Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro

Bass V-Amp Pro, Bass Amp Simulator from Behringer in the V-Amp series.

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All user reviews for the Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 9 reviews )
 4 reviews44 %
 3 reviews33 %
 1 user review11 %
 1 user review11 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/David's review"Behringer BASS V-AMP PRO"

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
I have been a bassist for over 22 yrs. I currently am playing with PHOENIXX from Amarillo, TX, I have recorded and toured extensively with Hacienda Records Artist "Algo Simple", recorded and toured with Grandma Gerber Records Artist "The Carmen Espinoza-Rodriquez Jazz Band", have recorded for PBS (KACV-TV), recorded and sat in many studio sessions (still do), recorded and toured with the WTAMA Faculty Jazz Quintet, performed with the WTAMU Jazz Ensemble, performed with the world reknown outdoor musical drama "Texas Legacies" and toured with their band "Texas X-press", and received an award for "The Most Outstanding Soloist" at the UNC of Greeley Jazz Festival in Greeley, CO.
I play a variety of styles; Jazz, Latin, Latin Jazz, Tejano, Blues, Funk, Rock and Country
I enjoy good music, (hate rap).

I heard about Behringer while touring with The Carmen Espinoza-Rodriquez Jazz Band. I fell in love with it and since have acquired more Behringer products. I originally needed a preamp for my Hartke Transient 3500, well, this BASS V-AMP PRO was much more than I expected. I paid $161.42 through Musician's Friend (with an ASCAP Membership discount).

I play a Tobias Standard 6-string and this tuning unit responds to my bass beautifully! It has many nice effects, has a great compressor, and a very nice ULTRABASS effect that really kicks...

........nothing negative to say about this product

very durable. I gig no less than 12 times a month and this product has been right on it each time.... I am pretty hard on my gear, and so far, the BASS V-AMP PRO is a very tough act!

I completely, fullheartedly recommend this product to any bassist needing an awesome component that has a full hand of effect.

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MGR/Mike Gardner02/12/2004

MGR/Mike Gardner's review"Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro"

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
I read about this unit on the internet while searching for a bass pre-amp for my rack rig.

I owned the unit for less than 20 hours and I have to say that it was a nightmare. I want to play bass, not try to figure out a complicated and un-predictable piece of equipment.

The unit is far too complicated. Switching between pre-sets caused extreme differences in volume and there was a lot of hissing and noise going on.

The unit was very good looking and seemed to be well built. It looked good in my rack, but that's as far as it goes.

I'm sure that someone who likes and understands this unit will get very good use out of it, but I am an old school player and I don't have the time or the desire to try to figure this thing out. I'm not totally sure that my unit didn't have some sort of problem, but if it did, I solved it by taking it back to the store where I bought it.

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MGR/John - UK01/30/2004

MGR/John - UK's review"Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro"

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
Bought for £159 from GuitarAmpKeyboard -

I was drawn to this unit because of the features and the price. The Bass V-Amp Pro is the 19" rackmount version of the Bass V-Amp (note - the footpedal is not included as with the Bass V-Amp). It's finished in a nice brushed metal with a central LCD display for displaying patch numbers and signal/clip indicators. This display also houses the in-built Chromatic tuner.

The unit is based around digital amp modelling - simulating the tone and sound as if you were to play your bass through Ampeg/Trace Elliot/Marshall amps etc. This is done by selecting preset "models" made up of head units and cabinets. There are also 16 on-board digital effects from reverb to delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, wah wah etc. These are switchable and can be combined with the amp simulation.

All the controls for modifying the presets are on the front of the unit - making this easy to edit. If you plug the unit into your PC (via the rear mounted MIDI port), you can download free software from the Behringer website to modify/create presets from your PC. You can also download presets from the internet and upload them onto the unit.

Sounds produced are very impressive. The amp modelling, while not out of this world, is excellent, giving much tone variation to even the most limited of bass guitars (I know this, I had a Squier precision!).

The on-board effects are excellent too - crystal clear with not an ounce of noise.

On the rear of the unit are all number of inputs/outputs - MIDI in/out/thru, XLR in/out, Pre/Post preamp send and returns (for external effects and processors). Everyting you'll need.

Can't say there's anything I don't like. Perhaps the lack of a footpedal but at this price - can't really complain about that!

The unit seems solid and well built. All of the controls have a solid feel to them and all input/outputs seem well screwed on. No complaints here.

In short, this is a well built and very useful tool. If you can't afford a new bass and you're disappointed with the one you've got, buy one of these. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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thegoofisonfire's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
I will not repeat the trick, rack model


Easy as pie for me!! Then you should know what you want!! ;-)
never needed more than 2 fingers to edit the sounds!! I do not really see where people find it impractical!
French manual with the grid matching amp simulator!! a priori not the case for c tt le monde ds advice !!!!!


Mesa boogie sound is well made and sound trace elliot and swr

the delay effects, chorus and ambience are very good, the rest tend to get it easily, especially the octave and synth bass!


Everything has been said but 2 points.

The magnetic shielding of the preamp is weak, so be careful not to put the V amp next to a power supply transformer, or a TV right next to your computer! this causes an unpleasant hiss!!

account for people who use it live with a MIDI pedal, it will play with the expression pedal to prevent and manage to navigate its preset in preset. Indeed, if the presets do not use mm amp simulations, there is a latency and a mute when changemnt preset !!!!!
the Behringer MIDI Foot Controller with 2 Expression Pedals, once well above those assigned it'll pretty well !!!!!

Treetman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
Modlisation amps, cabinets and multi effects for bass, guitar and keyboard.
It's all numrique.
All presets are ditables, Note also that it is not easy and it can take more than two hands to save the presets.
Trs connector complte. MODEL is a rack, it's what I did (thank you Thomann for the Bundle).

Note the small red LEDs and a digital screen that are a little cheap but the nothing serious.

Not much blame when you see the data sheet and the opportunities that are stretched before our eyes. Note the small red LEDs and a digital display. Note that the diodes slction knobs are not terrible, I explain: when one is placed above the multi-effect on DCAL is a preset. In fact the wheel is semi-transparent and you end up DCAL.


The config is simple plutt. This is my first multi effects for bass and I got immediately made the edits are easy to understand but complicated plutt couraging press several buttons at the same time.
The manual is not great but APRS several re-readings are taught to use the original presets and program new without too much difficulty. I recommend that vivemtn given in the language of Shakespeare, he'll tell you what amp and speakers names are donns by Behringer.


The effects are no more effective, I have especially taken to the amp simulations that are not too bad return (I speak of the bass). The distos are no more (a little too synthetic), but low doses, they can give a nice color (like light amplifier) ​​to the sound of your bass. I play with a G & L Tribute L-2000 and with my Epiphone EB-3 (compltement diffrent) almost all the time mdiator. I use it exclusively for recording music or data of the Ides of mini DMOS on my PC via an external sound card M-Audio. I would say that even for this use is almost a luxury. However, I intend to use it on my Gallien Krueger Backline 600 to do some tests RPET. Caution, however, change the type of output (also not well explained on the trs manual)


I use it for 6 months with a view to make only record "low end" which are my compositions. In this perspective the problem but no limits ontrouve quickly if you really want to make recordings nickels. I like modlisatiosn amp. Effects, I almost never use them except for one intro (phaser or flanger). Of all the effects gnral fawns is not my thing. The purpose of the maneuver can be silent sound of approaching power amps prestigious register simplicity. With the V-Amp I have my temporary Ibanez PD-7 in the closet. C'tait the very first time I used this kind of stuff and I'm glad putt. Beware though, this is not a toy, and the quality is not always the appointment. This is useful for what I do now to the live I did not try (I will edit when one will be the case). I saw several posts from members reporting that they n'taient not happy and they had the problem of battery after a year that the Service did not follow. L I can not say anything, he always trs well and the presets do not move in memory. We will see over time. For résumé will tell you that the ratio quality price is right. With the exprience and current conditions, I would do this choice.

tropik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
Modeling amps, hp, bass effects ....
many possible connections, spdif, midi, analog ...
Rack very short in depth, with lots of red LED style Christmas tree ... it's pretty.
no cable provided Ormis the cable to power supply short.


Bought 185 euros to boost my poor low-end bass, I first wanted to use the spdif connection, but not having Systm sync (BNC) on my sound card, the popular galre ... so in analog connection. factory presets are a disaster, and editing preset requires a little time before an adaptation to understand the machine, the manual lacks precision and is a little search.


Ben for 185 euros ... ca not sound terrible, it's flat, without soul, it lacks potato and when you go up the sauce it sounds synthetic desire, lack of effects SETTINGS my taste and the models are poor.


Well, 185 euros, I expected not a monster, but when I hoped even better, I think not keep this thing trs long save for a better PODXT.
Yannou le Jacky03/21/2004

Yannou le Jacky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
16 bass amp simulations
4 amp simulations keyboard
4 simulations for acoustic guitar
8 simulations for electric guitar
23 speaker simulations
Classical effects: distortion, delay, chorus, reverb, wah-wah, flanger, ...
Other effects: p-Funk'n (filter), auto-wha, ultra bass (octave), synth bass, synth MIDI.

Simulation and effects entierment numriques.

Version 19 "2U V-amp Bass.

Conection complete:
Stereo XLR output symtrique (for the live recording directly to the console)
Stereo line out for connecting the amp (possibility to disable the simulation of these sotie HP)
between line (to connect a CD player or another to play on top)
MIDI I / O (with MIDI Through)
send / return insert pre-DSP (allows connecterdes effects before treatment)
2x send / return insert post (DSP functions such as the loop of the amp)
Sync Worldclock
numriques outputs AES / EBU and SPDIF caoxial (works in 44.48 and 96 kHz, it was s ^ RCIS if the output only works in 24 bits or also 16)

Fully controllable via MIDI,
pRSET editable via MIDI on a PC with utility tlchargeable the site of the constructor.


The configuration is simple, whether the effects, simulations, configuration gnrale, there is no need to navigate a lot of pages of menus, most parameters can be accessed either directly or through a key combination.
The edition of some parameters remains somewhat dlicate ncssite and a little juggling of the keystrokes request.
The manual sometimes lacks precision, but comprhension operation of the device restecomprehensible. Some features would be worth more detail.

Regrtable point: some parameters are paramtrables unquement effects via MIDI, they must therefore be set up using a MIDI controller, or software prvu this


Test only a low

The amp simulations sound good. They are varied enough to go from a very modern sound jazz classic. The rglages of pramplis ralistes and are effective, each setting has different effects depending on the amplifier selected. Simulations of speakers that are just as Varis amps.
Effects (classical or not) are of good quality. I just dplore the abscence of a distortion pedals dedicates the low, the quioblige rglages very subtle with guitar pedals to get to ring distortion on the low. It is, cons, always possible to keep true to distorion pedal in addition to the V-amp. The other effect prcaution use with the bass is utrabass quia tend to be sloppy and dcrocher in the bass. Compar an OC-20 boss from home, it is more prcis and sounds cleaner, but the V-Bass cepeda dcroche still less in frquences serious.
The compressor can swell the bass sound Fawn quite significant, and is sufficient. Do not expect all the same gallery a compressor prampli lamps, both in sound that can deparamtrage.


The bass v-amp is a good product for a very good quality-price ratio. In sound quality may be slightly less for other products (including the Line6 Bass Pod), it remains cheaper and netent plsu versatile with its keyboard simulation, acoustic and electric.

sergiogibson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
It's a simulator, Bass Amplifier (16 I think) acoustic amp (4) keyboard amp, Fender, Roland Marchal, Leslie, also I use the guitar and amp electric, Soldano, vox, Marchall, mesa,
it includes four simulation of pedal distortion / overdrive
a chorus, flanger, delay, loop, coompresseur, phaser, ultrabass, synth reverb, etc. ..... wha
Well after having the v amp 2 in normal, I susi offered the bass v amp, because I'm a guitarist, bassist, more and I have a Variax bass v amp has acoustic simulation
at the level of output the unit seems very complete, with sorrties XLR, digital etc. ...... I do not even know half the applications mla.
It also has MIDI input and MIDI output, which allows rajouetr a midi pedalboard fcb for example, and also to program the corny over the great piece of software free.
another feature, the v amp pro intgre a power and a button on / off
for d deifference eprix, I recommend having possd both models to the pro version, for no pedalier against or cover provided as the basic version.


Good manual behringer is a no shit as usual, it is especially damaging to behringer because the device has more possibilities than described in the record, so is better in the sense that the other EDANS because there are marks, or the leaflet promised mountains and marvels, and in fact in the Ralite the product sucks.

the editing and sound programing is very easy, only downside is the access to some parameters not accessible without connect to the PC, but hey I'm quibbling, because in fact enough to program on the PC, presets, then once live the most important parameters are available, so it's just to quibble, because that price has seen the machine, and although I consider that this product has zero defects.

it is usable as it is for those who n Eveux not take the lead, the 125 factory presets are very good, you plug it sounds


I bought this product because the v amp 2 had already closed,
good level of sound quality, nothing to say, it's just the bomb, the distal tears, we might as well play on a vintage vox, have 60 sounds that make a Soldano, and have endless sustain etc. ...... with avariax, I do not want something else, even if I had 1000000 euros, I do not see what I could buy that could suit me better than that.

in effect the sound is superb, for it seems to me against compared ^ port of effects pedals, effects of, more discreet, you can not get extreme effects, but against the quality of sound is.
the wha, seems also quite limited, but hey ,,,,,, we can have a 230 euros, the dairy, the dairy's ass, and butter


I use the v amp bass for 2 months, and before v AMP2 for 1 year
I use it in all situations, live, repeat, and enrergistrement
I plug either a PA or an amp marchal or a peavey amp, the sosna is Excellent, those who say that the sound is a rotten amp, are involved, because if you rule live well and the configuration the equalization live, and it works biej
those who say that the v amp is only for the studio, are planted, because the v amp is designed for live too.

little trick to avoid the white between the spresets, must keep the same amp and same hp, any way, I do not know much changing world of real amp in the middle of a song.

before I had a boss me30, and although the record is complete, it has 10,000 sounds, but then the sound of shit, the v amp a cot is rools

The report quality is prisx halucinant, I also bought the pedalier fcb, the integral foot, everything is controllable ,,,,,,,,

I redeemed without problem the same product

Usmar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
Ben must go on the site ...
c but for completeness, numriques outputs, rack ...
much better than the version of plastok bass vamp


To use it is better to read the record which is not thick trs (behringer style!)
but hey it's OK, c easy. some are paramtres accecible has two hands, using c!
the trick canon c connect to the computer in midi and install the software to control the vamp of the PC, c a breeze.
Note: Some editions may only take place with the PC (nothing important but ...) so just using c.


I use it to record my guitar and my bass and even synthesizers.
for the price, although c, c of a substitute good big amps that kill, but to make models and not too much to ruin and save the place ... c a real bargain
APRS I'm not a real bass player / guitarist. I do a little to record guitar and bass for models my songs.
so I'm not an expert in amp simulation! but in any case the ear sounds ...


A good machine makes many services.
I would do without this choice problem, I hsit with LINE 6 BASS VAMP PRO but is much cheaper and more versatile.
I was now looking to add to it a MIDI controller FCB1010 to take him on scne.