Gallien Krueger MB115

Gallien Krueger MB115

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MB115, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Gallien Krueger in the MB series.

4 user reviews
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Gallien Krueger MB115 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Gallien Krueger
  • Model: MB115
  • Series: MB
  • Category: Bass Guitar Combo Amps
  • Added in our database on: 01/20/2010

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Gallien Krueger MB115 user reviews

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 1 user review25 %
 2 reviews50 %
Value For Money :

shar24's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A POWERFUL AND LIGHT COMBO"

Gallien Krueger MB115
Combo of a transistor 200 watts rms (into 4 ohms). The settings are simple and strong efficaces.un "contour" which boosts the treble and bass frequencies, a treble control, 2 buttons high EQ and low medium medium low a button, and a button to boost. (Of course a gain setting, a master, limiter, XLR output). In fact all that may be necessary on a combo of bass, without unnecessary gimmicks.


This amp is simple, effective settings, no need for manual (thankfully as it is in English ...) We quickly found the desired sound. The settings are on the back, which I personally do not like as impractical, but I do not usually edit my settings on the amp during the evening.


Playing a little all styles of so-called "varieties" music, the panel sounds that can be obtained is very large and always excellent, there is no problem to adapt


I use it for a few days, I had not tried before. Given my age, I've owned many amps (Ampeg, ACOUSTIC, Sunn, SWR, FENDER and many others whose names I forget) I play on a low Luthman, of course, as it helps the sound .. . If I have to find some kinks to this amp is not on the side of the sound is excellent, but its fragile appearance (like a paint coating also damaged at the opening, I had to make a small fitting. A simple canvas on the front, I prefer a personal grid is more reassuring. settings on the back bother me but it is a matter of habit. The thickness of the wood, but requires weight, also a little intrigued me, I was used to so much) That said, I wanted a lightweight powerful amp (17 kg as against 32 to 35 of the usual combos), with its blameless, without gadgets, c ' In this perfect sense. The value for money is good.

-Lucifersam-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" All good!"

Gallien Krueger MB115
Low-Amp 200 watts
-Speaker 15-inch, neodymium
4-band EQ-
For low-input passive
Input for low-active
-Auxiliary Input


The manual is pretty useless, given the super simple config of the amp. Personally, I forgot the manual in the glove box and never needed to go and see: P
The EQ is quite precise, each small change is quickly felt, not like on some amps that I had the opportunity to try where the knobs were not greatly influence the sound. However, it is still in its "Gallien Krueger", not really worth trying to find something else, we are not faced with a Line 6 to thirty six thousand simulations (and that's good).
Horn switch actually serves to enable or disable the tweeter, the contour switch allows to give another color to the sound, and the limit switch is a kind of compressor, very convenient to play at home. (To switch from one game to a cushy hard slap with little to shake the walls)
Other than that, the boost acts more or less like the volume knob, but gives a little more roundness or je ne sais quoi very nice.


The sound of this amp is really huge, it perfectly meets my expectations. Coming from the world's first guitar, I did not really know in terms of bass amplification. (Note that this amp is my first bass amp and I can not really speak as an expert and compare with other brands of amps miles.)
However, I toured the shops and have tested a few amps in the same price range. I will not mention who, but the major competitors are gone, until I test it, which sound quite convinced me, and very suitable for my type of game
I mainly play rock and this amp is perfect for out of the beautiful funk rhythms and sounds deeper and more serious.
There is not much wind when you stop playing, except when active tweeter, which is quite noisy. The contour switch adds a little bass and midrange removed, resulting in a sound with more presence, which is transcendent when playing the slap!
When the power is ample for group play, personal, I have never exceeded three quarters of the master, knowing that I often play with the boost almost thoroughly.


I was attracted to directly Gallien Krueger to its partnership with the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was after a concert at Bercy them and after admiring (loan) Flea of ​​the game that I decided to buy a real amp!
Before, I was playing on a friend Laney, who was very good, but had not enough power to rehearse with a drummer, two guitars and two voices ... For over two weeks I have, and I'm still very happy. I have tried many other models and a lot of research before finding the perfect amp, but it really worth it!

What I like this amp: the sound, the speaker 15 inches, light weight (which is unmatched by anyone in the market), which throws the grid, and led behind the button on / off passes from red to blue when it is ready to blow up the watts!

WHAT I LIKE THE LEAST: the tweeter, which gives little flapping for many unnecessary background noise, which is really annoying ... And though I look I see it:)

The price / quality ratio is really good for under 400 euros (okay, 399) we are left with a very good amp. I had no trouble making this model, (no grid problems as in the previous opinion), and find myself with two year warranty in case of problems so you should be fine ...
=> So yes, I do it again this choice without hesitation.

Infrabassman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gallien Krueger MB115
New bass combo Gallien Krueger. This is the HP model with 15 "200W Model while transistor. Active and passive inputs. 4 band active EQ, enough for my taste. Adjusts input gain and master. Different switch (outline, tweeter and activation limit) Simple but effective headphone jack and input by the


Combo quickly took over. The Equal actually changes the sound, like the switch "contours". Its typical Gallien fairly modern and slamming. Notice in English ... You must be bilingual.


I also have an old Trace Elliot 4x10 "and the sound is totally different. As said before, Gallien a modern sound. I think he really has a good record at all frequencies, even without the tweeter. This last breath slightly, same problem noticed on many amps (combos ampeg etc.) Personally, I play a Rickenbacker 4003 and an ESP Ltd. 404. The receiver complies with the instrument (it is easy to compare seen my two basses have a really unique and different sound).


I've only been in recent days but my first impressions are good. I tried several other models of different brands in the price range 400 => 650 euros and at value for money, Le Gallienne is very good (400 euros on Thomann). I will modify my statements later if necessary. I just regret that it is a Chinese-made (even if it does not mean anything today) because the old Gallien were still manufactured in Germany. I said he is still very well done and done fairly beefy (not as much as my Trace Elliot anyway!)

**** Adding after a month of intensive use ****

No regrets! Nothing to change is that the joy of playing it. Its a really good combo for a compact and expensive option ...

kesan-de-kas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gallien Krueger MB115
I do not detail the characteristics, it is a great big 200-watt digital markbass and the company (to verify I disassembled) in a 15-Gammell.
Is relatively compact, lightweight for what it is, in short nothing is super portable fart.
Weight, 17 kilograms. And one detail: The speaker is mounted in ceramic, not néodymnium this beast here.

A passive input
1 input active
1 switch Contour
1 switch Horn "horn of acute"
Limit switch 1
Equalo 4 bands
1 Knob Gain
1 knob Boost
1 Master Volume

in terms of outputs: a DI out (untested), a headphone
Bonus an auxiliary input for rocking the Zique or other source without going through the settings preamps 'neutral what'.
Well let me turn to the critical part of the review:
The construction of Cab:

It is a well-built cab, all parts of the cabinets are glued and "tight". This is not a bass-reflex, but an opening is present in front of the cabinet. The coating quality is average, it is fine and the finish seems very good to 1 meter! loan, we see the faults of adjustment in the corners, the grid is not metal but plastic is limited. low volume in the apartment example, the grid breaks my c. ... because it vibrates a lot. Group more worries. I advocate the block with little pieces of foam.

I opened, there is no acoustic foam in the cabinet. Former follower of Markbass, I decided to put to increase the burden of low and lower midrange band. Paris stole works and the sound is more "hot" love. It's worth it. Especially since this is not wood, but rather thin plywood to make a light baffle.
Quality components:

The amp head is ultra lightweight components are to my taste good, you have a digital amp to markbass, nothing new, and the preamp connected by a Gallien Kruger map type computer power section. In short the modern.

The tweeter, honestly it is frankly not great, I plan to replace soon. He plays his role, but it sound too sharp as a group, not super super useful for my taste and it blows a lot. Especially if you play with a low active, one is tempted to push for playing the sharp slap. Nothing bad, but it's good to know, on the other hand it can be disabled: so good.

The Hp of 15, I checked, there is no clearly marked, not scoring if it is a 8ohms or 4ohms, should therefore take action. Anyway I thought it looks bad. But I'll let you see my opinion on the lowest ... As mentioned above, this is not a speakerphone in Neodymnium, but rather ceramic. When removing the HP, cab nothing weighs more, a gust of wind and it is down!
To summarize, the construction in general is average, but there is nothing playoffs, nothing daunting and hopeless.


The config is simple indeed.

The switches are clear and have their effect. Little reference to the switch "contour" great for the slap, he digs mediums, gives a very defined. I use the volume pot of boost to give the "grain" to the sound of bass, little crunchy overdrive, it's very subtle but with musicman stingray V, it goes great!

The sound is super wide and "alive". I have nothing to say on that, no galley to agree as a group either. I do not want to speculate too much, but I suspect that the HP ceramic makes the difference in terms of "heat" of living compared to neodymnium clearer, straighter, more direct. Short love


The sound ... well despite the unbranded HP, etc. without scoring, the sound is great, big broad powerful dynamic, rich in harmonics.

It's 15 ", but we do not drown in sounds redundant and parasites that affect the overall clarity. I quite literally pierces the mix with my Musicman Stingray and this amp. It's really aggressive.

I use it for the Funk-Rock and is the tip-top to do that.

If my bass is extremely well defined and not oversized compared to other notes. No imbalance either between different parts of my neck. The attack is spectacular compared to HP 12 "that I used before (Markbass Traveler 121 H).

Another point for an amp of 300 euros, the sound does not answer and I do not need to push the master at 10 to hear me. 3-I already do enough damage with two guitars (on tube amp 100 watts, old MI Music Industry 750, the 15-Gammell also!) And my drummer.

No saturation in the HP so disgusting, no crash sound either. , Just a tweeter sucks when you do a break! merde alors!
I have not tested it with other basses, but I think very seriously that the character of the musicman is much better than my old Markbass respected that I always made the same complaint: they sound too smooth, give always a kind of envelope.

It is a good 8 I put the tweeter bother ...


Oh yes I've tried and owned the stuff before this ... Genz Benz Shuttle, its markbass 450, Mark Little, Mark Little tube ... etc.

What I like least:

Quality of the plastic grid that vibrates, it requires a correction
Quality of the tweeter blowing a lot, we must correct this for twenty euros.
EDIT: I ordered a compression tweeter would have apparently been proven on the combos markbass 121p: the Monacor HT-30 which should fix the breath and sur'aigu side of this tweeter. I will keep informed of the improvement or not. Actual Cost: 17 euros. What reasonable.
No acoustic foam: it is corrected again!
No effects loop
What I like most:

power, punch it, the definition of sound that I did not expect lightness.

Ideal for pubs, bars, hard to repeat, it's still very robust and rock'n'roll in spirit.
In the end, it's a purchase I recommend you have a great sound for cheap.
Just think of that base, it is perhaps not excellent. must in my opinion, it add a bit of acoustic foam (I stapled the whole interior of the cabinet with) a good tweeter, small pieces of foam at the corners and fastenings of the gate and Roll! is the best!

I hesitated with the 2x10 version, but I regret nothing, I'll buy!

I have contacted by mail with the author's previous opinion is on his return that I decided to buy this combo. Thank you!


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