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AER Amp One
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moosers 12/17/2011

AER Amp One : moosers's user review


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The AER Amp One proves that bass amps do not have to be big to be great! It's probably the smallest and lightest bass combo amp that I've ever seen and sounds like 20 times it's size. It's not that it can necessarily get to be incredibly loud (although it does get a good level), it's really just it's fullness and depth in sound. It's a 200 watt amp so definitely expect some power here regardless of the size. It's got everything you'd want as far as routing options, including an XLR DI and a send and return loop too.


The AER Amp One does take a small amount of getting used to because there are indeed so many different controls and options. For me this is always a welcomed thing because in the end it's going to give you more choices and sounds. I don't own the amp so I'm still learning everything about it, but it's good to note that it does have a lot of tone options. The manual might be helpful if you're buying one and want to learn everything about it exactly.


The sound of the AER Amp One is impeccable for recording. I'm sure that it fairs well in a live setting too, but to date I've only used it for recording. It packs so much punch and depth that it's hard to believe that it only weighs about 20 pounds and has a single 10" speaker. The DI sounds great as well, which is a nice option to have in a recording setting. I can't say enough about how impressed I was with the sound of this amp.


While it's going to cost you a good amount of dough, the AER Amp One is worth it for serious and professional bass players who are tired of lugging around huge amplifier. This thing sounds as good as any amp out there. It is versatile and highly portable. Sure it's expensive but it's going to be an amp that you can use for the rest of your days pretty much...