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Fender Bass Guitar Combo Amps articles

  • Fender Bronco Bass Combo Review

    Fender Bronco Bass Combo Review - Rodeo


    Do you feel like a cowboy? Do you like the smell of ponies and old leather? Do you like riding on a weird mount and sweltering under an old stinking hat?

  • Fender Rumble 150 Review

    Fender Rumble 150 Review - Power on Casters


    I got a bit nostalgic when I wrote this review. I was 16 when my first amp was waiting for me under the Christmas tree. Not a 15-watt amp but a big one. To play in a band, do live gigs and be cheered by a wild crowd. In short, I could stop playing by myself in my room. The amp was almost more bulky than the Christmas tree: it was a second-hand Fe…

  • Bassman TV Twelve Review

    Bassman TV Twelve Review - Fender Bassman TV : Old-School Amp


    The 50's saw the birth of the first electric bass guitars by Leo Fender with the famous Precision Bass model. Inevitably, the first Bassman amps with their tweed covering quickly appeared on the market. To celebrate its non-birthday, Fender introduces a new amp series based on these pioneer models.