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All user reviews for the Peavey TKO 115

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MGR/Billy's review"Peavey TKO 115"

Peavey TKO 115
This was my first bass amp. Peavey has made the TKO for awhile. It was a staple in their bass combo line.

Mine was 80 watts with a green stripe on the back plate which I believe means it is from the mid 90s. It had the 15' deep Black Widow Speaker.

My father gave it to me. I was 15 and started playing in bands. It worked out well. This amp probably saw 3-5 years of solid practicing and gigging. Knew I think they were about $400.

The graphic EQ. I'm going to guess it was a 10 band. I know it was at least 7. It also had a high and low boost. Pre and Post volumes. Headphone out and effects loop. Inputs for active of passive basses.

It was a beast to carry. There was no DI out and also there was no additional speaker out.

Built tough. I used this thing hard. My bonehead singer was mad at me and damaged the EQ sliders and ripped off a knob. It was painful to see such a cruel thing happen to the indestructible Peaveys.

Loud, clean and reliable! Not much more you want in a bass amp.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey TKO 115"

Peavey TKO 115
I got this amp at a local store for $500

I think its a decent amp
it is a good amp to start off with

the really low end bass(like open B-string on 5-string bass) won't pass through the amp very well at higher volume levels/the speaker starts to rattle and the speaker protection would come on probably more than it really needed to.

it is rather big for a 100 watt amp

it was really hard to use in larger rooms, especially when i was playing with a loud group
pretty costly for a starting amp

the amp was literally thrown together

the negative things about this amp seem to have outweighed the positive things so i would say stick with SWR or Gallien-Krueger

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jprintz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quite satisfactory."

Peavey TKO 115
Amp transistor. An active / passive input, XLR line output, an effects loop. It is given for 75w rms. The Peavey w, in general, they are there, where others would show 120w ...
Switches: bright / contour / active-passive / eq in-out / preventing distortion in-out

Two cut-boost low and high + 7 equal strips (I think, I do not use it ...). Preamp volume and master volume.


This is could not be more simple. That said, I'm not special corrections, operating directly on my bass. I leave everything "right" and the sound is really powerful and well defined (I use the contour dig a little sound). This is exactly the sound I was hoping, full and clear both.


It is very suitable for my rehearsals with a drummer and a guitarist. The latter plays a Peavey all high-end lamps (60w) and my little combo holds up. I play 4 and its going very well. It must be said, however, that my bass (Yamaha BBG5A) is quite generous in terms of big sound. I love the combination of these two. The amp is 90 degrees to the drummer and he hears exactly what is happening. I use no effects, no fireworks and I only adjust the sound on bass. I do not hate anything with him, I know this kind of small combo which should not ask for the moon, and I'm used to Peavey. In the 80s, I plugged my synths on KB300! What fish and how strong!


I use recently. I previously played on a lot of combos: Nemesis 200w, 120w Laney, Ampeg BR100, Hartke 100w, 200w bass Ampeg Rocket (one made in China that scorched if débranchait tweeter ... damn!). And quite frankly, I've never felt better with an amp. I love this little TKO. Used and having hardly served at a reasonable price, I'm satisfied. His replacement beefier for larger rooms will naturally Peavey and it will be a cool retreat at home. But this is not for tomorrow and I'm sure he'll be up.

obiwan76's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good amp effective"

Peavey TKO 115
Accuracy: mine is different from current productions (see photo)
80W transistor amp
1 Low Gain input
A high gain entry
Switch "Bright" (allows a slight overdrive)
Filter Bass and Treeble
Egualiseur 7-band graphic
Loop effects
Headphone jack


Easy to use, the settings are simple to make. Versatile amp.
I had to clean the contacts of the pots to the bomb as it began to crachotter (after 15 years). The amp is just like new!


I, unwanted with an Ibanez SR405 5 string with active Micos (High Gain input) or a Yamaha 4-string with passive pickups (Low Gain input). The sound is not really typed (transistor), it remains very neutral. The amp is powerful enough, I've seen him walking on his own when the volume was 9-10 (Long ago when I played violent stuff ...). We keep the same sound regardless of volume level (no saturation) very thoroughly! The switch "bright" makes a bit of boost / overdrive treble which brings us very quickly to his dirty and filthy well.

The soundscapes are broad with this amp which makes it very versatile.


I used this amp from time to time for 17 years, he has never failed. I am not disappointed with my purchase. I'm pretty guitar so I've never really sought to invest in a tube amp for the bass ...

franc38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey TKO 115
T says it all


Ben, one branch, and we touch a little while and then cost the diffrence. I find the graphic equalizeur not efficient trs.


I jou over 2 years, tinkering with all rglages each BPS; never found a sound that suited me. In fact, I think tanshiro made it a good rev Definition: the sound is flat, cold, lack of normment EHJV ... trsdfini and is not at all.
I can not dcrire prcisment the spray that comes out of this amp, it is a bass sound, nothing more.

Using a Boss GEB-7 I finally found a sound honnte, with a little more treble!


Used for 2 years, I think I dj says o
what I love about this amp: the sound puisssance sufficient, RPET and made with small scnes.
I dislike:
- His weight! two small transport grips on the top right and ct do not inspire confidence. I had one with wheels, including a break ... Return the box dpart
- The sound comes out. I think this is also its main default

APRS good I will not talk about qualitprix, he told me by my t prt School of Music.
And not with the exprience I will not repeat that choice. Y must exist one or Harkte Ashdown that sounds better than large paved the name of God!

tanshiro's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey TKO 115
Combo 75W transistor. Jack enters with swith active / passive. XLR (practice) and line out. 8-band equalizer. Weight, I know exactemet but VERY HEAVY!


Enutilisation, well have to look a little tinkering the qualiseur. Rglages a lot of (not necessarily useful). J4ai never understood why there was a knob to boost or lower acute when there is an equalizer just cot ...


Well I'll be the slightly less cool. This capacity of the great amp for the sound of any bass! Its cold, bundle the growl of the bass used and it even seeking a rglage.
Used with:
Peavey Milestone 3 or 4 I know
Cort Artisan B4
Coffee maker
it's the same every time, its dnature the sound of the instrument ...
So if you have a REALLY low base, it is his amliore sound. If you have a good bass, well it's not right, dnature its sound to fall roughly on the sound of the instrument of shit pr-cit.
Personally, I find it super dull, with no DEFINITIONS. If you play bass in a group of death-thrash-metal-hard-merger, its not Dranger ... If you want your sound is rat ... Even with the slap sounds muffled ...


Amplifier used for 3 years. Sold for a Hartke. For me even a Roland Cube 30 or Bereinger (ortho?) Sounds 100 times better.
On a positive note, he spits a 75W. Ngatif point, if you want the bass and you really like this tool, you find another amp ...
Try it and you will see, it's just me eh

benhiamoul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey TKO 115
That says it all, nothing to add.


It is very simple to use, you get trs quickly get the sound you want. I never had the manual in the hands but I never felt the need.


This amp is quite versatile: his sound palette is wide trs.
I was playing with a 4-string Ibanez SR (passive). He agreed fairly well (x) type (s) of music that I like: punk-rock mlodique, ska, reggae, rock'n'roll ... In other words, it is versatile trs.
I loved everything particulirement push the bass and treble with qualisateur "V" while drilling attack and prsence: it gives me a warm, bright and punchy!


I've used for about 4 years and I do not regret this purchase at all. It is reliable and efficient. J'apprciais particulirement its versatility and ease of use. For a combo, he dfend trs well and the report is qualitprix qu'honnte.

It is very well to begin with (and persvrer!) Group. APRS, well-sr, it can s'avrer limit when moving in suprieur, and for that I chang guitarists are from two two double body combos Marshall Mesa / Boogie Triple correction, and my poor TKO over 115 n'tait level (both in terms of power and in terms of sound quality)! But it took me a long time to change, as what he dfendait trs well. TRS is a good combo!
Ah yes, I must add that it is-even when trs heavy, and with Peavey, the wheels and grips latrales must be expensive since it possde that a central grip: it is better to be tough, motivated or tmraire ... and then have a nice and muscular drummer! ;) But the game is worth it!

dookieW's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey TKO 115
Everything has been said but I add a layer on the weight! It's heavy! but the solid, for transport (repeat, concerts etc ...) is good!


It's pretty simple found its sound not need the manual even if it explains much
I rule the eq in AC transmission well after if I play with the fretless I fiddle a bit of EQ and I have the jaco sound, very versatile!


It is suitable for any type I think you can get accurate or flat as his!
I play it with a yamaha micro EMG (active) so I ACIF uses to avoid saturation (less gain at the entrance) and a Squier défrété (passive) or I change the setting and is perfect
I see what it is crystalline but I guess it is the precise sound, and fat so as you can get it, the eQ and the two knobs bass and treble you can have all the frequencies
I have not the inverse of V EQ (+ med) and I do not like playing with the''normal''contour''''I prefer because it is much more powerful
to slap him too bad there's no tweeter acute Sometimes it goes through (a high volume) but sounds''felt''it goes nickel


I have since I started low (3 or 4 years)
I love all his power and affordable price! I like less the weight is very heavy (compared to a rumble 100W) + but solid!
I've tried a lot and that my boots, though I have a rumble 100W hesitate
The report price is right qualitée

I do not know because now the fender rumble 100 watt equivalent good and then there's a tweeter that did not TKO, finally it is solid and has enjoyed an equalization so I know too much, it's between 2 and the peavey is reliable

herpes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey TKO 115
A 80 watt amp for the bass passive but becomes an amplifier 100 watts for low active.
c is a suitable amp for rehearsals and to play in includes a 15-inch HP which n is not negigeables for sound reproduction. it includes a built-in equalizer and two adjustable bass and treble, a pre gain, post gain, 2 settings to give more or less attack or stroke in his (or slap his hat) and q an adjustable to overload the sound of the amp.


The settings are easy ASEZ vary but mostly thanks al equalizer, this amp is perfect with no matter how low.
key active / passive is used to adjust the power of the sound without changing the settings toutefpois
you can get a fat or a funky sound THERE no complaints to make this the point of view.
Obviously this is n q a maximum hp 100w and saturates quickly (you still have to play hard) but I must admit that this little saturation (that you can reach a delete) I pleasantly surprised because it gives her a fat . some may be put off by this small detail, but suffice it to adjust the sound a little more acute and the HP does not saturate


Playing the grind core sound Grung fat suits me perfectly. my bass n being the best but surely one of the several rotten (c is a Stanberry) j arrive get a powerful sound.
j uses the bright and the one that does not contour the sound for an aggressive
Then you have to do the rest with the equalizer


J uses this amp since the summer 2003 and I'm really enchanted al idea of ​​having to buy
the equalizer settings and many of LHP 15 inches! are the main features of this amp
Obviously this is n q a 80/100 watts and therefore it does not play dirty in huge but we do not all Apelles s nirvana ...
compared this amp is more powerful than the Laney 120w I've also tested the
for a price ranging between 550 and 600 euro (I have paid the 530 euro Ahahahaha) peavey offers probably one of the best power amp for such a price more affordable q
ps: it is manufactured in the UK and not in Asia
if you poseeder a small budjet and want a powerful amp do not hesitate because this amp genial

Ludolitaliano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey TKO 115
- Transistor
- 80 watts RMS (enough for group play in a bar)
- Connectivity usual (inputs, outputs, outcomes)
- Multi-band Equalizer
- Rglage gain, volume


- Simple
- I quickly found "my" sound
- But trs wear heavy (about 35 kg) and volume!


I play the variation on (Dutronc, Polnareff, Indochina) or rock (AC / DC, IRON MAIDEN-). I like loud sounds in the bass. I set the equalizer "U" frquences highest extreme, frquences mdianes down. I do not like rglage reverse.
A gain switch allows me to get the power and equalizer, my sound.


I use this amp for almost a year with low ARIA PRO II.
Marshall amps I tried before I DCID. I found the sound of PEAVEY more "deep" but it is a question of Marshall got the trs are also good amps.

I would do this choice is a good amp trs.
It allows you to have fun with his power and playing in groups.

For the price, I bought the Aria Pro II and a particular TKO 350 EUROS all. The person who played hard in a group acqurir wanted a more powerful amp to play in a concert hall.