Ampeg BA-110
Ampeg BA-110

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
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moosers's review

Ampeg BA-110
The Ampeg BA-110 is a solid state bass guitar combo amplifier. It has 30 watts of power and has a 1/4 inch input to plug your instrument in. It has a single ten inch speaker and has control knobs for EQ, volume, and also has a contour switch. The amp is extremely easy to use and basic in terms of its characteristics.


The configuration of the Ampeg BA-110 amp is very simple, and setting it up couldn't be easier. Pretty much just plug in your bass and set the controls to your likings, and you're good to go. It is easy to get a good sound from this as the inherent tone is thick and full. There are a good amount of parameters, which gives you a good amount of control over your tone. I don't have a manual for this, but it is easy enough to use that I never needed one.


I use the Ampeg BA-110 mostly as a practice amp, but the sound is definitely suitable for live shows and recording if you choose to use it that way. I play mostly rock and pop music, so I use this amp for those genres for the most part, but the amp is suitable for pretty much any type of music you'd like to use it with. Since you have a lot of control over your tone, you can manipulate it to work for all types of applications.


I've been using the Ampeg BA-110 for about two years and it has worked very well for me. While I have other bass guitar amp options that I use to record with if I want to record with an amp, this is great amp because it is easy to move around and is perfect for band practice or to bring to gigs. It is pretty cheap in price, but still has the nice tone quality you expect from Ampeg amps. Overall, perfect for those looking for a cheap option with a good tone to practice and gig with.

demonaz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg BA-110
Everything has been said ...


Very easy to use, I did not have the manual but I had no problems to make it sound. Quickly we get a good sound.

I used repeated guitar with my band and the power and quality of the report is perfect for me. There is nothing wrong. The guitarist uses 100 watt marshall and we play hard enough but it follows perfectly. I'm on volume 3.


The sounds are really good you can do almost anything if chippote a bit and if you have an active bass with your preamp. For a low power amp sound is really amazing (well, playing with the Ampeg)

I play with an Ibanez btb 400 of melodic metal and a bit of blues, rock, composition ... I am confused very easily.

I also have an Ampeg SVT3 pro that I use in rehearsal with drums and guitar, there is the signature sound of the Ampeg combo.


I've had a few weeks and I've done it around. What I like most is the ease of use and is very quickly found a good sound. The knobs are quite sensitive to a 30watt and it is powerful enough.

Before I tested some kind of low power Hartke and Laney amp but it's nothing next to this one. As mentioned earlier, we play on the ampeg and it's still a certain range amp. What I like least is the quality of finish is not great but better than other brands in the same category. And the fact that it is made in china ...

I find rappot money very honest. I got it used for 120 € and it was 1 year old. A good deal ...

I remake that choice without hesitation.

pied2nez's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg BA-110
The descriptions below are very well done (oh the fleimard)


Configuration is very simple, easily get the sounds I want. From memory there's no manual and that's fine like that ....


I play a lot of progressive and should be well Autti Vace my Cort A5 (the modern) qu'avace febder my jaguar (its vintage).

J'obtient as crystalline sounds very deep stuff that no particular worries ...

I like the coloration of the sound that gives this amp (I'm gonna try a marshall combo) but this time I preferred the Ampeg. I play it for a couple of years.


I over the years since its release (but I remember how long).

I like its sound, but I do not like the weight and buzzzzz it broadcasts continuously (but I know another user of this amp which has no such worries)

I tried "only one other model and the time I joauis a roland cube in (you have to start one day)

Nothing to say about the quality for the price very well ...

With the same budget I will definitely choose the same

Heather_fr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg BA-110
Well, I repeat:

transistor, 30 W into 4 Ohms, passive and active inputs, CD, line out and headphones.
HP 10 inches

An edge to boost the bass (I think it makes it a bit too confusing in songs like By the way that require a clear, so I abuse it, but it is used for very deep bass anyway)

Tilt back on stage, care must be taken not to get into it if we want to prevent it from tumbling.


The setting is simple:

incidentally Contour

the manual is more than enough, even a beginner (that's experience) it can easily be found without reading it.
We identify the different sounds quickly potential and can quickly find a sound.


It is suitable for all styles of music, from funk to hard through the blues and the old Shuffle very fat and round.

I play without effects on a Hohner Headless configuration jazz.

I use the passive channel most often, except when I want to shake the walls of my room.

One can easily get percussive sounds and effective, and change dramatically while making the rounds on the contour.


I use it since I started, and I like its power relative to its size.

To pass over the guitars I did not push the sound too, which is quite nice.
I often inclined to have a direct return.

The value for money was excellent because I got it at half price ^ ^
In fact I had the right to the end of series, so the store they were generous.

With experience I think I would rather a slightly more powerful model, but I do not regret at all for buying this one, it was to start walking.

blacksnake's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg BA-110
- Amplification: transistor,
- Output power: 30 W into 4 Ohms,
- Passive input: 0dB 800mV RMS
- Active input: 5V-15dB RMS,
- CD Input: 2V RMS
- Line Out,
- Headphone,
- HP: 10 "

As for settings, we have 4 knobs (volume, bass, midrange and treble) and a contour switch. When the switch is in position, it boosts the low and high frequencies, ideal for slap, in the down position, we get a smooth sound, perfect for walking or frettless. The subwoofer amp is closed with an open type "bass reflex".

The amp can be used straight or inclined at 45 ° then type a floor. You can put a small wedge under the cut sides tend to doze off as easily.


Usage is childishly simple. The knobs fulfill their role very well. I did not have the manual that the production end at Ampeg. I use a Cort Artisan B5 freighted.


The sound is stirring this power and used HP. Produced with no vibration at low frequencies. We obtain easily a slamming her for playing the slap contour switch. Connecting live, the sound is very good but taken directly to the Line Out, there are small parasites. I let 9 / 10 because I do not catch live, it loses heat not I digress a little here,).

With Cort B5 whose body is mahogany with a handle screwed, contrary to what some may believe, the mid and high frequencies are present in neutral (low amp) ie 5 / 10 ... etc. For walking, I put the bass treble at 0 and I only use the neck pickup. I keep the switch disabled to help contour the bass and lower midrange.

The overall sound longer applies to classical, jazz and funk, rockers and metalheads directed more towards the Peavey.


It's been three months that I use (bought in January 2004).

In fact, I was looking for an apartment amp too powerful to maintain good relationship with the neighborhood. Before trying this model, I tested a Yorkville 100W, 100W and a Fender Rumble a Laney 60W HardCore, okay this is not the same budget. The Yorkville sounds much better than the Fender, but Laney is a horror, metal grid vibrates around, finishing very poor.

The quality / price of Ampeg is not terrible, you pay the brand but it is in the range of luxury amp in the category low power. The knobs seem pretty fragile and lacks polish, so beware nervous. Its level is the top. Without hesitation I would do this choice. I put 7 / 10 because of the price and knobs.