Roland Cube-60 Bass
Roland Cube-60 Bass

Cube-60 Bass, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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moosers's review

Roland Cube-60 Bass
The Roland Bass Cube 60 is a bass guitar combo amp that can be used either on the stage or for recording purposes. I've used this only in the recording studio, as I'm primarily not a bass player and wouldn't have a need for something like this at a show. I wasn't the artist on the recording, so I wasn't playing through the amp, I was recording it. Like the name suggest, the amp delivers 60 watts of power, which is plenty as I found we only needed to have it on about three to get a good enough level coming from the amp. The amp has a 1/4" input for your bass as well as a slew of 1/4" connections for other routing options, but I didn't need to use or explore them.


Using the Roland Bass Cube 60 is a very straight ahead process. If you're familiar with the parameters normally found on bass guitar amps, you'll be fine here as there isn't anything out of the ordinary going on. It has tone control knobs for bass, middle, and treble, as well as volume knob. These are the only parameters that I can really remember using on the amp, but I don't believe that there were any other ones anyway. I've never seen a manual for the Bass Cube 60, but would never expect anyone to really need one anyway.


While perhaps not the best of all bass amps in the world, the Roland Bass Cube 60 has a very admirable sound. In the couple recording sessions that I used it in, we used both the amp sound from the Bass Cube and a direct input sound going into a Countryman Type 85 DI. I always try to get both an amp and direct sound when I can for bass guitar, as I like to leave my options open whenever possible. In terms of how to describe the sound of the Roland Bass Cube 60, I'd say it is punchy more than anything. With a Fender P-Bass plugged in, they seemed to complement each other very well in terms of getting a punchy, clean and full sound.


They no longer are making the Roland Bass Cube 60, which isn't to be confused with the regular Cube 60 amps. The one that I used was the orange one that is certainly a bit older. I've never really done any research on this amp, so I don't know what type of price they command, but I feel like since they aren't all that sought after that you could get one at a reasonable rate - and if you can do so, I'd definitely do it as this is a great bass amp for recording and most likely for shows as well.

annieviolette's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Cube-60 Bass


Everything is simple, the sound is immediately


I play bluegrass with a bass and not bass.
I do not seek a special sound for a particular style of music. His "equalizer" is very effective, but I do not use it.
The sound is not aggressive, it is soft, well-rounded, transparant.
I tried version thomann is a catastrophe near the roland.
I do repair even if buying a new one would be more logical given the age of the amp. I just afraid of not finding the sound.


I tried several amp in the 100 to 300 euros. I much prefer this cube.

djpdata's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Cube-60 Bass
<span class="sub-title">Roland Roland Cube 60 Bass
Transistor amp 60W
Speaker 12 "
3-band EQ with adjustable frenquence for meduim
Line Out / Headphone


<span style="font-size: 7.5pt; color: black; font-family: Verdana;">Simpler you die
you part it works, really effective pitch correction and the ability to choose the cutoff frequency of mediums which allows her to infinity for the rest is simple. Select the entry and that's it</span>


neutral amp suitable for any low and any music and it does not distort the sound.
Impossible to do even with a distortionner Misicman préanplifiée. and pitch correction actually works.


I use it for some months in rehearsal rooms and small ... 60W, yes it's a bit short for "Forest Nationnal"
I have a Vox tube 50W heavy and cumbersome, which saturates at one-half the volume
and a 500W Ampeg (not comparable) that I use in large rooms. I had a 500W Hashdown I sold (its too colorful)

It's a good amp very solid and compact for small room

madmax669's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland Cube-60 Bass
This is the old model "orange" is powerful enough to play with a battery and a guitarist "deaf" (60w transistor) even though it reached its limits at high levels in the bass.

I use it in booster amp oxen and to complete a monitoring system to troubleshoot

but no effect on output line out, headphones, preamp etc ... and low-input high. enough to use it simply.


It is easy to use and these adjustments is to ease rare in this world all-electronic, but it is effective.
Little detail is not practical although quite bulky heavy for its size so convenient for carrying around from home to the rehearsal room or the bar for a concert.

no manual c the roots are plugged, you set the eq is sent!


For a product he knows vintage shout c if necessary, its sound is very clear and foil with a big fish in the bass. however, a difficult set when pushing the volume because of its small size I think.
* A note that my hp was changed by that of a low HP and is a slightly higher quality than the original.


I use this amp for years and apart from a power problem I had with (this is an amp for years 70donc nothing special ...) there is nothing wrong
ds crack if not the knob but also the year the gift is still nothing wrong

I look on the net and the model "orange" vintage does not flow too so as to acquire between 50 and 200 euros (c large but it depends on state and place of purchase) has deposits antiquing ds sale, and many chips on the internet. it remains a purist amp looking for a rather unusual model and easy to use for use in am or small rooms ds.