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AER Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • AER Amp One

    AER Amp One - moosers's review


    The AER Amp One proves that bass amps do not have to be big to be great! It's probably the smallest and lightest bass combo amp that I've ever seen and sounds like 20 times it's size. It's not that it can necessarily get to be incredibly loud (alth…

  • AER Amp One

    AER Amp One - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by pamo61/translated from Audiofanzine FR) 200-watt RMS bass combo. - Neodymium 10" speaker - 3-band EQ - bass boost - Color filter - Compressor - Aux input, effects loop, XLR, DI and headphone outputs. - Dimensions: 145.3" x 126…

Translated user reviews
  • AER Amp One

    AER Amp One - " Excellent bass combo"


    I use it in bass combo for two years and acquired it after trying other brands of amplifiers: Phil Jones, Mark-Bass ... I enjoyed the value, the return of quality, reduced and compact size. The performance of this amp in view of its weight, the…

  • AER  Basic Performer

    AER Basic Performer - marbasse's review


    It's a combo transistor, with a lot of electronics and sound processors internal enhancer type, limit, etc.. Top that! the principle is the following: 4 amps 60w each with their own HP. 2HPs front, 2 in rear vents. 2 independent preamp channels UTI…

  • AER BassCube 340W

    AER BassCube 340W - haborym's review


    Hello! We are pésence a combo delivers 340Watts all transistors via a 12-inch (B & C long coil) Connectors on the BassCube has: - 3 input channels (line / piezo / mic via XLRcombi / jack) - An effects loop (adjustable output level) - An …

  • AER  Basic Performer

    AER Basic Performer - greini's review


    It is a MOS-FET, it also contains two transformers rings (not ask me why!), 200 watts, the connection is more than up to the machine, specifically the DI Out is excellent! !dropoff Window !dropoff Window It has 2 volumes Solo and Ensemble ..... via…

  • AER  Basic Performer

    AER Basic Performer - Kochisa's review


    Although the previous opinion DS UTILIZATION Very simple, everyone will find it SOUNDS Really, really good frank c exellent bass, fretless, fretted, even a bad bass arrive cope Force C rather neutral, but big and very good potato so ser…

  • AER  Basic Performer

    AER Basic Performer - agrume's review


    Transistor amplifier 200W power and are well lbr /> 2 between Jack and XLR and RCA 6.35 for the rear auxiliary input Two channels spars 1 on which there is less qualisation, nanmoins enough (bass, medium, high) but has a sensitivity switch for …