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BSS Audio user reviews

  • BSS Audio AR-116

    BSS Audio AR-116 - moosers's review


    The BSS Audio AR-116 is a direct input box designed for use in both the studio and on the stage, although my use of the unit has only been in the recording studio.  The box is an analog one with 1/4 inch inputs and an XLR output.  The unit AR-116 als…

Translated user reviews
  • BSS Audio AR-133

    BSS Audio AR-133 - " A war machine"


    Ben is an active mono DI, is a XLR input, a jack, an XLR output jack and a link. An on / off switch, a pad 3 positions, a ground / lift. Battery operated or with the 48v. You can leave the battery in, it discharges not if you use the phantom I…

  • BSS Audio AR-133

    BSS Audio AR-133 - " Excellent"


    The model is not rackable. UTILIZATION Config simplissime. SOUND QUALITY The preamp is fairly neutral. OVERALL OPINION Very good product. Robust and easy to use. I bought several, some of which I have for over 8 years and still work as we…

  • BSS Audio AR-133

    BSS Audio AR-133 - " I love"


    analog Active DI very good in the same kind, also advise the Proco DB1 UTILIZATION yes SOUND QUALITY very good sound OVERALL OPINION years yes sound OK but expensive device …

  • BSS Audio AR-133

    BSS Audio AR-133 - " Very good DI"


    DI All that has classic and transparent. XLR input and link output in energizable stack or phantom power ... Two and a switch to mitigate the buzz and another to decrease if the input .. UTILIZATION Simple setup and no need for manual SOUND Q…

  • BSS Audio AR-133

    BSS Audio AR-133 - " A safe bet!"


    I pass. UTILIZATION Pity that, by default, the DI does not activate automatically under phantom power and we should activate it via the switch (and think about off after, so, if there is a stack). SOUND QUALITY It's simple, my bassist buddy a…

  • BSS Audio FCS-966 OPAL

    BSS Audio FCS-966 OPAL - pierresound's review


    effective corrective UTILIZATION Live on the face, or 2 departures monitors scene. easy. SOUND QUALITY does the job. OVERALL OPINION Since its release. Klark ... Good price / quality ratio, although when you open the box ... blah. …

  • BSS Audio DPR-402

    BSS Audio DPR-402 - enmakak's review


    very good compression, very musical. But rather difficult to connect by inversion hot spot and cold spot on XLR connectors. Provide a soldering iron. UTILIZATION Yes, a compressor just like the others, on paper, but very different in practice Rat…

  • BSS Audio DPR-504

    BSS Audio DPR-504 - " Excellent gate on percussion"


    Gate with filtering frequency pass through a high-pass and low-pass. Balanced XLR Connectors UTILIZATION Very easy to use for who knows the parameters threshold etc ... The choice of frequencies is intuitive but not obvious to settle. SOUND…

  • BSS Audio FDS-340

    BSS Audio FDS-340 - " Popular unit for live applications"


    Very little used. When BSS put them on the market, it was worth-it seems almost 1300 euros. The cutoff frequencies are located -150 Hz for the low frequency - 8 kHz for the "high-end" Editable on the map. This machine is more for the "sound…