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  • 04/17/11Tech 21 Red Ripper Review

    Tech 21 Red Ripper Review - Profile of a Killer

    Today, I won't be gentle: kill the Care Bears, throw the wooden cross of the "Little Singers of Paris" into the fire and make place for the distortion god.

Users reviews

TeleFunk's review"A badass piece of work!"

Tech 21 Red Ripper
No matter what kind of distortion you wanna get with your bass, be it a little fuzz, a moogy synth effect, or all out badassery that'll punch you in the face so hard you'll beg for mercy, this bad boy gives you anything and everything you'd want from a bass distortion standpoint, with total control to mess with your tone.


Editing is easy, and it comes with some preset suggestions with descriptions and photos of the suggested settings that are a great place to start. Has wayyy more than your average distortion pedal.


Sounds absolutely amazing on bass. My buddy's had good results using it on a guitar as well.


Us americans love to exaggerate, but this is truly the best distortion pedal I've ever tried. Not bad to look at either!

The ONLY problem is that it doesn't come with a battery or power cable, so be ready to get those separately in case you don't already have them. If not for that, I would give this 10/10 without hesitating. My first time messing with tech21 and I'm so glad I did!

toff2aix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Fuzz War"

Tech 21 Red Ripper
This is a pedal Fuzz / distortion designed specifically for bass, and fully analog
connectivity classic trap for a battery and power supply by transformer (not supplied (unless one for that)
The effects range from the classic fuzz, distortion through the dribbling, the fuzzy to the Muse to type fuzz bass synth ... good range of opportunities
The housing is a real tank, construction and impeccable finishes, the pedal is more compact enough and decorated with say .. a taste (I like!)
Supplied in a beautiful tin box with a sticker of the brand. Personal I knock, I would have preferred a battery or transformer (actually not kidding J'adooore the stickers and the same is RARE °-°!)


General config: Tone knobs (treble midrange bass), level, drive (distortion), low-pass filter (very handy for cabs with tweeters), knob (RIP distorted harmonic modulation). The pedal is buffered bypass. Basically to put at the beginning or end of the string effects to enhance your sound, especially if you have the cable mess (in my case). I put the end of the chain in my pedalboard, which improves the signal quality.
Another plus, the footswitch is silent (not like on some pedals, follow my eyes)


Effects simply excellent: from the first connection, I knew it did, the settings are fairly intuitive, especially with the small plug provided that summarizes four "basic" (fuzz classic synth, fat distortion etc. ..) we are on in the bath.

I bought a Boss ODB3 passing of a great SVT 8x10, but wrong in the end of my Markbass: bass were flat, as hot, the sound was dull and dirty. I returned and exchanged at the store, I put 100 euro more and there miracle ZE fuzz sound, and since it's war!

Kept low, a fuzz that responds to the dynamics of my game (you have to play with your fingers to fully appreciate it, or have a play with a pick I would say quite nuanced) and I love it: the effect is triggered more or lesser degree depending on the nuances of your game is just terrible.

The knob RIP? is the small addition to the pedal: it seems to work in conjunction with the drive knob, and will change, adjust the harmonics of your signal distorted. Basically you can completely change the sound of a fuzz with it, and achieve something different: for example, synth bass to Moog (bluffing), or add a little "cream" of aggression fuzzy sound. According to the sounds I traffics I like to add a little, but not too much otherwise it quickly becomes the souk (some might like).

At the overdrive precisely the same conclusion: if pushed to the bottom, one can detect a breath .. before your eardrums from going up in lollipop. A handle as carefully, usually half way there already a good signal good fuzz.

The EQ knobs to really have a tangible effect (the exit ODB3 ugh) here if you want more bass, treble or mids just ask, and the result is perfectly audible, without distorting the sound or bitch iest that rare enough to be out .. But I tried to fuzz bass that had this type of équalos but in no way precludes its having a bad. Here, and it works pretty well.

The low-pass filter also makes a great addition, especially for amps or cabs with a tweeter, it is not there to Deco: Once activated this control eliminates the need a fuzz too loud, which is a common at the expense of low frequencies. For my part I always leave started.

After a repeat of three hours I fell in love with this case: play in a trio tend rock / post rock passages with nags. And need to conserve these much lower, especially in passages where it all starts with nag distortion. The fuzz effect is simply monstrous deep, powerful, slamming ... If the grave of my Warwick is a-po-ca-tion-LYP and I weigh my words. I fell off my chair, the drummer's stool and the guitarist from his pedestal (well done:))

And every time I reconnect I regret less the 200 euro put into it. This quality has a price, and there is nothing to complain about.


I use it recently, and begins to explore all possibilities of sounds, which are very diverse.

I tried lots of other fuzz (RAT, Boss, EH, MXR, behringer, EBS, Way Huge, Zvex, Trex ..) and have owned a few .. I've always sold me because the sound inevitably disappointed one day or another.

I think the only play in the same category would be the Zvex, or to some extent the Trex. But at the possibilities of Trex's Red Ripper longer and better. And at the price, Zvex cost an arm while ..

What I like most is the sonic possibilities, RIP button, the low-pass filter, and the general sound quality is one of the best I've ever heard, in the field of fuzz bass. And also being able to finally "taming" very easily a real fuzz sound (unlike the Zvex example which seems to take care of itself:))

What I like least ben ... I'm looking for. The price? Of course it's expensive, but honestly it's worth, in the end I sold all my old dung and I paid something of quality. And I intend to come back here to give my impressions after a few months of use. Still, if you want a fuzz-quality, diverse opportunities and flawless finish, I will say one thing bassists friends: try this wonder, you will not regret it (if your bank)