Hartke KickBack 15
Hartke KickBack 15

KickBack 15, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Hartke in the KickBack series.

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All user reviews for the Hartke KickBack 15

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 3 reviews60 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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rouldug's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke KickBack 15
Transistor bass amp, it shows 120w but it is to use mid-rgime if you want to keep one's prcis.
Between 6.5 mono jack, XLR direct output line (useful for scne if you have a good sound engineer who "knows" rgler a low table with her), output jack Stereo 6.5 headphone output jack HP derrire 6.5.


Simple setup, the compression rglage paramtrique of mdiums (which can "dswitcher") is simple but the handle must still be prcis.
Easily obtained trs sound correct, but if you want perfect sound, be refined according to the room and can take time ...
The manual is not intrt.


I play jazz / funk and rock / blues with an old Squier Jazz Bass fret - Bartolini pickups - and an old Musicman fretless Stringray - trs large micro home preserved.
Dswitcher paramtrique compression is useful if we want to respect the natural sound of the fretless makes so much trs. And with the compression paramtrique RULES around 1kHz and a low shrink, we have a sound "slappquot; s'aperoit is balanced and when the amp can do anything , rock, blues, jazz ... everything "going well" with its all perfectly fine (with a lack of sub bass of course) thanks to the aluminum cone with hartkle hp which gives a good clear-cut attack.
This is a good amp goes everywhere, including the scne and it certainly lacks safe, but the sound can adjust our facade ...


For 5 years.
What I like is his rponse quick and sharp and versatile.
I n'apprcie crachouillis not the volume knob that clogs very easy and the quality of jack connectors based plasticky (one can not easily vrifier contacts that are "safe "and screw the connector hp rear is easy to show).
I tried the range Behringer that I did not AIM (not the net) and the equivalent MODEL Fender Bassman that I did not like too much (too soft attack).
MODEL silent in the promotion of memory 380 euros, there was no photo, c'tait good ...

tuturvkr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke KickBack 15
_Amplis Transistor


_Input 6.3mm (unique: active / passive), Phone, XLR direct out

_EQ Band 3 (Low / Med / Hight), Shape (on / off) 90Hz 1KHz

Could not be more simple and very prcis on this point has nothing wrong


_as Prcdement said yes, we can no longer simple, just know to turn the buttons (long live analog!)

_In Gnrale if you want to buy an amp like this is that the information starts to play, so we have a minimum ear. So yes we should not have bin 10 for a good sound. We must not forget we're on Harke, so it's easy to sound! And aluminum woofer ': D

I use it with a GT6B and poo, with pramp the pre eq, compressor and it sounds of thunder, even if you have to push a little volume for ressentire attack.

_A Manual? What? "On / off" ^ ^


_I Plays of all, it is extremely versatile! I even put my mp3 on it to sound full of bass ^ ^

_The Most of the time I play it with my Fender Jazz bass and my GT6B. Among all my instruments with it's what it sounds the best.
Sometimes I plug my acoustic electric guitar on it, and modulating the sound with the shape I come out a great sound!

_Ca Sounds even when low-medium rev, so do not expect a sound ultra fat, or he must go to ampeg trace eliot or. But the lower you will develop your hair, do not worry!

_This Which I prefer (with pramp, comp, equa my pedals) c -1 with low, medium, and one in two in acute, for the slap is really top home top.

The one I hate when I c is the shape in order to have that medium .. but dbile to ca ^ ^


_Depuis 3 years

+: Strong, sound, use, possibility back in position, and rather pretty "retro" aluminum woofer, not too heavy (or so is that I am very muscular ^ ^)

-: A very low volume (like, when everyone is sleeping around) you do not realize its capacity (but it pushes the volume ca mailing!)

_J'avais Other essay Hartke combo with four more complete, but he did not even heat ca fesait toy too. I also tried the peavey (I had a small peavey 30W) but frankly it sounds not too loud but it's not enough quality.

_Country Qualitprix excellent.

_Oui Without hsit

Cyrilbass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke KickBack 15
120W transistor amp, XLR output, an adjustable shape, a volume, bass, middle, and treble.


Trs simple configuration, there's a nice fast trs (versatile amps) is not easily get a round (well, not too even when it's not his thing too) or a well slamming (I think that's what he does best). I regret not having just one knob for gain, to decrease a little, because I attack hard, and sometimes, well ... it saturates ^ ^


Mtal I play with a lot in slap bass and soloist as well, so the slamming of the amp suits me well, treble (with suitable notice a leveling out well -> we pass well in the band's sound. I play it with a low CORT 24 GB (yes, I'm broke ^ ^), and the sound is even when trs okay, I was able overcome the defects of my bass with (lack of acute sound that saturates quickly).


Trs good amp for the price (I paid 690 euros alpoque washed) and maintnant it is cheaper, it is even more worthwhile. It can be very useful for small (and medium-Pettite) scenes, and do not let go (although I peter aluminum membrane that is fuming, but He was a manufacturing defect, rpar free tr s quickly and gently by trs HARTKE! thank you after sales service!)
Mister H.06/25/2005

Mister H.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke KickBack 15
Transistors. 120 watts. Between active / passive + XLR output. 3 band equalizer + control "shape"


Setup was simple and ultra sound right away.


I play rock, reggae, jazz and it's always good. a rare versatility.
I play it with a Kubicki Factor active (very strong), a passive or Steinberger XTB with Rob Allen MB2 electro-acoustic (with piezo) fretless 5. In short low trs diffrent never betrayed by the amp, on the contrary! Others have played bass on it with precision, and even Jazz Bass Sting Ray with the same happiness.


I have over four years.
I like the cot "tiltable" fawn "return" to the very practical s'avre mini scnes that we are often proposed. It allows for the sound in the ear without forcing the volume or surllever the amp. by weight against the heavy colas and ct does not always goes up or down the stairs, but it has been worse for 120 watts.
Before this amp, I had an old head like Ampeg 200W lamps, plus a cabinet of the same age. I was using that power and corrected with an equalizer. Since qualiser is chmage and I stopped to go play in a truck.

timy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke KickBack 15
Amp transistors while
120W RMS @ 8 homs
HP 15 'Aluminum Cone (specificity HARTKE)
Output jack, XLR, ...
Shape control for awesome sound of mediums.
between Active / passive joint
3-band EQ control


3 pots for treble, bass, mids so RiEnd e complicated but it's still full because the selected bandwidth for these three settings are most appropriate to me.
We obtain very easily a good sound that is more acceptable to the SHAPE control setting that offers really very useful.


I play metal and it suits me very well. Even if it is deemed to be very versatile, jazz, reggae, rock, ...
I play it with an ESP-LTD and the active preamp / DI Hartke.
The single sound is what gives the precision thanks to the aluminum cone. The advantage of the 15 'compared to the lower series 12' and 10 'is a greater presence in the bass. But having tests 3models Kickback, I think the 15 is still better than the other end and the sound quality is good superior.


I use it for 3 months.
I tried many, many more models before buying and even the ampeg (BA) I was not satisfied because of their price they did not have enough advantage compared to Kickback remains my favorite.
Value for money really good since at the level of quality I see nothing to complain