Focusrite  Forte Suite TDM
Focusrite Forte Suite TDM

Forte Suite TDM, Software channel strip from Focusrite.

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moosers 09/04/2009

Focusrite Forte Suite TDM : moosers's user review


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I didn't have any problems getting the Focusrite Fore Suite TDM installed and up and running.  The process of installation only took a matter of minutes and I was able to use the plug-in pretty quickly.  I didn't have any compatibility issues or other problems and the interface isn't too hard to decipher.  This is really a few plug-ins in once since it is a channel strip as it has a compressor, and EQ, an expander, a gate, and a de-esser.  Its great to have so many different types of effects within the same plug-in as it allows easy access to all sorts of features.  While it would take too long to go over all of the setting controls in this plug-in, there is a pretty good amount going on because of the fact that it is really a few plug-ins in one.  All of the typical functions are pretty easily located and everything is laid out conveniently.  I didn't need a manual to learn the Focusrite Fore Suite TDM so I can't say if it would be helpful or not.


So far I haven't had too much trouble running the Focusrite Fore Suite TDM.  I have run the software on an Apple G5 desktop that runs with a Pro Tools HD system and I haven't had any problems running a few of these at a time.  However, if you are running a Pro Tools LE system, I would bet that you would find that this plug-in would take up a good amount of processing power because it does have a lot going on at once.  This being said, if you find yourself having trouble running a few at a time, I would try to use each plug-in individually if you are only using part of the plug-in as this will save processing power.


I've only been using the Focusrite Fore Suite TDM for a few months but I've definitely been impressed in this time.  While I'm not a huge fan of Focusrite hardware, they have done quite a good job with this plug-in.  All of the plug-ins are quite clean sounding, but I probably like using the compressor and the de-esser the best as I find these to be the most useful.  At $400 USD, this isn't a bad deal considering that you are getting a bunch of different effects within the channel strip, but still isn't all that great of a deal.  If you are looking for a channel strip that has all sorts of dynamic processing and EQ, the Focusrite Fore Suite TDM is an option that should be explored.