Kyser KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo
Kyser KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo

KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo, Capo from Kyser.

moosers 01/09/2010

Kyser KGEBA Black Quick-Change Electric Capo : moosers's user review


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The Kyser KGEB Capo is in my opinion the best capo that you can buy.  I've used it on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and mandolin, and have found that it works great in all of these situations.  Out of all the capos that I have used, this is the one that I use the most for shows and for recording because it stays on tight and is easy to put on and take off.  It isn't like the capos that need to be screwed, buckled or anything else like that - you simply lock it onto the neck.  Another big plus is that the parts that touch the guitar have rubber padding, so you don't have to worry about any wear on your guitar from your capo like with some other capos out there.  As long as you don't lose it, which I have done, this capo should last you a long time because it is built well and I can't envision any scenario where it could break.  Honestly, if you're looking for a capo I would highly recommend getting the Kyser KGEB and not any other model or brand.  There are no other capos out there that I have seen that even come close to matching the build and ease of use as this one.  The price is in the ballpark of the other capos out there, and may even be cheaper in some cases.  I believe that it will only cost around $15 USD, and I've actually got a few of them in my possession as you never know when a second one might come in handy at a show.  I can't think of anything whatsoever wrong with the KGEB as it really is the perfect capo for any sort of use.  I think that a lot of people out there would agree with me when I say that this is the capo that you want!