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Gibson Bass Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson SG Standard Bass

    Gibson SG Standard Bass - "What a fun bass!"


    Color: Heritage Cherry Body Wood: Mahogany Neck: Mahogany Scale Length: 30-1/2" Machine Heads: Shamrock Fingerboard: Rosewood No. of Frets: 20 Pickups: Neck: Vintage-style TB Plus bass humbucker; Bridge: Bass mini-humbucker Controls: Two vol…

  • Gibson Grabber G3

    Gibson Grabber G3 - moosers's review


    The Gibson Grabber G3 is an electric bass guitar that is in the same line as the original G1 Grabber. It first came out in the mid 1970's and is no longer being made, needless to say. The bass has three single coil pick ups, which is pretty rare fo…

  • Gibson EB-3

    Gibson EB-3 - moosers's review


    The Gibson EB-3 is a bass guitar that it basically the bass version of the popular Gibson SG electric guitar. You couldn't really compare the two instruments since they aren't of the same make, but the similarity lies in the look and shape of the bo…

  • Gibson Grabber

    Gibson Grabber - moosers's review


    The Gibson Grabber is a bass guitar made in the USA and has a single pick up with a tone and volume control knob for the one pick up. It has a 1/4 inch input and has a unique body design that I've never seen on any other guitar. UTILIZATION The nec…

  • Gibson EB-3

    Gibson EB-3 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Rigoletto/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Gibson EB3 made in the USA in 1973 Neck and bridge pickups, each with volume and tone controls plus 4-way varitone selector with presets. Typical Gibson neck which I find v…

  • Gibson Nikki Sixx Signature 'Blackbird'

    Gibson Nikki Sixx Signature 'Blackbird' - "Gibson Nikki Sixx Blackbird"


    Found this Bass (via net) at a mega gibson music store in central Washington. Paid $888 USD new, which I later found out was a great deal. The growl, this bass is the real deal. The gothic look is pretty sweet too. It's a T-Bird, what more is there …

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