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Bass Drums user reviews

  • Rogers Timpani

    Rogers Timpani - yoTrakkz's review


    Rogers timpani drums are a very good set of timpani’s. Most people over look the option of having real live timpani’s around for your recordings but these will change your view of this subject. Timpani’s aren’t an instrument that is used in a lot of …

  • Ludwig Drums Custom 26"

    Ludwig Drums Custom 26" - moosers's review


    The recording studio that I work at has a Ludwig Drums Custom 26" Bass Drum, and this is one of the coolest drums I've ever used. I don't know too much backing information on the drum, but I do know that it was custom made probably about 15 - 20 yea…

  • Rogers Timpani

    Rogers Timpani - moosers's review


    Rogers' Timpani drums are a set of large kettle drums that I've used in a recording studio setting. The studio that I'm currently working at has a set of two of these timpanis, and although they don't get used very often, recently they got whipped o…

  • DW Drums Collector's Series 22" Kick Drum

    DW Drums Collector's Series 22" Kick Drum - moosers's review


    I recently used a DW 22" Kick Drum from their Collector's Series drum set and if you're looking for a very tight sounding kick drum, look no further than this one. I'm not sure if you can buy this drum individually or if you need to buy a full kit t…

Translated user reviews
  • Pearl MMX 22" x 20"

    Pearl MMX 22" x 20" - San's review


    It is + / - a year that I made the splurge (+ / - € 1000 in Musicstore) ... Here we are in the high-end ... Clean finish, varnish, high quality maple of choice (no knots), reinforcements on both sides of the drums ... Supplied with Remo skins with …

  • Yamaha Recording Custom 22x16 Cherry Wood

    Yamaha Recording Custom 22x16 Cherry Wood - duchnoquer's review


    How long have you use it? has been 2 years since I What is the particular feature you like best and least? I like it below that are of low Presita foolproof especially with an evans emad skins and skins with a small resonance aced on the cot. …

  • Pearl BD-10 Drum Pratice Kit

    Pearl BD-10 Drum Pratice Kit - Hellmuth's review


    I bought it because I can not always do the drumkit because of the noise and I t's just because I expected better: in fact the one hand, the rebound is very s hard hitting surface is really too far (it's easy palliable with bats extenssibles my axis,…