SWR SM-500

SWR SM-500

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SM-500, Bass Guitar Amp Head from SWR.

4 user reviews
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SWR SM-500 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: SWR
  • Model: SM-500
  • Category: Bass Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 06/10/2007

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SWR SM-500 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
Value For Money :

Moshzilla's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

SWR SM-500
This is an amp head with Pramp lamp and power section transistors. It DLivre 400W into 8 ohms and 500 into 4 ohms. The connection is ultra complte and all the details are available on the website SWR (I would not be complete if I lanais me in the description), and likewise the dtails of rglages. Note all the same the presence of a semi-paramtrique equalizer and a knob of "contour" call Aural Enhancer.

The DI is excellent, no ing its never made me any complaints about it.


Configuration, due to the presence of a semi-paramtrique equalizer, can not be considr as "simple" if compared an amp that possde a 3-band equalizer classics. Similarly, the search for the ideal ncessite to become familiar with this type of equalizer. I bought it because I really wanted this type of equalizer so I'm not sure.
The manual is ultra clear, no worries the top.


I play Hardcore roughly metal skin tone and also in a band rumba mix / dub / reggae. I plug in a low Moscato Funkbass 4 strings and 4 strings Tune Advanced Member.

The equalizer provides anything you want as long as it is known to use it. It can act exactly on the frquence wishes. The aural enhancer is also an interesting and very subtle tool for awesome sound. its use is very well résumé on the manual of the amp that can easily be found on the manufacturer's website.

This is an amp that is relatively transparent but with a lightweight penchant ct treble and upper midrange (the exact opposite for Ampeg rsumer). It will broadcast perfectly the sound of your bass. it is but can also be less: in short, if you connect a shovel in, you will have the sound of a shovel! While an Ampeg amp could fix things up a bit by bringing a bit of roundness and warmth.

Nevertheless, we arrive without problem have a nice mellow sound round but still very accurate and dfini, including boosting to 80 Hz. When I play rather the nag, it is very s easy to get super aggressive sounds by playing on the midrange area between 400 and 800 Hz. I accuracy of all I changed the original lamp for Electro-Harmonix which gives a lot more grain to harmonic than the original which is a bit bland.

In short, a very versatile amp with normment of possibilti if only one is correct owner low. I highly dconseille the beginner who wants to have fun with a big amp while he still plays with a low "between end". Nothing pjoratif in the remark but I prefer to say it because you might be the.


I use it for about 1 year. I normment appreciates the possibilities available standards to modulate the sound (equalizer paramtriques, aural enhancer ...) and its transparent character (I'm not very forcment 100% fan of amp lamps). I like his hard-hitting and aggressive ct where necessary. For round sound, I play with almost flat equalizer with my Moscato in passive mode, the sound is already super soft.

I blame him one little thing though: the fan that turns on when the temperature is too lifted. Until the no problem, that of rgulation system is a good idea (the chassis of the amplifier is also involved aluminum dissipation of heat to the outside, that is why the chassis is relatively warm in amp other report other brands). on the other hand, when the fan comes on, I find it a bit noisy (that n'tait not the case on other amp on which I played. It's really a Dtail because it does means not absolutely when playing but maybe in some studio recording conditions, this can create some noise. has not affected the quality of the signal coming out of the DI.

This is my dj 3ime amp brand after a workingman's 160 and 750x. I'm a big fan of the philosophy of the brand SWR. I also played on EBS Fafner head and a Marshall 7200, 2 amps also good. I also play regularly on Ampeg.

I find good qualitprix report for a high end amp. Nevertheless, for that price, a quiet fan is essential.

I think I have found the ideal amp (a sound perspective and design, I find the equalizer semi-paramtrique remarkably PARAMTR frquence the choice of beaches is perfect) and I do it again this choice without a doubt, less qu'SWR ensure even better.

apryvan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

SWR SM-500
Bass amplifier transistor preamp tube (1 x 12AX7)
-The power is 500W in mono 4ohms and 250W per channel into 4 ohms in stereo, the manufacturer does not signal down the impedance of the speakers at 4 ohms in mono and 2 ohms per channel in stereo.
Model-type "Rack-mount" black color with red decorations .. registrations are in white on black background, so easy to read (good for dark areas). It is light. The fact that "rack-mount" it requires special care for transportation if you do not put in a "road case" to prevent scratches.
-This amplifier has most of the main characteristics desirable for a bass amp: passive or active inputs, gain, saturation Led preamp, parametric + Bass and Treble, Effects loop, direct out-box with potentiometer aural enhancer, Speakon speaker jacks or 1 / 4 "(6.35 mm) etc. ....


Very easy to use, as long as it is known how a parametric Eq.
-The sound is of very good qualities and very changeable.
-The manual (English only by 2005, but no more than one language available on the website of SWR since summer 2005) is clear and very well done.


-The power of 500W into 4 ohms is adequate and the sound quality is constant as long as one has not reached the saturation level of the preamp (the LED on continuously) ...
-The sound is sharp and defined, but using a tube preamp gives it a little heat (round) ... The more you use the speakers with a large diameter, the more the sound is "fat". I love the sound of this amplifier. All speakers to use with this amplifier has 10 "(25 cm) and 15" (38 cm) has an impedance of 4 ohms and 700W power handling over. I use it with Fender Precision Bass 4 strings.


-I bought used in 2004-The only thing I regret in this amp is the absence of crossover built (unlike its predecessor, the ST-220) SM A-500 nine to sell $ 1,500.00 CDN (1075 Euros) in Canada in 2005. I highly recommend this amplifier. No other transistor amplifier I have tried never made me regret my SWR.

VicMacKey's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

SWR SM-500
For specs see link compltes manufacturer (http://www.swrsound.com/products/view_specs.php?full_partno=4400300000&name=SM% 2B500% 3B & trade)

Prampli 12AX7, power amp transistors
Power: 500W @ 4ohms Mono / Stereo 250W @ 4ohms
Connectors: Output jack and Speakon, XLR, effects loop, all mono and Stereo, tuner out, 2 instrument inputs (active / passive)
Rgalges: Gain, Limiter, Aural Enhancer, Bass, Equalizer semi Settings, Treble / Transparency, Effect Blend (mono and Stereo), Vol.
2U. 2 latrales grips for easy handling.
Not at all heavy or bulky.


Trs simple configuration. ISSA connections. The rear face is provided as well as the front, but everything is clear, whether in Bi-amp or Stereo Bridge mono. The possibilities are connectivity standards.
Is obtained easily and recess excellent sound quality that many dpend between the instrument. This amp is trs Fidler and scrupulously respects the timbre of an instrument.
Manual (PDF) (http://www.swrsound.com/support/manuals/pdfs/SM500_OM.pdf) is in English. Clear to anyone who reads English ... but overall not rocket science.


Everything is playable with this amp. It should particulirement to modern music (funk, metal). I use it to play in a style pop rock (Muse / Radiohead) and metal (Meshuggah / Freak kitchen) where I need to have a terrific sound Dfine particularly severe in order to properly highlight the mix.
I play mostly on a Vigier Passion and IV Ibanez BTB406QL (therefore a serious SI), with a pregnant EDEN 410XLT.
The sound is crystalline and prcis. Two words to his résumé would be the "transparency" and "fidlitquot;.
Whatever the rglages, the sound is very hyper and I like Dfine lot recess is trs important for me to have a sound cohrent across the spectrum. The CONTRL are fine and powerful time. We add the bass and the sound is more serious but not more deaf, we add the treble and the sound is more crystalline, but not aggressive. The graph shows qualiseur standards of sonic possibilities and allows to control the sound REALLY. This amp does not add that little color trs sound, which can stepfather a default for some people but for me it is his greatest quality. Global Warming Lamp altrer without sound. It has a light grain associated attack prcise frank and transistors, and this volume DSIR.
To have a well also has the roots, but it takes a little fiddling rgalges (boost / cut on good frquences) to get the right mix. In fact it is the instrument which determines the most from the sound output, which I think is one of the best philosophies when it comes to amplify an instrument.


I use it for 1 year.
What I like most is the Aural Enhancer: this allows to reduce the frquences of rsonnance and get clarity and DEFINITIONS copies, and on any given volume (in the operating conditions of the unit, recess). J'apprcie also respects the fact that the timbre of the instruments in that branch, but their level indniable adding more sound.
What I like least: nothing ... there is nothing cast in this amp!
Report quality price: a price and the quality is not given. But it was worth the money. Nothing to do with the preset "Studio tone" of a Pod XT Pro ... (I speak knowingly, I sold mine a while ago)
Of course I would do this choice: I'm super happy with this amp!
For more information, see the link builder (http://www.swrsound.com/products/search.php?partno=4400300000).

Elphaba's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love!"

SWR SM-500
Tube-Preamp (1x 12AX7)
-Amp Transistors
-2 Input active / passive
-Facades: Gain, Limiter, Aural Enhancer, Bass, 4-band parametric EQ semi, Treeble / Transparency dual knob, FX blend, Volume.
-Rear: mono bridge output Speakon, 500W @ 4ohms, 400W @ 8ohms. Stereo outputs and Speakon Jacks.
DI-output tube (the preamp), use Live (without using the other parameters of the front) or Line (using them)
- Send and Return for effects loop

The effects loop works well with an RC50. She is saturated (I tried all settings possible and imaginable) ... not top. No problem by putting cons effects.


Config fairly simple as long as we have not one more chromosome somewhere ...
the manual is clear, against a novice will quickly be lost with the semi-parametric EQ. The volume sliders manages the frequency selected by the knob which is in DeSousa. As against the benefit and the sound palette that can be achieved is simply huge!


I use it on a Goliath III, with a Jazz Bass American Deluxe Ash maple fingerboard, strings Elixir Nanoweb 45-105 and a synth Yamaha CS01 II. I use many effects: delay, reverb, distos, fuzz, POG, and looper.

I slap a lot and the sound is amazing! I get to have a Marcus Miller, infectious groove with the medium of slamming ...

I am also very ambient stuff with layers of sound in the acute as well as in infrastructure and yet it is! I have big bass, it's snoring shakes the walls and it stays clean! Very clean! Playing I can have stifled sounds like bass and the "transparency" can be added acute crazy that make her really ... "Transparent" Finally you see what?? Against it by a hair blowing in the tweeter and just for that one gate would have been nice.

Today in Indie SERVICE TRAINING pop sound for me too, it's only a matter of adjustment and the Lords of Kobol know how many are!

Indeed, one can change the sound at all but two seconds and that's class!
As against the four knobs sliders and their respective frequency selection of the semi-parametric EQ is not very accurate! It was a bit like a "staircase" when turning it do not mean necessarily a constantly changing, and suddenly the sound changes as if there was a "notch"! In fact you choose your heart through the knob but it acts more as a kind of multi-position switch with pre-defined frequency in some parts of the knob like a real knob, and so is the volume sliders! It's not great, but hey, it was a pure sound anyway.
After the limiter, the aural enhancer everything else is spot on!

For comparison, I used a Bassman 100 (74 I think), finally, something any lamp that is supposed to send the block at 4km round, well I just tell you that the SM500 has nothing to envy ! But then nothing! You can really make it sound like we want the head!


I use it for 5 or 6 years, I love everything about this head!
Before I had a 60w marshall and a peavey TNT 115, Peavey head and a 4X10 speaker firebass with peavey and a 15 "peavey too.
I tried the ttrace Elliot, the Ampeg SVT pro (beurk!), the Gallien Krueger, Hartke's (pity do not buy that!), David Eden, SWR 550X and then my SM 500 with my Goliath III and there ... Love at first sight!

It's expensive when I see the price of the Ampeg SVT-VR is a 2300 euro lights at all but hey, I've tried is not the same sound is made in Vietnam, not at all versatile (no "real" setting), its really a typed, and it is heavy! Not to mention that concert, when asked to make the change tray in 10 minutes and you do not have time to cool the lamps ...
I do not regret this purchase at all and I do not probably sell it (or my Goliath). I will take out a Ampeg SVT Classic Heritage (still made in USA) in addition to concerts on time or in the studio but would be luxury.

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