressor, and can also be used as a limiter (though it is, for lack of a better word, limited in that capacity). I did not have any compatibility issues wi…

  • Focusrite  D2

    Focusrite D2 - "Great Plug in EQ"


    This plugin is a pretty solid EQ. It comes as part of a Focusrite EQ/compression package. It was a breeze to install, I had absolutely no problems or snags while setting this up. The manual guided me through everything I needed to do, though it didn'…

  • Focusrite  Forte Suite TDM

    Focusrite Forte Suite TDM - moosers's review


    I didn't have any problems getting the Focusrite Fore Suite TDM installed and up and running.  The process of installation only took a matter of minutes and I was able to use the plug-in pretty quickly.  I didn't have any compatibility issues or othe…

  • Focusrite  D3

    Focusrite D3 - moosers's review


    The Focusrite D3 compressor was quick to install without any problems or compatibility issues. It was as simple as installing any other plug-in, and I haven't had a single problem with it since it was installed. The interface of the plug-in is pretty…

  • Focusrite  D2

    Focusrite D2 - moosers's review


    The Focusrite D2 was quick and as easy to install as any that I have installed in the past. I had no compatibility issues at all, and have really had no problems running this plug-in since it was installed. The interface of the Focusrite D2 is pretty…

Translated user reviews
  • Focusrite Saffire Bundle

    Focusrite Saffire Bundle - " good and bad"


    It just puts you in VST to VST directory No significant incompatibilities SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE it's super light, even the reverb, so super stable, I also believe that it is practically the only plugins that were never planted, or almost. OV…