BSS Audio AR-416
BSS Audio AR-416

AR-416, DI from BSS Audio.

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Oliviercool 01/22/2006

BSS Audio AR-416 : Oliviercool's user review


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Well, this is still the beast of a direct force. But this time it's a 4-channel rackmount :-)))) The rack ears are rversibles. This means that if it suits you, you can face the front and rear Vice versa when mounted in a rack.

On the front there is per channel XLR symtrique + [/ b] high-pass filter 8 KHz + + implementation polarity inversion of the earth or not the mass.

On the rear face, there are channel: Between two jack + output jack for direct connection: 1 x 1 o normal and it is possible to rduire the sensitivity of between 0 - 20 or -40 dB (this also affects the rglage circuit symmtrisation: we thus find the sound affect the output) + [/ b] the sensitivity of entredcrite above + setting or not the land mass (same circuit rglage that front).


This is the beast of direct 4-channel rack version of the BSS AR116 clbrissime :-)))) Virtually the same circuits and the same component, except that instead of running on battery, works on the sector :-))))

Virtually no need for manual is ultra-simple to use.

And you would tonns: I use it also as four-channel splitter (without using the XLR outputs on the front, above the market )^^^^ Bein yes, thanks the second exit , which is attnuable :-)))))

But against the power cable is welded to the ct of the device is not very practical, but good.


Its transparent, say nothing.


Do not go thinking that the amount lowers the price! Because the price is almost the same, proportionally speaking, as the AR116 is - say around the 1200 CHF (approx. 770 euros), nine! Bein yes, the price of 4 AR116 :-))) In other words, when I saw it used for approx. 400 CHF (approx. 270 euros) on, I immediately prcipit it! Especially since it is hard to find opportunities. And I do not regret it because it is always useful to have in the bote Reserved DI, especially of this quality-the :-)))) but it is not in America?!? Bein yes. And the problem of incompatibility of electric attention?? Neither: the designers of this machine had the ide gniale slecteur to a 220-110 V! And I can tell you it's rare enough for you to stress! ^_________^

Well, I find that it does would more convenient to input and rglages on the front and rear outputs on the front but hey, it fits ^ ^ Also, I find they could have put the power cord from the rear, not on the right of the unit ct! But hey, it fits ^ ^

The BSS AR-416 is no longer manufactured is a shame because the manufacturer does not offer new MODEL (BSS AR-433, for example ^ ^)