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All user reviews for the Roland CB-30

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
 5 reviews56 %
 4 reviews44 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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badgerific's review"Good practice amp."

Roland CB-30
This is a digital modeling amp from roland which works using their COSM technology. It's 30 watts and has 10" speaker. It has a three band EQ, compressor, five built in effects, seven amp models, shape switch and finally volume and gain controls. It also has a headphone/line out jack for recording or practicing, an AUX in for practicing along with your MP3 player and a footswitch input to engage the effects.

The seven models are: Octave Bass, Flip Top, B Man, T.E., Bass360, Session and Concert 810. They're all based on famous amplifiers such as the Fender Bassman (B Man) and an ampeg SVT (Concert 810).

The five in built effects are: Chorus, Flanger, T Wah, Delay and Reverb.


Despite having a ridiculous amount of features this amp is really simple to use. The effects just work using two knobs, one for the chorus/flanger/t wah and the other for delay/reverb. This amp is very intuitive in it's design and it's easy to just play about with for hours to get lots of different sounds.

The three band EQ is very simple to work with but still offers a good range of control over your tone.


I use this amp with my Fender Standard Jazz bass and it does sound good to my ears but only at certain settings. The only amp models which I like are the Octave Bass, B Man and Concert 810. I only like the clean tones of this amplifier, with the gain cranked it sounds quite weak, the COSM modeling definitely lacks in the distortion department I think.

While I think the delay, reverb and t wah effects all sound good the control of only one parameter make them all pretty much useless so the only effect I tend to use is a subtle bit of reverb.

I've used this amp a few times to record using the line out jack and can get some pretty good sounds out of it. At band practices I've found it's not really loud enough and I'd never gig it because it just doesn't put out enough to be able to hear yourself on stage.


I really like the clean sounds out of this amp but the distortion is lacking in my opinion. The lack of control over the effects is quite disappointing too but overall I think this is a great practice amp. Definitely a good choice for a bedroom player who's not sure what sound they're looking for or if you play a large range of genres I believe as it offers a lot of flexibility.
Audiofanzine FR12/06/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Roland CB-30
(Originally written by SlapKid/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
At Roland's you can find everything you want to know.

30 watts!

The line out can also be used for headphones and to bypass the speaker. It's really not convenient on stage because it can't be used for personal monitoring.

But the 1/4" aux input is very convenient!

The shape function can't be controlled via footswitch, which is a pity because it would be enough to be able to switch between normal and slap!

The non-adjustable delay is totally useless and every single Roland Cube model has this feature.


It's very easy: just turn the amp knob and you're blown away. Then the compressor, the shape control and the effects allow you to fine tune your settings. Great concept!

The EQ is designed to correct room acoustics rather than shape the sound, so you'd better like the amp models provided.

In other words, try it before buying it.


It's difficult not to be seduced by this small but beefy amp! The sound is always full and accurate with a fast response.

The compressor and the shape are effective, the reverb effect is cool with a fretless bass and the low frequency range is surprisingly well reproduced.

This compact amp has a big sound.

It's obvious that you won't be able to play on large stages with its 30 watts and 10" speaker...


This amp is made for people who want to become better musicians because every single nuance is faithfully reproduced. The amp is very versatile and it's a true pleasure to play it.

It's a digital amp so it sounds quite cold in the low-mids but not excessively.

Moreover, it is very reliable.

If you don't have enough money and/or you don't like digital amps consider the Marshall MB30, which is also very good to practice and it also has a beefy sound.

I also tried out the Line6 LD110, which isn't much more expensive but I didn't like it at all. The Cube sounds much better.

I play a 5-string fretless bass guitar (finger picking) and I only use clean sound so I won't speak about the Cube's distortion sound.

As a summary, it's a quite unbelievable amp and I can't wait to try out its small brother, the Microcube Bass RX!

MGR/jaffa110's review"Roland CB-30"

Roland CB-30
I play mostly for fun. I'm am in a band called Montainne with a couple of mates.
I mostly play classic rock, with a little blues and punk thrown in.

I bought this amp from a local store, Leading Edge Music Horsham (thats in Autralia NOT England. I got it cos i wanted a really good amp to start with. I figured a good bass thru a shit amp will sound shit, vice versa, a bad bass thru a good amp will at least sound ok. And this amp isnt good... its fucking awesome! I got it for $450 AUD

I like the versatality and the small size of the amp. For a 30 watt this thing is loud! With gain and volume set to full my windows shake and yet each note is still relativly clear. I like the amp modelling, it means i can change my sound without screwing around with my EQ settings.

The sheer amount of digital effewcts built into this thing gives it a little bit of a metallic sound, I guess this is ok for some people, but i hate it. It takes ages to get the right sound out of it, because there are so many knobs. When you have a little brother who mucks around with it and it takes an hour to get ur settings right, its very annoying.

This thing is built like a brick shithouse. No worries at all.

This amp is great for the price, but you have to have a good idea of the sound you want to get it right so its nopt for beginners. Highly recommended to intermediate/pro players.

This review was originally published on
MGR/Emily Z09/06/2004

MGR/Emily Z's review"Roland Bass Cube 30"

Roland CB-30
I got this amp at a Heid Music in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I paid $250 for it, new.

It's built really solid, and sounds amazing. The 2-way coaxial speaker (10", I don't know what company) combined with the little tweeter brings my bass's full range. Just as good low's as high's, and everything in between. The effects are really easy to use. All you have to do is turn the knobs. Conveniently, there is one knob for flange, chorus, and auto-wah, and a separate knob for reverb and delay. You can also hook up a footswitch to turn those on and off. I like this because I often combine reverb with other effects. By the way, the effects are perfect. They sound really analog-ish, and are not overbearing or wussy. The built-in compression gives my bass just the right amount of kick. It is useful, considering the fact that the amp is only 30 watts. The gain control helps with that, too. There are more amp models on here than I will ever need. Models are easy to use, also. (Just turn the knob) The bass man model, and the octave bass model are my favorite. Also, I like the shape button. The manual tells you all about what the shape button does for each amp model. It's a cool little bonus which allows you to get just the right sound.
This thing is indestructible. A little heavy, but I'm pretty small, so I guess that doesn't count. I use this unit with my squeir p-bass special. Yes, this amp makes my cheap bass sound like a million bucks. I am mainly a guitar player, so I also use this amp sometimes with my fender strat w/lace sensors. It sounds really good with an electric guitar, and equally good with an acoustic. All around, this is a very useful amp for bass and clean guitar. It does not rattle at high volume, and the tone is equally awesome at any volume. I also like the auxiliary input. This amp is not loud enough for a big gig or a loud band, but it is amazing for rehearsal, small gigs, and especially recording. If you are a gear/tone geek like me, you will love it. It sounds like a really expensive amp. I'm telling you, this thing is not lacking in sound quality or ease of use. It is perfect.

Sometimes when using the octave setting, if two or more notes are played together, it may sound out of tune. However, if you turn the shape button off, it solves this problem pretty well. The manual tells you about this problem and what you can do about it.
I wish they made a version of this amp with more wattage. I would like to use it on stage. I know they recently came out with a 60-watt guitar cube. Maybe they will do the same for the bass cube soon.

Built really solid. It has corner protection, thick wooden sides, and a metal grille on the front, instead of grille cloth. It looks bad-ass.

There is not a whole lot I can complain about with this amp. I also own some cheaper gear for my guitar, and after playing a Roland cube, I don't want to own anything that is lower quality. Roland stuff is more expensive than the other gear I own, but it is not unaffordable like most quality gear. I would say that the price is perfect for what you get from it. It is not a value-brand at all. This amp is way easier to use than those extremely detailed, digital, computer-ish modeling amps. I would reccomend Roland cube amps to anyone looking for a versatile sound, that is high-quality and very reasonably priced.

This review was originally published on
MGR/Peter B11/27/2003

MGR/Peter B's review"Roland Bass Cube 30"

Roland CB-30
Bought via internet in England for £165 delivered next day.
Bought because my souped-up Trace Elliot 300watt 15" combo weighs 80lbs and my back was beginning to hurt carrying it to every practice.

This unit is very good indeed for the price paid. It will fill a small venue with quality sounds, and is excellent for rehearsals.

Would prefer it not to go silent when the line out (headphone)is used. If it worked with a line out it would make a great little stage amp for the jazzy blues type gigs I do with the line out into the PA

The onboard effects, although limited in variability give a genuine extra dimension to the useful amp modelling options. The coaxial tweeter improves the top end and enhances the chorus/flanging options. Solidly made and comes with 3 year guarantee if registered. Although very compact it still weighs 28lbs!

I love it to death and if Roland ever reply to my enquiry about the line out problem with a favourable solution I would love it even more.

This review was originally published on

WOINIC's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" marvel"

Roland CB-30
all is said below
great sound (I also use it with an electric guitar) bass midrange treble made good (thank you for the cone no crappy piezo) sufficient to REPET bar and a good return if not I'll try you later with a JBL D130F sufficient CONNECTIONS ( except hp ext)
effective short duROLAND settings .... There are really good!


all good


several types of bass guitars and also (not trying to have a sound Because AC90) varied sounds


I rachéterais eyes closed! using for 2 years; assezléger small but powerful and well rounded hp ext must install an outlet there!

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland CB-30
See specs below.
A beautiful large-format image:

This will give you a preview of Cube30 controls.


The configuration is it simple?
Yes and no. Terse response ...
Yes because everything is within reach on the dashboard, above the amp. Some knobs as "synth of the 80" or Groovebox contôlent all the parameters of the small combo.
NOT because you have to get the sound with the 7 amp models based on the present and still SHAPE modifying these 7 models. It's virtually 14 sounds close at hand.

Do you get a good sound easy?
Oh yes!
The sound is there and there. No fuss it sounds. With or without the effects it has something to do. Note that this amp has a marked tendency to sound funky: autowah delay and helping a lot. Compression is a little violent and comic attack if not properly dosed. No need to climb over a quarter.

The manual is clear and sufficient?
Yeah, I read it casually during a visit to the toilet to take care.
Outside the meaning of the names of amps, it does not learn much less to memorize each time the combined action of amp Shape and function.


Right for your style of music?
Ah yes ... bah otherwise I would not have bought. Must say I did something unheard before paying: I tried it! Amazing is not it?

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
With Dean B ² 5, a Yamaha RBX374 and Signature Fretless Vantage Zekragash.
There's no wiggle in the ass: this amp sounds great, and for the price there is something down in his chair. It is a marvel.

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
The clean is very dynamic, it should attack and frankly a slap of the most acidic fonky. Autowah with bonus and a background of delay (very short) is the tappe Bootsy ... Shake your Bootsy! The knob GAIN can saturate a bit (a lot) the sound and distorts quite generously. Even though we are far from the sound of BigMuff, this can help. Few turns of knobs later it is in full grasouille: it is soft and round, the marshmallow-bass! Hop a sudden chorus, reverb and a bit of saturation and it just explodes with great blows of pick.

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
I love all the sounds except one: the octave seems to me completely useless.
I'm trying, I do not see what you can expect.


I tried it a few times in stores, but that's only three days it is mine. Who do not need 100 watts and a 15 "May sbien a light weight (17kg) portable, Cube30 I like a lot. The bass is there, present and defined. And for more sauce ago line-out (which is also headphone) to send in a power amp of your choice.

It is small and sturdy and the effects can already shipped a lot of things.
Ok the delay is not super easy to adjust (no TAP) and the effects are not obvious to adjust either, but with two FS-5U pedals can enable / disable the effects and on / off the reverb / delay. Given its price, it is enough to afford a BigMuff and a volume pedal. The autowah is a pleasant surprise, it's pleasantly spicy and gives it a "Austin Powers" and retro kitsch. But it's so fun to play!

A very good combo. 30 Watts who collect and disseminate sound is good enough to indulge in small rehearsals cool ... ef tabs are not provided with, shame!

choconut's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland CB-30
Everything has been said below


Extremely simple configuration, I did not need the manual
the different effects are easy to use
so easily obtained a good sound!


It is very versatile amp has everything
I play on a GSR200
the problem is that 30 watt ben ca not go away as soon as I push a little spit across ca ...


I use it for a year
I love the most .... it works
what I like least: ca spit! yuck and as I often play with a drummer not cool crazy c
value for money is exellent there are plenty of purpose not need to buy pedals
I thought I did not elect referrer because I rather take a 50-60 watts.

tsou!'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland CB-30
30 watt amplifier transistors
HP 12 '+ tweater coaxial

Compressor variable volume
Three-band EQ (low, mid, high)
effects: chorus, flanger, auto wah (only once!): sending variable
reverb: delay, reverb: sending variable
COSM Amps: 6 amps simulator with switch "shape" (which changes the sound of the amp selected + an octave bass
the simulated amp: Ampeg B-15 - Fender bassman 100 - Trace Elliot AH600SMX + 1048 - Acoustic 360 - SWR SM-400 - 810E Ampeg STV

an adjustable gain and volume

Jack In instrument
Jack Out (recording or headset)
Aux In Jack
Footswitch Jack

Power Switch


Amplifier to work at home! the 30 watts are not made to be pousss background!
this amp is great quip: a compressor, effects, EQ, reverb and amp simulator ... that you ask for!
Obviously, we can adjust the volume of the effect (comp, reverb and fx) are not looking buttons pre delay, threshold or release!
For the price and use that I have, I'm super happy: the simuateur amp allows multiple sounds DIFFERENT (I say "sounds DIFFERENT" I do not say "sounds Submitted on manual": I can not make it sound like a cube ampeg 810 ;-) ) that can cheer a delay with a lightweight chorus.
Basically, all functions are quite their role: only do not they ask for more! (It is not a mobile phone to make pretty pictures ;-) )
the manual is clear trs,


Jou stingray with a 4 and a 5 mexico jazz bass, it sounds good! (Again, enjoyable to work)
I plug an electric guitar too: putting back the gain was a distortion (a little EMDU but ...) and the sound is really good too (although it Pipelines Limited for low ... )


Used for 1 year, trs good report quality price! Of course, only for work or small jam (very easy to carry, yammer a cable reel behind!)
j'aprcie effects to really work: it's like discovering new sounds all the time, which favors the inspiration :-) )

basically, if you need to buy an amp for home work is that the!